Holding The Line

Holding The Line

January 31, 2022 0 By Elaine Arias

So far, the truckers have been holding the line in Ottawa and on the border they share with the US.

Unsurprisingly, the media has been building the “it’s a racist, white supremacist, violent riot” narrative, and it wasn’t until Monday morning that Canada’s cowardly and feckless Prime Minister finally addressed the issue. He also, unsurprisingly, doubled down, as all SJWs do.

First of all, let’s address the whole “like, omg, there were SWASTIKAS and CONFEDERATE FLAGS at the convoy!” bullshit. Basically, one or two questionable symbols at a given event just makes ALL of the attendees and supporters bigots! It never occurs to the leftists that these could be plants, or that the vast majority of the truckers and other protestors disagree with swastikas and confederate flags?


So here’s one image of some “hate” symbols – a lone Nazi-style swastika flying amongst some “Fuck Trudeau” flags and, of course, the Gadsden flag. I saw a lot of Gadsden flags at the convoy protests, and no, it’s not “evil” like the Nazi swastika is. Leftists hate the Gadsden flag because it’s a symbol beloved by those that want small government, particularly the Tea Party from here in the US.

Then there’s this random confederate flag posted by some imbecile with pronouns in its Twitter handle.

ArielTroster (she/her) on Twitter: “My friend who works on Elgin just sent me this photo. Yes, that is a confederate flag. In case you had any doubts about the intentions of this racist convoy. Stay safe, friends. #ottcity #SomersetWard pic.twitter.com/xfZ38wbl6t / Twitter”

My friend who works on Elgin just sent me this photo. Yes, that is a confederate flag. In case you had any doubts about the intentions of this racist convoy. Stay safe, friends. #ottcity #SomersetWard pic.twitter.com/xfZ38wbl6t

This is so stupid and makes no sense. Why the hell would any Canadian carry a fucking Confederate flag? It has absolutely NOTHING to do with Canadian history or politics! This is so clearly a plant it’s not even funny. I get that there are some Americans that support the convoy and of course, some have already joined the protest in Ottawa but come on – nobody in their right mind would carry this flag to this protest because it’s utterly irrelevant. Furthermore, none, and I mean none of the truckers are racist or pine for the days in which slavery was legal.

By the way, I am so sick and tired of the left shitting their pants over this battle flag (and yes, this was a battle flag, not the official flag of the Confederacy). When I was young – like, really young, it did bother me, because I had a much simpler understanding of history. Confederate flag = racism and slavery in my ten year old mind. Then I grew the fuck up and realized that the people that embrace that flag today are not hateful racists who want to own black people like chattel. To them, it was a symbol of Southern pride and rebellion against the government. And no, I don’t think rebelling against the government is necessarily bad. But leftists, since they’re all in charge, HATE any rebellion against their authority. They all have a childish, simplistic view of history.

As for the imbecile toting around that Confederate flag…he was confronted by some of the protestors and told to GTFO:

WATCH: Canadian trucker convoy protesters confront masked man with Confederate flag, tell him to leave

A new video posted to social media depicts the Freedom Convoy confronting a masked man with a Confederate flag, who has been the subject of the mainstream media over the weekend. According to the video, the Canadian trucker convoy protesters confront the man, who then fled the scene.

As for the supposed violence at this protest…probably bullshit.

Rebel News confirms that social media reports of a trucker crashing into barricades in Ottawa are untrue

An enormous amount of eyes are on Ottawa right now, and 24/7 people are on the edge of their seats, waiting for breaking news about the trucker convoy and protests. With an event this big, and so much at stake, many are worried constantly about something going awry, from any number of angles.

Actual pictures of “hate” symbols are few and far between. I’ve seen a grand total of three – two of the swastika flag, one of which appeared to be held by someone on the balcony of an expensive Ottawa hotel that only dignitaries and other rich bastards frequent, the one above, and the one picture of that Confederate flag on the back of some random person’s truck. Oh, and there’s these two articles, one from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency and one from the Times of Israel. I don’t trust either of these publications, and it’s rather convenient that they both published photos of the person holding the flag…in which the persons’ face is not seen. Oh, and the person is wearing a hood over their head, so you can’t even see their hair, if they have any. Barely any identifiable information in the two photos whatsoever.

True North wants to find Nazi dude and expose him before the whole issue really snowballs. I say help them out if you can.

So we’re supposed to discredit this entire movement simply because two or three individuals were clueless, stupid or racist and carried flags they likely knew would discredit the entire movement.

Yet Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA can burn cities across the US almost to the damn ground, and kill people in cold blood, one of which was a retired police officer whose murder was live-streamed, and we’re supposed to think that their message and movement is still good, and that those acts of rampant violence, murder and mayhem don’t discredit their movements as a whole.

Yeah, but fuck that. Once again, it’s just more hypocrisy from the left.

The participants are not happy that the movement has been characterized as racist:

‘Complete B.S.’: Participants Slam Justin Trudeau’s Claim of ‘Racist’ Trucker Convoy

Participants in the Canadian trucker convoy protest in the capital city of Ottawa against vaccine mandates are slamming Prime Minister Justin Trudeau after he claimed Monday that they were “racist” and that participants defaced war memorials. Over the past week, hundreds of truckers drove across the country to converge on the capital to protest vaccine mandates for truckers crossing the U.S-Canada border.

Oh, and I just love how the left whined about how the statue of Terry Fox was “vandalized” when in reality, all they did was decorate the statue with things that were not harmful and easily removable: a Canadian flag, a hat and a sign that said “Mandate Freedom”. It was cute – not like what the left themselves did to a statue of Queen Victoria, of which was beheaded. Wasn’t Terry Fox some white dude? Since when do they give a fuck about statues of dead white men?

Another lie was that some of the protestors stole food from the homeless, which Ezra Levant, founder of Rebel News, debunked – apparently, a lone protestor asked for food at a soup kitchen, and the left turned that into “the racists are stealing food from the homeless!”

These lies are used to side-step the issue of vaccine mandates. They don’t want to talk about the issue, and even though they’ve had ready-made talking points on the issue already – “trust the science”, “believe science”, “believe the experts”, “the vaccine is safe”, “the vaccine works”, “the mandates save lives”, “the vaccine is necessary to keep the hospitals from overflowing”, those talking points are getting stale since it’s obvious that the whole pandemic narrative is falling apart. So they resort to the time and true tactic of branding anything that contradicts their agenda as “racist”. Hopefully, more and more people are savvy enough to see through their crap.

In the meantime, I’m going to keep updating this Freedom Convoy playlist at YouTube with footage of the protests and other related clips.  You can also laugh at Trudeau with this playlist of his cringiest moments (he’s a personal lolcow of mine).

Featured image from patriots.win