Is this World War 3?

Is this World War 3?

March 15, 2022 0 By Elaine Arias

I don’t really know. All I know is that I do not want any US troops going over to Ukraine or Russia to do anything. I want the US to stay out of it.

That being said, I am not fond of either leader, certainly not Putin. I think Velensky is a puppet of the West. Pelosi, Biden and Kerry all have offspring that are on the boards of Ukrainian companies, so they, and probably a lot of other US politicians, have financial interests in Ukraine. THAT, more than anything else, is why the mainstream media is pushing for the US to do something in Ukraine. Do not be fooled. None of these people care about the Ukrainians.

As I said, the Democrats (and probably some RINOs) have a financial stake in Ukraine. Let’s not forget that Biden has actually done what Trump was impeached for – he got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired for investigating the company his wretched crackhead son Hunter was “working” for:

That’s probably just the tip of the iceberg.

As for all this performative “We Stand With Ukraine” and “Russia is Evil” stuff, well, it’s highly irritating. Of course I deeply sympathize with the innocent people of Ukraine and I can’t blame any of them for wanting to defend their nation. But I am not going to do stupid shit like boycott Russian products or be nasty to any Russian national I come across. I don’t think Russia really has free elections, so a great deal of actual Russian citizens probably don’t like Putin much and wouldn’t want him to stay in office, and they certainly don’t have much to do with whatever he’s doing.

I am not going to get into why this conflict is happening right now (seems like Russian wants parts of Ukraine back, since they had been a part of the USSR back in the day, and there’s two separatist groups that he’s supporting). It’s really none of our concern. I just hope that they can resolve it soon without any more bloodshed.

As for the media and what’s been reported about the war, I don’t believe any of it. There’s so much bullshit going on about what’s actually happened that it makes me trust the media far, far less, which I didn’t think was possible. Some outlets on the right are also buying into Ukraine’s propaganda. Yes, both Ukraine and Russia are disseminating propaganda.

Like this: Everything out of this skirmish is propaganda

The media has been pushing pictures of Zelenskyy in full combat gear, with the implication that he’s actively engaging in combat, but with a little research, it’s obvious that the photos were taken at a military inspection that took place last year.

American Thinker has a good article on this: Here’s the truth on Ukraine, as far as I can tell.

Oh, and make no mistake – Russia’s acts to prevent the gaystapo from grooming children in classrooms is definitely one reason for the MSM and the entertainment media complex to suddenly demand war against Russia:

British Spy Boss: ‘LGBT+ Rights’ Are What ‘Distinguish Us from Putin’

“LGBT+ rights” are the most important “values and hard won freedoms” distinguishing “us” from Russian President Vladimir Putin, Richard Moore, chief of MI6, the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, wrote on Friday. Moore did not specify if his use of “us” was a reference to the United Kingdom, the Anglosphere, or the broader West.

And the hoaxes just keep on coming:

Another Round of Ukraine Hoaxes Discovered? – The Last Refuge

The propaganda out of the Ukraine/Hollywood association is continuing unabated. In a Twitter video today, pushed by Buzzfeed Journalist Christopher Miller {SEE HERE}, the claim is, “President Zelensky walked to a hospital today to visit wounded Ukrainian soldiers and award them with state honors for their sacrifices.”

Here is an older article from the National File about corruption in Ukraine – spoiler alert: the Democrats are heavily involved.

UKRAINE CORRUPTION: Obama, Biden, Soros, Schiff, Bolton, Pelosi, Kerry, Romney, Clinton

The Swamp WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump seems poised to win his Senate impeachment trial Friday, with Republicans rallying around the Commander in Chief in his bid to prevent Democrat House managers from calling witnesses in the case.

I don’t trust anything coming out of the mainstream media regarding this war. Even more mainstream conservative outlets like Breitbart and Daily Wire are kind of peddling this “Zelensky is a hero and a real leader” crap. I mean, he’s giving a good performance, and he has experience, since before becoming President of Ukraine, he was an actor that starred in a TV show in which his character was an ordinary person who became president of his country. You can read about that here.

As I said before, I have nothing but sympathy and concern for the innocent civilians in both Ukraine and Russia. I hope this conflict ends soon, but knowing what I know, that probably won’t happen.

Photo by Dea Piratedea on Unsplash