I Hate Globalism

I Hate Globalism

June 8, 2021 0 By Elaine Arias

I was born in California, and when I was about eight or nine, my family and I moved to Japan, at an air force base my dad was stationed at. We were there for four or five years and then moved back to the States.

I say this because I am perfectly happy with being an American. I am perfectly happy with the Constitution and I find it to be one of the greatest documents ever written. I am not just proud to be an American, I am grateful to be an American. I am grateful to be an American every single day of my life. After all, I could have been born in Guatemala, where my biological father was born.

Or worse, a country like Iran, or Saudi Arabia, where women not only have no rights, but are treated like chattel slaves.

The threat of globalism has been a prominent talking point among right-wingers for quite some time now. Leftists just love it. They think globalism is a good thing, and they go on and on about how borders are evil and racist, and, of course, they absolutely refuse to make the distinction between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. They accuse us of being racist for objecting to illegal immigration or stating that we can’t take too many refugees, etc.

I see the mess that is other countries, particularly those in western Europe that leftists seem to have a perpetual boner for. I see how much of a garbage heap Paris has become, thanks to the overflow of (economic) refugees that have invaded the city, people that can’t speak French and have no education to the point that they can’t even get a crappy minimum wage job. Or the fact that in the UK, you can go to JAIL for posting something “mean” or “offensive” on Facebook. Or that Facebook was perfectly happy to help the German government censor their citizens regarding their immigration (or, rather, Muslim) problem.

Every now and then I read some horrifying story of some, presumably leftist, monster shrugging off some heinous crime committed by a foreigner, or of some ordinary native of a given country being censored or otherwise punished for not being a good little globalist, and I think to myself, “thank God I don’t live there.”

Not that it’s much better here, sadly. After all, our Presidential elections were stolen and the rightful President ousted from his position, replaced with a malleable, demented and feeble-minded puppet that’s, in all likelihood, beholden to China. Our public schools are glorified day care centers, and that’s the nicest thing I can say about them. I am terrified for the future because kids aren’t learning much of anything in our schools anymore – certainly not math or proper grammar or history. They can put condoms on bananas and they can describe critical race theory to you and, of course, they can helpfully point out that the US is the most racist nation on Earth. But they can’t even count change. They can’t freaking read anything beyond a string of emojis. But they’re anti-racist and that’s all that matters.

But there’s the Constitution. There’s our history. There’s the Declaration of Independence, and the acknowledgment that we are born with certain unalienable rights, and that it’s the government’s role to protect those rights.

I’d also like to point out that I didn’t learn that in school. I graduated from high school twenty years ago (yes, it was back in 2001, and my twenty year reunion will likely be this summer, but I’ll be damned if I go, because everyone hated me and I hated everyone, so yeah), and our public schools were dogshit then. I imagine they are probably far worse.

A great deal of people, even in the US, seem to think that the government grants you rights. That they make things legal, and so on. That our rights come from man. This lesson has been completely lost in the US, no thanks to our shitty school system.

I think that’s what makes the US so unique among nations, especially when it was founded. I am sure some lefty will point to some obscure civilization and say, “see, they said people were born with rights too so America still sucks!” I don’t care. Whatever. The point is that right now, America is one of the few, perhaps only country in which one’s rights are something one inherently has.

So even though our rights are being suppressed in many ways these days, the idea is still there, and there’s still people, like me, who remember this idea. I hope that’s enough.

When I hear people say “America is irredeemably racist” my immediate reaction is just to say “well, LEAVE!” I am not ashamed to feel that way. I get so angry when I see that sentiment, I really do.

If you really think the US is irredeemably racist, what the fuck are you still doing here? Do you morons not know what the word “irredeemably” means? Oh, my mistake…probably not. That’s a rather large word, and I am sure most public school teachers spend more time focusing on teaching kids how to perfect their “O face” than to expand their vocabulary with big, fancy words.

But here, dumbasses, let me tell you what it means: “irredeemably” is an adverb; the definition of “irredeemable” is as follows:

“being beyond remedy; hopeless”

That’s from Merriam Webster. So if you think the US can never, ever overcome its history of racism, why are you still a citizen of this country? It can never not be racist, according to you – this country will always be a festering sewer of racism, so how can you possibly live with yourself by remaining a citizen of this evil country?

Of course, we then have to consider that the left has been doing everything humanly possible to completely and utterly destroy this nation, and has been doing so ever since the end of World War 2, so seeing people smashing statues and renaming schools and pushing revisionist bullshit like the 1619 Project starts to make more sense.

Since the US is irredeemably racist, it must be destroyed. Everything the Democrats do is in service of this goal. I mean EVERYTHING.

All you have to do is go to some anti-ICE protest and take a good look at all the “borders are racist” signs.

That’s why they’re so gung-ho on basically flooding the US with foreigners, whether it be by simply not enforcing our immigration laws or even the border itself, or by encouraging companies both big and small to hire foreigners via the H1-B visa program via onerous regulations and taxes, and whatever else.

That’s why our public schools are such a mess, that’s why we got No Child Left Behind, that’s why teachers don’t want to go back to work, because the US will never be destroyed if its future citizens are actually educated.

The Democrats’ purpose is to destroy this country. They know their policies are harmful and horrible – that’s a feature, not a bug.

Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels