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On The Enemedia

February 14, 2022 0 By Elaine Arias

So a couple of stories have gotten me thinking. First off, I want to discuss a story that broke this past weekend, which is this:

John Durham Filing Suggests Clinton Operatives Spied on Trump in 2016 and in White House

Special Counsel John Durham filed a motion in federal court in Washington, DC, on Friday alleging that Hillary Clinton’s political allies paid a contractor to spy on Donald Trump – both as a candidate, and as president – using cell phone data.

So basically, the claims of the Clinton campaign spying on Trump were true. According to John Durham anyway, and of course I’ve always believed that this was the case. But now he’s gone public with this filing.

This news broke on Saturday, and of course, the mainstream media basically ignored it. The story never appeared on any of the Sunday news shows. It’s late Monday and it’s still being ignored by the mainstream media.

I agree that this is bigger than the infamous Watergate scandal, which was, in my opinion, a nothingburger. Call me partisan, I don’t care, but Nixon and his cronies just got caught doing what the Democrats did on a regular basis. After all these years, they’re still doing it, and they’re still getting away with it.

It’s infuriating and frightening, the amount of power the Democrats have. They – meaning the media – will conveniently ignore this story and hardly anyone will hear about it, and justice won’t be served.

And to the other story I wanted to talk about, the Freedom Convoy in Canada, which I’ve written about previously. Canada’s feckless, pretty boy Prime Minister spent like, a week of doing nothing but lying about the truckers, calling them racists, saying they were waving Nazi and confederate flags, etc. And since he basically owns 90% of the mainstream media thanks to the bribes he’s offered them – you can read about it here.

Now all of a sudden he’s invoking an Emergency Act that hasn’t been invoked before on the federal level (in its current incarnation):

Trudeau Invokes Never-Before Used Emergencies Act to End Protests

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time to squash the ongoing Freedom Convoy protests against Wuhan coronavirus restrictions, potentially giving the Canadian leader sweeping emergency powers.

They didn’t do anything like this for the 9/11 attacks or any of the other post-9/11 terrorist attacks that have taken place in, but people get fed up over their dumb vaccine mandates and all of a sudden Pretty Boy PM is ready to go to war with his own constituents.

And it’s likely that the US media will barely mention it, or if they do, make sure they emphasize that the truckers are all hateful racists or whatever.

His career should absolutely be done after this. To the leftist vaccine Nazis, taking an entire week to brutally crush the evil truckers is unacceptable. To sane and decent people, slandering the truckers and then essentially waging literal war on them makes him look like an absolute despot. However, since he “owns” the Canadian media and since the rest of the English language media are invested in keeping the pandemic going on forever, he will likely survive this, and will probably get another term as PM. Just like his boyfriend Diva Macron over in France, who cracked down on the convoy in Paris as soon as it appeared. He’ll likely survive his wretched first term and will get re-elected when he damn well shouldn’t for wanting to “shit” on the so-called anti-vaxxers and punish them “until the bitter end.” It’s amazing how these leftist leaders can be so incredibly hateful and get away with it, but that’s no thanks to the media, who will either ignore anything that might hurt them, or spin it to their advantage.

The media is absolutely, 100% the enemy of the people. Thank God for alt-media and alt-tech for getting out the truth.

Photo by Naomi Mckinney on Unsplash