Cold Feet Crowder?

Cold Feet Crowder?

June 22, 2021 0 By Elaine Arias

I really don’t like leftists. That’s probably of no surprise to any longtime readers of my blog, but I really don’t.  

So, at some point, this YouTube douchebag, Ethan Klein of H3H3 Productions, started calling out Steven Crowder (right-wing comedian and podcaster, well-known for his “Change My Mind” segments).

A couple of months ago, Steven responded on his show, Louder With Crowder. There was some back and forth, and Steven challenged Ethan to a debate. Ethan reached out to him on Twitter and agreed to a debate.

So, for some reason, Ethan and Steven agreed to record their debate and air it on their respective channels later. Now, that’s a very bad idea. I could have told him that. The fact that this was recorded allowed Ethan Klein to get his clip out first and set the narrative for this situation, which is now “Cold Feet Crowder” thanks to Ethan’s demented fans.

What happened was that Ethan Klein got on with Steven Crowder and about a minute after the recording started, he brought on leftist YouTuber and podcaster Sam Seder, someone whom I’ve never heard of.

This was never the agreement. Steven Crowder was clearly blindsided and angry at the bait-and-switch stunt.

So as soon as the recording was done, H3H3 Productions got their clip out and set the narrative that Steven Crowder is deathly afraid of debating Sam Seder.

As I type this, Steven’s show Louder with Crowder is live and he’s playing the raw recording of his time with Ethan Klein and Sam Seder.

First of all, the reason Steven wants nothing to do with Sam Seder is because he basically doesn’t have an audience big enough for Steven. The other reason seems to be that Steven simply doesn’t like the guy.

Steven spends a great deal of time telling Sam that he basically has no audience and is not worth the time. He also points out to Ethan that it’s cowardly to do this bait-and-switch thing simply because he’s no good at debating.

So there’s some argument between both parties and Steven decides to put an end to it. Then Steven points out that Sam Seder never lets you speak, and if you watch the clip on Louder with Crowder, it’s true! Sam, like a lot of leftists, has an annoying habit of talking over people. I see it all the time on Fox News (back when I watched it) and other news networks.

Steven also doesn’t want to “debate every Twitter hack” and that was one other reason to just stop the debate, which is understandable. The primary reason, however, is that the debate would have been based on a lie – bringing on someone else to debate for him was never part of the agreement.

Ethan Klein is a coward. I thought he was a smug asshole, but now he’s a coward on top of that. He admits to being bad at debating (then why agree to it? Oh, so you can “own” Steven by secretly bringing on Sam Seder and then calling him “cold feet Crowder” because he doesn’t want to debate some no-name random) and then brings on someone else to debate for him.

And his demented fans are claiming this is a win for them.

If I were Steven, I’d have said this: “let’s debate live, Sam. We’ll have our own moderators – one for you, one for me, and then we’ll debate live. Consider it an act of charity.” Then he would have gained the upper hand.

Sam Seder sounds like the kind of person who thinks that a scintillating debate is insulting his opponent, mugging for the camera (if applicable) and then talking over his opponent should they actually try to defend themselves.

Another point Steven brought up – Ethan Klein is rather cozy with Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube – is that the whole affair might have been some sort of trap designed to get Steven to say something that would immediately get him banned. It seems that Ethan wants to be given some degree of credit for Steven’s inevitable banning from YouTube.

You might not like some of the things Vox Day says – I know I don’t – but he is highly intelligent and knows how these people operate. He advises that any right-winger should never give an interview to any mainstream media outlet, because no matter how nice they may seem when they reach out to you, what you say will be chopped up and presented as something completely different.

Same thing goes for debates. I know Vox has debated people in the past, with varying results.

What Steven should have done is this: agree to do a LIVE debate with Ethan Klein, on neutral ground, which would mean no YouTube. I think Steven livestreams on Rumble – that would have been a good idea. Or maybe Twitch – not very neutral, but I don’t think he has a presence on there, so there’d be no worry about being deplatformed. Agree to two different moderators, which may or may not work, but finding a purely neutral moderator is probably impossible at this point. No leftist would agree to do a debate with a moderator that isn’t explicitly leftist. No right-winger would ever trust anyone put up by a leftist, and for good reason, because as we’ve seen in recent Presidential debates, the moderators are fond of helping out the Democrats, and sabotaging the Republicans. Allow both parties full access to the raw footage of the debate, to do with as they wish.

I hate that I am such a raging nobody because honestly, I could have made sure that something like this didn’t happen. Or that he could have recovered better, because now Ethan’s demented fanboys are crawling all over Steven’s accounts, calling him “cold feet Crowder” and since that’s catchy, it might stick.

Anyway, you can see Styxhexenhammer666’s take on it (which is where I actually found out how this went down) and then, of course, the relevant Louder with Crowder episode.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels