It’s Not About Being White?

It’s Not About Being White?

February 4, 2021 0 By Elaine Arias

As it becomes increasingly obvious that not all blacks, Hispanics and Asians are interested in being Democrats, the Dems themselves have to come up with an explanation as to why they keep bleating about “white supremacy” when so many non-whites are leaving the proverbial plantation.

Thus, we get insanity such as this (h/t The Liberty Loft):

Trumpism – The Proud Boys and the Extremist Allure for People of Color
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The left hates the Proud Boys and wants to label them as white supremacist terrorists, but can’t because their leader isn’t even white. And, of course, there’s loads of blacks and Hispanics who consider themselves either conservative or Trump supporters. The talking point “Republicans are just racist white people” is no longer valid and they know it.

Nowadays, however, given the incident at Capitol Hill on Jan 6, they might not need that talking point anymore. Now they can just smear all of us as seditionists, insurrectionists, or flat-out traitors. God forbid we point out that they blatantly stole the Presidential election and installed a Chicom puppet in the White House.

But my point in writing this post is that I deeply, deeply resent this notion that non-whites such as myself are under some “obligation” to vote Democrat.

Oh, and my favorite talking point of theirs is “they’re voting against their best interests.” As if any of these assholes knew anything about my interests. They don’t. It absolutely pisses me off that they dare presume what my best interests are.

I am mixed race – half black, half Hispanic. My mother is black and she is Republican and conservative like me (and so is my step-dad. My biological father, who was born in Guatemala, is a leftist, unfortunately). Both of us resent the left’s deluded claim to ownership over racial minorities.

It’s not surprising, however. Their M.O. for years has been to run on a platform of “whitey be racist and only we can protect you from their evil.” Check out this article from Frontpage Mag:

Critical Race Theory is How Democrats Plan to Win Elections – Frontpagemag

And that’s where a new Republican civil rights movement must rise. Daniel Greenfield, a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center, is an investigative journalist and writer focusing on the radical Left and Islamic terrorism.

This is nothing new. As I said, they’ve been doing this for years, and even though it’s becoming increasingly obvious that this will not work as effectively as it did in the past, they’re going to keep on doing it.

Then there’s this truly ridiculous column written by some stupid hack whining and crying about how Tom Brady, football player for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, has suddenly “gone quiet” about President Trump now that he’s about to undergo an entirely unconstitutional sham of an impeachment trial.

‘White Privilege’: Tom Brady Has Gotten ‘Undeserved Pass’ For Supporting Trump, Columnist Says

A USA Today sports columnist says NFL superstar quarterback Tom Brady eluded criticism over his support for former President Donald Trump because of “white privilege.” In a piece published Tuesday headlined, “Tom Brady has gotten an undeserved pass for his past support of Donald Trump,” Nancy Armour said the Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB shouldn’t get a pass just because he’s a star.

According to this idiotic hagbeast, Tom Brady’s white privilege “enables” him to “exit the debate” whenever it’s convenient for him, whereas black athletes are forced to “own” their views and are held accountable for them.

I bring this up because this truly stupid woman assumes that non-whites are unable to avoid politics because we supposedly live in an inherently racist society and therefore, everything is political to us.

No it isn’t. Nobody holds Colin Kaepernick “responsible” for his political pronouncements. This man clearly hates police officers – all police officers – and nobody holds him accountable whenever a cop gets killed by some stupid thug. Why would Tom Brady need to be held accountable for anything? So he supports Trump. So what? Oh, but the reason it’s an issue is because, according to idiot leftists, Trump “incited” violence on Jan 6, and even before that, he “incited” the Charlottesville incident, and “encouraged” racism to “flourish” in this country, none of which is true.

If anyone’s responsible for “inciting” anything, it’s definitely Colin Kaepernick and all the other people that have expressed public support for Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA. Both organizations should be considered terrorist organizations, and both are responsible for a lot of destruction and deaths of innocent people, and yet the only people that actually hold these slimeballs responsible are people who do not have the power to actually do anything about it – conservatives.

I could stop reading and writing about politics today. I don’t have to pay attention to any of this stuff. In fact, I should probably scale it back and focus on things that don’t make me angry. Sure, it would be difficult because the left loves shoving their politics into everything but I really don’t need to deal with any of this. Nobody does. It is not “privilege” to be able to disengage from the political sphere. Anyone can do it.

I can’t decide if this is a good sign or not. After everything that’s happened over the past several years, it feels as if we on the right take one step forward and a billion steps backward. They won’t stop using this race BS against us because it is still useful for keeping non-whites angry and voting Democrat. Either their narrative is finally crumbling and the truth is getting through to the normies, or they’re just going to change tactics.

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash