Absolutely Despicable

Absolutely Despicable

March 18, 2021 0 By Elaine Arias

What would you do if you had raised a ton of money for suicide prevention and sex trafficking awareness, and a big-name director appears on your celebratory livestream to talk about your achievement, only for that person to basically call you a racist and a bigot before saying literally anything else?

You’d be pretty pissed off and offended, right? I know I’d be pissed off and offended.

This scenario actually happened last night. If you’re a fan of superhero movies or just movies in general, you’ve probably heard of the so-called Snyder Cut of the DC movie Justice League. The original version of the film was directed by Joss Whedon, after its original director, Zack Snyder, had to drop out due to a personal tragedy. However, Justice League was panned when it came out, and it didn’t do all that well at the box office – certainly not Marvel Cinematic Universe money. Warner Brothers is still very much invested in having their own superhero cinematic universe, so the lukewarm performance of this film quite obviously hasn’t deterred them from going forward with DC movies. That being said, Justice League was supposed to be their answer to Marvel’s Avengers and it ended up not being that, for various reasons.

Fans started clamoring for original director Zack Snyder’s version, thinking it might be better than what Joss Whedon gave us. They campaigned for it, and one of the many that did so was the crew at Geeks and Gamers. I follow them on YouTube, and let’s just say that they’re pretty much critical of the woke nonsense that’s permeated the entire entertainment industry for years now.

Now, I am not sure as to what exactly happened, so if I get something wrong, please correct me in the comments or via the feedback form. But here’s my understanding of what happened. Geeks and Gamers, and possibly some other individuals or organizations, managed to get Zack Snyder to appear on a livestream after raising significant money for charity (one that, as noted earlier, is about suicide prevention and raising awareness about sex trafficking, both very worthy causes). The Snyder Cut of Justice League premieres on HBO Max today, so that was also probably an opportunity to promote the big thing everybody had wanted for so long.

Now, recently, a shooting happened in Atlanta, GA. A 21 year old guy shot up a bunch of massage parlors, and the mainstream media immediately deemed it a racist hate crime inspired by President Trump’s rhetoric concerning the COVID-19 virus (he called it the “China virus” because it obviously originated in China – a lot of viruses are named after the places they first emerge from, like the Ebola virus, for example), simply because the shooter was white, and some (not all) of his victims were Asian.

Local news channel KIRO 7 has information on the shooting. Do note that the local authorities investigating the crime have stated that the guy shot these spas because they were “tempting” him to indulge in his sex addiction. They have said absolutely nothing about the motive being based on race.

But, as you can see if you read this post, the mainstream media and the Chinese-employed stooges currently occupying the White House have immediately gone on to blame this “anti-Asian hate wave” on Trump. I also would like to note that out of all the recent anti-Asian attacks happening, this is the only one I know of committed by a white person. A lot of the other attacks were committed by…wait for it…black youths.

Of course, there will be no corrections once people start realizing the truth.

So back to this charity livestream starring Zack Snyder. As soon as he is welcomed on, he thanks them for having him on, then proceeds to note that the charity site or whatever has the Geeks and Gamers logo on it, states that he is not associated with Geeks and Gamers, and that he stands against racism and hate, citing the recent shooting in Atlanta. What he did was imply that Geeks and Gamers is a racist organization, even though they had a lot to do with generating demand for his cut of Justice League and had organized the raising of thousands of dollars for suicide prevention and sex trafficking awareness.

This is incredibly disappointing to me, but not surprising. I am just angry that he would slander a group of people like that, people who were his fans. Some have said that he was likely under pressure from Warner Brothers to distance himself from Geeks and Gamers, and yeah, that’s probably true. I am sure he’d like to work again, as he’s not that old – not much older than me, and I turned 39 on Tuesday (sigh – I want to be 20 again). Maybe he really didn’t mean to slander Geeks and Gamers as such, and if that’s the case, based on what I saw, he’s definitely better off sticking to directing and not writing screenplays…ever. However, I am deeply cynical and skeptical, and I know that there’s a blacklist in Hollywood, one that keeps anyone remotely conservative or libertarian from working there, and we’re also in the throes of cancel culture (I almost wrote “cancer culture” which is what it is – total cancer). I get that even by appearing on the livestream and not explicitly distancing himself from the big bad evil Trump supporters (one of the operators of Geeks and Gamers, Jeremy, is a Trump supporter), he’s opening himself up to being canceled by some loser with nothing better to do than stalk people.

That’s what cancel culture really is, in my opinion. It’s stalking people. How else would these losers find tweets posted several years ago, but by stalking people?

I get that it’s not easy in Hollywood, because it’s a truly awful environment there, where one simple misstep could completely ruin your life.

That is precisely why he shouldn’t have trashed Geeks and Gamers, and precisely why he should have stood up for them and acknowledged their achievement.

Someone has to take a stand there. Nobody should have to work with the proverbial Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads, yet that’s reality for anyone working in the film and television industry. All it takes is one person taking a stand and saying “no, I am not going to slander these people nor am I going to forsake them – I don’t have to agree with everything they say and I don’t, but on this issue, we do agree, and coming together on an issue can only be a good thing” (the issue being suicide prevention and such).

But he didn’t. Instead, he did precisely what his overlords over at Warner Brothers demanded he do.

I also understand he has Asian daughters, which might have served as one of his motivations for what he did, which makes it even worse in my opinion. He’s not only slandering them as anti-Asian when there’s absolutely no evidence to support such a statement, but personalizes it by assuming that they’d be hateful towards his children. How could I not think that he assumes as much, given what he obviously thinks of them?

I saw Justice League when it came out, and I’ll probably sail the high seas to see the so-called Snyder Cut, since HBO Max wants too much money for a subscription. He’s also got that Army of the Dead coming out on Netflix in May, and I just have to see that because one of the most handsome actors alive today, Matthias Scheighoefer, is in it, and I’m not missing that for the world. And I will probably sail the high seas for that too.

This is just really sad, but not surprising. It’s why I have no real respect for anyone in the entertainment industry, because they’re all cowardly whores.

Photo by King Lip on Unsplash