Seeing Color

Seeing Color

February 20, 2021 0 By Elaine Arias

So, according to the left, we are no longer allowed to be colorblind with regards to skin color, lest we be racist. To “see color” is to be “anti-racist” and of course, in order to be a “good person” you have to be “anti-racist.”

I have noticed this particular talking point popping up for a while now, but a recent public service announcement released by Cartoon Network, of all places, prompted me to write about it.

Cartoon Network Releases ‘Anti-Racism’ Ad Teaching Children to ‘See Color’

Cartoon Network has released an “antiracism” public service announcement teaching children to “see color,” suggesting that having a “colorblind” approach to race could be “a ploy to avoid talking about racism altogether.” The network’s latest antiracism ad, titled, “See Color,” features three characters – one black, one white, and one purple alien – on set filming a PSA, singing, “colorblindness is our game, because everyone’s the same.

Their logic is that “colorblindness” is nothing more than “a ploy to avoid talking about racism altogether.”

No, not really. All it ever was was the desire to see a person for who they are, not what they are. To see beyond the color of one’s skin and see and acknowledge the character within.

So they’re basically getting the whole concept of colorblindness wrong. Being colorblind – or rather, seeing beyond a person’s skin color doesn’t mean you’re not acknowledging racism, and it doesn’t mean you approve of it. As I said, all it ever meant was judging a person for the content of their character, and not the color of their skin.

I would go so far to say as this whole “see color” thing is a ploy by the anti-racists to justify racism against white people, and to keep non-whites from reaching their full potential and keeping them dependent on the anti-racists, who are usually white, and who are usually in positions of power.

“The white character reacts by stating that she believes people use the “black, white or purple” phrase, “because adding a fantasy race in there helps distract from the actual racism black people have to deal with.”

“Right,” the black character replies. “My experience with anti-black racism, it’s really specific. Other people of color experience other forms of racism, too. But you won’t see any of that if you don’t see color.””

Notice how the only racism the PSA talks about is anti-black racism. Of course, this was probably created specifically for Black History Month, but blacks are far from the only group of people that have experienced racism.

This also, predictably, ties into the whole notion that your skin color defines your entire character – defines who you are. Remember one of my previous posts, in which I complained about how leftists get so angry when someone like me, a mixed-race woman, doesn’t vote Democrat? There is literally nothing more to the black cartoon character in this PSA other than their race. Granted, it’s a short PSA, so you aren’t going to get much character development from it, but it’s like they didn’t even try to make the character anything other than a living avatar for skin color.

That, and every single black person is reduced to a victim of racism when you “see color” and that also pisses me off. I am not a victim of racism. I’m almost 39 years old. I will be 39 in March. In 2022, I’ll be forty years old (and no, I am not looking forward to the big four-oh). Out of my entire life, I’ve experienced racism about two times. TWO. And one time was when one black kid actually called me the n-word way back when I was in sixth grade.

Now, of course, that’s only my experience. That’s the thing, though – everyone’s experience is different. Everyone’s life is different. So first, they reduce me, a mixed-race woman, to a mere victim of racism and sexism. Then they decide to come to my rescue and claim to save me from sexism and racism, as long as I vote Democrat. Only the Democrats will save me from sexism and racism. If I don’t vote Democrat and allow them to ride to my rescue like a bunch of soy-filled white knights, I’m “voting against my best interests” or, and this one’s my favorite, I’m a “white supremacist” despite not actually being white.

WaPo: Brown People Who Vote For Trump Are ‘White Supremacists,’ Too

Last week, a Washington Post article created a new term, “multiracial whiteness,” to explain why significant portions of Hispanic and black voters turned in their ballots for Trump in the 2020 election. New York University professor Cristina Beltrán explained her newly invented ideology by informing us that “white” is no longer a skin color but a “political color.”

I am sure you’re not surprised to find out that these stupid PSAs are nothing more than Democrat propaganda. Oh, you won’t see the official Democrat party logo in these PSAs, nor will you see or hear from any elected officials, but rest assured…all of this crap is in service of getting Democrats elected. And what will happen when Democrats get elected? They’ll sell us out to the Chinese communists. It’s already happening. Destroying our society and keeping us divided will be vitally important if the Chicoms want any success in their hideous takeover of our country.

Which is precisely why these assholes insist that you “see color.”

Photo by Harry Quan on Unsplash