…and the salt will flow!

…and the salt will flow!

June 24, 2022 0 By Elaine Arias

Before I write anything else, I just want the world to know that I hate WordPress and it is something you should never pay for. It’s absolute garbage.

Now to the good news.

Supreme Court overrules Roe V Wade

So it finally happened! Will update this post with more commentary as I’m at work.

I am on my lunch break, and of course, ever since the draft decision was leaked a couple of months ago, we’ve known that this was at least possible. I thought that, given the leak and all, that a couple of the wobbly justices would change their vote and that Roe v Wade would be upheld. I am happy to have been wrong about that.

So the pro-abortion people are going to lose their ever-loving minds today, and this weekend. I am rather unfortunate enough to live in Portland, OR now, and I am thinking about either going downtown today or tomorrow just to see how stupid the crazies here will act. Might not be the best of ideas, especially since I seem to have hurt my ankle, but I am seriously curious.

Donkey Chompers is predictably throwing a temper tantrum:

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Nancy Pelosi, the drunken hag with dentures that don’t fit properly, is also butthurt:

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So far, the salt is delicious.

Anyway, so what happens next? Obviously, as we pro-lifers have been saying for years, that the legality of abortion would be left up to the states to decide. Gov Kristi Noem of South Dakota has already declared that she’d issue an executive order making it illegal in that state. Other states will likely follow suit in some form or another.

Abortion will not completely go away in the US. It will likely remain legal in Oregon, California, New York, Illinois, and other blue states. And, some states might even leave it up to the counties to decide. It might remain legal in some major cities in certain states, and be outlawed elsewhere in that state.

Unlike the pro-abortion crowd, I see no real cause for worry, but then again, I am biased. But a lot of states already heavily restrict the procedure anyway. It is a hideous practice that should be fully outlawed.

So both Donkey Chompers and mad Maxine Waters are doing what Trump was (falsely) impeached for:

AOC Refuses to Condemn Violence Over Roe’s Overturning Amid Leftists Signaling They’re Rioting – RedState

WATCH: Maxine Waters stoking violence in SAME mob where libs are handing out SCOTUS home addresses – The Right Scoop

World leaders are starting to whine about it, even though it has nothing to do with them. They also display complete and utter ignorance of what the overturning of Roe v Wade actually means and how our form of government works (nobody has lost any rights):

Emmanuel Macron, whose country has abortion laws more restrictive than Mississippi, lectures America on abortion  – twitchy.com

The initial reaction to the ruling was wholly predictable:

Video Captures the Tearful Moment Pro-Abortion Protesters Learned Roe v. Wade Was Struck Down (thefederalistpapers.org)

The violence has just begun. I hope I am wrong, but the left is going to go absolutely insane and will keep acting stupid right up to the midterm elections in November.

I find the abortion debate tedious and stressful. The pro-life movement has made some really good gains over the decades, but there’s still so much work to do. There’s a huge amount of people that still approve of it for whatever reason.

Like the bodily autonomy argument – which I can at least understand, and it’s the only argument that I really have any respect for. Of course, it’s natural that someone would want to “control” their own bodies. That’s how I felt about the COVID-19 vaccine. Nobody should have been forced into or compelled to get that vaccine on pain of losing their job or whatever. Simply being unvaccinated isn’t necessarily going to get someone killed. Getting infected with the virus is not a death sentence – it actually has a very high survival rate.

Abortion, on the other hand, is the deliberate killing of a human being. That’s what the zygote/fetus/clump of cells actually is. It’s a human being, and with the scientific knowledge we’ve gained since the passing of Roe v Wade has only further proved that it’s a human being, a defenseless human being that did not ask to be conceived. I had an interesting discussion with a customer at work today about this very thing, and she even pointed that out.

The reason I’m against abortion is this: it results in the death of an innocent human being. That’s it. I don’t care about controlling anybody’s body. I don’t want to control anybody’s body. Once that baby’s conceived, it has the right to live – I don’t care if it can’t pay taxes (millions of Americans don’t pay various taxes, income tax being among them, so do they lose the right to live too?) or walk to the bus or get a job or whatever. Infants can’t do any of that either, but we don’t kill them.

The only reason why the vast majority of pro-abortionists want abortion so badly is because they want to have consequence free sex. Yes, even those that say, “well, I can’t afford a baby right now.” They cite that reason as their primary reason for needing access to abortion, but if you weren’t having sex, you wouldn’t need to worry about having access to abortion.

That’s the reason societies of the past were so hard on promiscuous people – because that behavior led to the creation of innocent children that would either be slaughtered before having the chance to live their lives, or raised by someone that doesn’t care about them. Of course, with the advancement of medicine and science, we have “safe” abortion procedures and contraception. Now you can sleep around and never have to worry about some screaming baby.

I hope that people are more careful and mindful about having sex, and, of course, use contraception whenever they do. I know that this world will never be Christian and that billions of people are going to have sex outside marriage and yes, that even marriage doesn’t guarantee that people will be good parents. But I just hope that this recent overturning will result in people being more thoughtful and careful about what they’re doing when it comes to sex.

I may have more to say, so this weekend I will actually be more active on this blog. The fight is not over, but we’ve made great progress.

Photo by Julie Ricard on Unsplash