Spreading Their Tentacles to Browsers

Spreading Their Tentacles to Browsers

January 9, 2021 0 By Elaine Arias

So Mozilla posted this:

We need more than deplatforming | The Mozilla Blog

There is no question that social media played a role in the siege and take-over of the US Capitol on January 6. Since then there has been significant focus on the deplatforming of President Donald Trump. By all means the question of when to deplatform a head of state is a critical one, among many that must be addressed.


So they want to control what you see in their browser. Imagine this: you’re using Firefox, you launch the browser and type breitbart.com in the address bar. Instead of loading the Breitbart home page, you get some stupid error message about how the browser just can’t load the page because it’s a site that might incite violence or contains hate speech or whatever. No matter what you do, Firefox simply will not load any of Breitbart’s pages. Not even using a VPN works.

Why is this happening? Because a recent update to Firefox essentially blocks certain sites from loading, because they hurt the feefees of totalitarian libtards. Basically.

Perhaps the advice “learn to code” wasn’t such a bad idea after all. While building one’s own platform is insanely expensive, forking an open source browser like Firefox is not, as long as you know what you’re doing.

Fortunately, that’s already happened. I prefer Waterfox, but Pale Moon is also a good alternative (although not available for Mac users, unfortunately).

There’s other “measures” they outlined to ensure you are brainwashed into becoming a good little Democrat who prostitues themselves on the side because SEX WORK IS REAL WORK LIKE OMG, such as forcing all Internet ads to list who paid for them (which won’t work on those who use adblockers, like me), which does what, exactly? Do they really think some evil white supremacist is buying Zulily ads left and right? You know this is only going to apply to companies they deem “conservative” or “Republican”. Big corporations will likely not have to list who paid for their ads, how much they paid and who those ads are targeted to. Only eeeeeevil white supremacists (let me inform every dipshit leftist reading this right now – I do not care about white supremacy. I don’t care if it’s running rampant in our society. It does not scare me. Calling something white supremacist will likely only make me want to support it that much more).

The next measure to ensure every Christian, conservative and Republican no longer has any rights whatsoever involves some nonsense described as “tools to amplify factual voices over disinformation.”

So what that means is that if you’re doing a search using Firefox as your browser, the first several pages of results will be nothing but stupid bullshit from the mainstream media, like CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, CBS, ABC, NBC, Carlos Slim’s shitty little blog – I mean, The New York Times, The Guardian, Vox, The Daily Beast, etc. If you’re looking for something that Breitbart or The Daily Wire posted, either you won’t find it or it won’t show up in your search results. And if I am right, and they do implement the actual blocking of sites like Breitbart, even if you do find it, the browser will simply not load the page.

Now, the blocking of pages at the browser level was not actually mentioned in that shitty blog post, but trust me, they want to do this. They want to create a block list they can implement into the browser, and make it so that you can’t change it. The browser is open source, so such a block list will be rendered useless once some unofficial add ons are developed but as we know from what happened to Dissenter, they can make it difficult for you to install add ons they don’t like.  I wouldn’t put it past them to try.

I really hate having to use any Chromium browser, but it looks like I’ll have to stick with Brave on my Mac, since Firefox and Waterfox are total process hogs, and do not run well on it. My new Dell XPS laptop, however, runs Waterfox like a charm.

If you want more alternatives to Firefox, do a search on alternativeto.net. I don’t trust Mozilla, so I won’t be using their browser anymore.

Photo by Richy Great on Unsplash