Month: March 2021

Absolutely Despicable

What would you do if you had raised a ton of money for suicide prevention and sex trafficking awareness, and a big-name director appears on your celebratory livestream to talk about your achievement, only for that person to basically call you a racist and a bigot before saying literally anything else? You’d be pretty pissed…

By Elaine Arias March 18, 2021 0

In Defense of Substack

I’ve been seeing more and more leftist journalists (is there any other kind of journalist? They’re all leftists) whining and crying about how awful Substack is. If you don’t know what Substack is, it’s a platform that allows people to publish newsletters that users can subscribe to. By “subscribe” I mean “pay for”, so they’re…

By Elaine Arias March 6, 2021 0