Election Day 2020

Election Day 2020

November 3, 2020 0 By Elaine Arias

UPDATE 11:54 PST – I’m tired, so I’m going to go to bed. Based on the threads at thedonald.win, Trump has basically been re-elected. However, the mainstream media doesn’t want to call certain states yet – Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia. Biden actually pulled ahead in Virginia if Fox News is to be believed, but if Trump wins all of the states they don’t want to call yet, it won’t matter. Senate is now tied. The shitheads will still control the House. Also, this is seriously old news, but I believe that Laura Loomer and Kim Klacik both lost their elections. I was rooting for both of them, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be…this time. Both are fairly young. They should try again.

Anyway, as I said, it’s late, and I am going to go to bed. I will probably start a new post tomorrow morning.

UPDATE 9:18 PST – According to thedonald.win, Trump has won the following states:

Florida – 29
Ohio – 18
Texas – 38
South Dakota – 3
Kansas – 6
North Dakota – 3
Nebraska – 5
Wyoming – 3
Louisiana – 8
Missouri – 10
Arkansas – 6
Indiana – 11
Tennessee – 11
South Carolina – 9
Oklahoma – 7
Alabama – 9
Utah – 6
Kentucky – 8
Idaho – 4
West Virginia – 5

This is based on the victory threads. Each state got its own thread. So now we add up the electoral votes for each of those states to get 199. I based the count on this site. The mainstream media is up to its usual shenanigans, deciding to not report victories in the more populous states like North Carolina, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Trump has been ahead in Virginia all freaking night, and they all REFUSE to call Virginia for Trump! Over 50% of the votes have been counted and they’re still calling Virginia for Biden!

Of course, looking at the poll results in all the MSM links in the Results MAGAthread 4, they all have different numbers. So far, according to those assholes, the demented vegetable representing the Democrats is ahead in the electoral votes, but neither has gotten to the 270 needed to win.

This is so stressful and it makes me so miserable. A lot of people on both sides are feeling miserable because it’s so close. The amount of Democrats in this country is terrifying. Texas is just way too close for my comfort. North Carolina shouldn’t even be this competitive – it should be reliably red. At least Thom Tillis, imperfect though he may be, looks to be re-elected.

Oh, and the DemonShits are keeping the House, and it looks like we may keep the Senate. So the wretched congressional stalemate may continue if Trump wins re-election. This is why you people need to vote during the primaries. We can’t afford to lose even a RINO, as much as it pains me to say. All the Demonrats do precisely what Nancy Pelosi tells them to do. She keeps the House, things will NOT get better for the next two years, and if Biden wins, well…it’ll be hell on Earth.

I never, ever thought that my home state California would ever go red. There’s too many illegals there. Mexico has basically already invaded the US, and they currently occupy California, which used to be a red state, until Reagan’s disastrous amnesty. This is why you don’t vote for any politician that wants amnesty…ever. No path to citizenship for DACA scum either. NO. They’re going to turn our country into a communist shithole and we’re basically haflway there anyway. I gotta stop. I’m getting angry.

UPDATE 8:05 PST – I’ve been avoiding the mainstream media for the past couple of hours, although I did check in at the New York Post‘s election coverage and the electoral map they had did not look promising. That was a couple of hours ago, though. I have been monitoring thedonald.win, Telegram and thedonald.win’s Discord server, and it seems that the mainstream media, particularly Fox News, refuses to call Virginia and Florida for Trump, even though he supposedly has a lead in both states. Virginia has been blue for a while now, no thanks to all the swamp creatures that moved to the northern region of the state, so for Trump to win Virginia would be surprising. Here’s the Results and Livestreams thread over at thedonald.win. I am watching TNT right now…Return of the Jedi was on, and The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies is now on…both films are rather fitting right now, especially the latter. Feels like we’re at war right now. I feel so depressed. Sorry to be a downer, but that’s how I feel.

UPDATE 6:07 PST – So this looks kind of promising.

In Florida, Biden Is Getting Massacred in These Three Democratic Key Counties…Right Now

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon Alright, folks. It was fun stomping on the Democrats regarding the Florida early returns. Leah will take it from here soon, but things looked grim this morning for Democrats-and that has not changed.

UPDATE 4:39 PST – So looking at the mainstream media, even Fox News, is a mistake, as it’s already very demoralizing. It’s early. I’m going to take a break right now and do something else, something totally non-political, which is what I did back in 2016. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.

UPDATE 4:17 PST – This doesn’t look good. I know it’s early, but this looks bad:

This is Fox News’s coverage.

UPDATE 4:12 PST – Check out the image below – Apple News’s home page (this is taken from the MacOS app) shows that some electoral votes have already been allotted:

UPDATE 3:51 PST – I just had to post this. Some dumbasses on Reddit were claiming that Biden just has a stutter, and that we are like, totes bigots for mocking his stutter. NO. This is not stuttering:

Joe Biden Introduces His Granddaughter, “This is my Son Beau Biden…This is my Granddaughter Natalie…No Wait, No Wait, We Got the Wrong One” (VIDEO)

Joe Biden on Tuesday yelled to a crowd of people in Philadelphia. Biden spent the last 8 months hiding in his basement only to campaign to small groups of people (mostly media) sitting in social distancing circles. Joe Biden gathered with a crowd of people who were not social distancing.

I have long since believed that what the Democrats have done is cruel, trotting this obviously demented old man on the campaign trail, all the while quite obviously planning on anointing his much younger (and healthier) running mate as President should Biden actually win. That’s why they chose a “woman of color” as his running mate. I think the whole Biden clan is utter scum, by the way. Think about this, though – Joe Biden isn’t going to actually do anything as President. He will be nothing more than a figurehead, one that has even less power than, say, Queen Elizabeth II. He’s just their puppet, and Kamala Harris will be the one performing the duties of President. Her and a bunch of unelected Democrat bureaucrats. That’s scary. Keep that in mind if you haven’t voted yet. Oh, and the JetPack issue has been solved, but if I leave the house again, I’m just bringing my laptop instead of my iPad.

UPDATE 2:50 PST – Okay, BitChute is back up, but may suffer some issues:


UPDATE 2:47 PST – The first tech casualty of the day is BitChute, the YouTube alternative.

Well, fuck

The above is their latest post. I just tried it and they’re still down. Two alternatives that I know of would be Odysee.com and Brighteon.com. The latter requires you to submit a request for an account, but I just did and they sent me an invitation fairly quickly.

Gab seems to be running fine so far, but if something happens to them, you can always bite the bullet and create a Parler account, or you can try Brighteon.Social, a Mastodon instance brought to you by the Brighteon.com team.

TheDonald.win seems to be getting more traffic as the day goes on, and you can tell whenever CloudFlare verifies your connection or whatever. If they go down, try going to freerepublic.com for the latest. It’s an old site, and is total boomer town, but better than nothing. Before The Donald, I visited this site daily.


Well, it’s finally here – Election Day 2020, a general election year, one in which we can choose to re-elect Donald Trump, or the vegetable the Democrats have been bringing out every now and then. You know, Joe Biden, who is obviously suffering from dementia, regardless of what the Democrats have to say.

As for me, my site’s connection to JetPack seems to be messed up, so I’ll have to troubleshoot it when I get home.

I’ve already voted. I live in North Carolina, which has early voting, and I voted about two days after early voting opened, and then flew out to the Portland, OR area, where I’m currently at right now.

I’m just a bus and MAX ride away from downtown Portland, and it is so tempting to go downtown this evening, but considering one of my sister’s friends just got murdered in Portland, it’s probably best for me to stay home tonight. However, I plan on going back to Portland later this week or next week to survey and document the damage, of which I will publish here.

The day is still young, so we don’t know what’s going to happen just yet. I will make updates to this post as the day wears on.

If you haven’t voted, I encourage you to vote, as long as you’ve researched the issues and candidates. I will not tell you who to vote – that is up for you to decide. If you do go and vote today, stay in line! Ignore the calls for your state or whatever – if you’re in line, they have to let you vote, even if the poll closes!

Anyway, good luck to us all – we’re gonna need it.