Another Site Update

Another Site Update

January 16, 2021 0 By Elaine Arias

I have disabled Disqus and now you’ll have to use the default comment form to post comments. My reasoning for doing this is that a conservative blog, American Thinker, was told to disable comments or shut down their site. Now, I don’t know if Disqus is to blame, or if their host is to blame – AT hasn’t been exactly forthcoming with the details. You can read more about it in the post below:

American Thinker shuts down comments: shut down the comments or shut down the site – Update

Update: AT brought the comments back. That certainly didn’t last long. They arranged for commenting through Dissenter (Gab) browser and they are commenting. This is the latest statement: UPDATE: I have been advised that, if you wish to continue commenting, you can do so through the Dissenter Browser. Learn about it here.

Last year The Federalist was told to moderate their comment section or face losing the site. They disabled their comment section completely and now comments aren’t even allowed there, and comments haven’t been reinstated since.

I am sure that Disqus is probably behind it, or willing to work with whoever demanded these sites turn off their comment sections or face complete termination. I am sure Breitbart will be next, as they’ve been using Disqus for quite a while now.

I could have used Parler as a commenting section, but unfortunately, that site is gone now. I don’t know if it will be back.

Thank God for my host, as they won’t cave to the leftist nonsense. I don’t get as much traffic or engagement as either of those sites, but I figure it’s better to be safe than sorry.

I am not writing either blog off the way some of the people in the link above have done so. Their writings are still pretty valuable to me, so I’ll keep reading them. Besides, you can bypass all of that by using the Dissenter browser. It hasn’t been updated and is probably buggy, but it still works.