The Fall of Fox News

The Fall of Fox News

November 12, 2020 0 By Elaine Arias

So, the election hasn’t been decided yet, and the President is fighting to hold on to what he rightfully won last week.  Meanwhile, the mainstream media, including Fox News, has crowned Sleepy Joe as President-Elect.

A lot of people on the right are angry at how Fox News called certain states for Biden, and they’re angry at how Fox News followed the Associated Press and others in declaring Biden as the winner, even though many states haven’t finished counting yet.

However, I’ve known that Fox News was going to eventually betray us.  I’ve known it for a while, and I’m surprised at how shocked people have been over the conduct at Fox News.  So let me show you how we got here.

Fox News Channel was founded in 1996 by Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes, who molded the network into the right-leaning powerhouse that it became.  The first rumblings of trouble came when Rupert Murdoch resigned as CEO in 2011 and appointed his son James.  Murdoch has two sons, and both are virulent leftists.  Even their wives are obnoxious leftists.  It seems that James Murdoch officially became CEO sometime in 2015.  You can read about that here, courtesy of The Gateway Pundit. 

For a couple of years after 2011, there were stories of Fox News eventually going left, now that Rupert Murdoch was no longer in charge.

Anyway, you can read an AP report about James Murdoch being named CEO and his brother, Lachlan Murdoch, being named executive co-chairman here.  Donald Trump announced his candidacy for President that year, and we all know that Fox News wasn’t super enthusiastic about his candidacy.

Of course, they took over 21st Century Fox, what was the parent of Fox News, but as we all know, Disney bought out 21st Century Fox, and now they’re two separate entities.  You can check out the Wikipedia entry on the acquisition.  Let me be clear:  Disney does not own Fox News Channel.  Fox News Channel and other properties were spun into the Fox Corporation.

Gretchen Carlson accused Roger Ailes of sexual harassment, filing a lawsuit in 2016.  Dozens of other female Fox News employees then came forward, claiming that people were sexually harassing them.  Then, of course, Megyn Kelly chimed in that Roger Ailes sexually harassed her at the beginning of her career, and by then, the Murdochs decided he had to go.

Ailes eventually resigned in 2016, and nearly a year later, the #MeToo movement would blossom with the accusations leveled at successful film producer Harvey Weinstein.

Interesting, no?

Any possible comeback for Ailes was effectively ended when he passed away in 2017.

Bill O’Reilly also faced accusations, and those accusations resulted in him losing his highly rated show, The O’Reilly Factor, of which was canceled in 2017.  I would also like to note that for a few years, Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck were among the two biggest personalities at Fox News, and Glenn Beck left FNC in 2011 to create The Blaze, although that was the official story.  I became skeptical of Fox News when Glenn Beck left, and to this day I am still skeptical as to the real reasons he left.  I think he was getting too close to the truth…was too critical of Obama, who was President at the time, and they let him go.  He was smart enough to create his own news organization, of which had a rocky start, but seems to be doing well.

Then, of course, President Trump gone and won the 2016 Presidential election, and some Fox personalities, like Tucker Carlson (whose show took over Bill O’Reilly’s time slot), Sean Hannity, etc were either neutral or supportive of Trump, and others, like Megyn Kelly (who would eventually leave for a short-lived mainstream media career) and Chris Wallace, were not.  Then you had shitheads like Shepard Smith who were outright hostile to Trump.

There is one change at Fox News that hardly anyone really talks about, except for the folks at Free Republic and, and that’s the fact that in 2019, Paul Ryan, former Speaker of the House (tenure 2015 to 2019) joined the board of directors for Fox Corporation, the owner of Fox News Channel.  You can check out the (biased) Wikipedia entry on Paul Ryan, a section of which deals with his contentious relationship with President Trump.

Oh, and guess who else joined the Fox family that year?  Donna Brazile, that Donna Brazile who shared debate questions with the odious Hillary Clinton back in 2016.

Now, today, we know that, thanks to the disastrous 2020 Presidential election (and the first debate, hosted by FNC’s Chris Wallace, a very biased douchebag), Fox News Channel is slowly lurching left.  Or, rather, is virulently anti-Trump. I think being anti-Trump is just the excuse, or lynchpin for the leftward lurch.  Even though James Murdoch resigned as CEO due to the oh-so-awful content on Fox News, this changes nothing.  I honestly think the likes of Paul Ryan would rather the network be leftist like CNN and MSNBC than to fairly report on anything related to Trump.

Now Fox is trying to save face by retracting one of its House race calls.  John Nolte of Breitbart has the story, and a rundown of how dishonest Fox News has been since Trump became President.

Nolte: Fox News Retracts False House Race Projection — 8 Days Later!

Obviously, the biggest Election Day loser will either be President Trump or Joe Biden, depending on who ultimately wins the presidential election, and the second biggest loser will be congressional Democrats, who lost seats in the House and failed to retake the Senate majority, but another major loser -without any question – is disgraced Fox News.

As I said, this has been a long time coming.  OANN and Newsmax are better if you’re the kind who likes to get their news from TV.

Photo by Mike from Pexels