Abortion and Religious Freedom

Abortion and Religious Freedom

July 3, 2022 0 By Elaine Arias

Recently I was exposed to this truly stupid opinion piece published in the Sacramento Bee and I had to do another post on the recent Roe v Wade decision.

This is literally the headline of the opinion piece (click on it to read the whole thing, if you want to):

Jews overwhelmingly support abortion rights. Overturning Roe violates my religious freedom

Now all of a sudden the left cares about religious freedom. This crazy woman, describes the liberal denomination of Judaism she belongs to:

“The liberal denomination I belong to, Reform Judaism, puts personal ethics above all else. To be a Reform Jew, you don’t have to keep kosher, observe the Sabbath or even believe in God. You just have to try your best to be good to others; be selfless and kind; and do mitzvahs, good deeds not done for personal gain or salvation.”

Kind of reminds me of the very liberal denominations of Christianity, all of which barely qualify as Christianity. In other words, it’s all the hard rules taken out so you don’t have to make any sacrifices or even try hard to practice the religion. If you don’t even believe in God, can you really call yourself a Jew? Or even Christian? I mean, that’s the absolute basis of either religion.

So it’s no surprise when she then says the following:

“Modern Jewish belief in abortion rights is also, however, backed by ancient teachings. According to Jewish law, life doesn’t begin at conception.

The Talmud, the text most central to Jewish law, states that a fetus is “mere water” and not granted personhood until birth. The Mishnah, the primary book of Jewish legal theory dating to the first century, says a fetus may be sacrificed even during labor if the mother’s life is in danger — a third-trimester abortion right that even 21st-century California law does not guarantee.”

I’m not Jewish, so I’m not going to argue as to whether or not this is actually true. Whether it’s true or not is immaterial. Let’s run with the premise that it is true.

It still does not make abortion right, and it’s not a violation of her religious freedom.

Basically, our form of government allows one to practice religion freely as long as it does not hurt anyone else. This is why crazy cults can’t perform human sacrifices, as a human sacrifice literally involves the outright murder of an innocent human being.

It’s why Sharia law is not practiced here, because our laws are not based on Sharia law, therefore stoning a woman to death for “adultery” is still considered the killing of an innocent human being, i.e., murder.

This idiot woman’s argument is that the Talmud does not consider the fetus to be an actual human being, so therefore it’s okay to kill it. You know, kind of like how white people before the Civil War used various Biblical verses that “proved” that black people weren’t human and therefore could be enslaved to work on their plantations. Same energy. Same logic.

Most people would roll their eyes at someone using the Bible to justify things like laws and such. But then this insane woman goes on to say:

“…Because the Supreme Court has been compromised by religious extremism.

Earlier this week, the court ruled in favor of increased public funding for religious schools, including those that promote homophobic and transphobic beliefs.”

Oh really? But those are their sincerely held beliefs and those are backed up by the Bible. Since you don’t believe the fetus is an actual human being (of course, we all know that’s clearly not the case, as it is a human being regardless of whatever holy text you pull out of your ass has to say about it), how is this any different? You’re violating the beliefs of those homophobic Christians by forcing them to condone and celebrate sin, putting their own souls in mortal danger.

I’m sorry if that sounds like a rotten argument, but this whole nonsense about abortion bans being a violation of her religious beliefs is bullshit, and comes across as total hypocrisy.

Then again, this might be satirical but leftists are raging hypocrites, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this bitch were totally sincere.

“That means my money will support religious beliefs that contradict everything I believe with every fiber of my being.”

Okay, so why the fuck should any of us Christians have to support, with our tax dollars, beliefs that contradict everything we believe with every fiber of our being? Such as, the notion that there is no objective morality, or that a man can magically transform into a woman, which is scientifically impossible? We’re supposed to kowtow to her beliefs so that her freak friends’ feelings aren’t hurt, but to hell with everyone else, right? A Christian couple has to send their kids to a school that teaches them that their religion is inherently evil and that all practitioners of said religion is evil and that the world would have literally been peaceful and perfect had said religion never existed? Have you seen the kind of hateful shit being taught in our public schools? My taxes are going to pay for the kind of shit that will likely get me killed in twenty years because by then, if we remain on this current trajectory, they’ll be teaching kids that all Christians are evil and must be flat out killed.

Don’t act like you haven’t fantasized about it. Don’t act like you monsters haven’t fantasized about burning churches down and building abortion clinics on the ashes. Don’t act like you haven’t fantasized about feeding Christians to starving lions and broadcasting that on live television, all so some freaks can feel better about themselves.

“My own money will actively injure my queer and trans loved ones, and there’s not a damn thing I can do about it.”

Bitch, please. My own money is already going towards hurting my loved ones – and me too, because the illiterate idiots being pumped out by our public schools are going to be running the country someday, and the collapse of this country will happen as soon as they do, because they’re too stupid and uneducated to do simple things, like count change. All of our engineers, doctors, etc will have to be imported from other countries because our public schools aren’t educating children at all.

She’s likely whining about the parental rights bill recently passed in Florida, where creepy non-binary freak shows won’t be able to sexually groom children into mutilating their own genitals in a futile attempt to transition into something they’ll never, ever be.

No, nobody is interested in brainwashing kids just to spare the feelings of your “queer” and “trans” friends. That’s pretty much what this amounts to. If God doesn’t exist, why the hell do you care if some Bible-thumper calls you a faggot? So? Who cares? Are you that thin-skinned you can’t handle some random asshole calling you a name?

Furthermore, the most important point I want to make is in direct refutation of this: the notion that only Christians are opposed to abortion, and that the opposition to abortion is solely rooted in Biblical beliefs.

I don’t need to quote a single Bible verse to make the assertion that abortion is an act that kills an innocent human being. The terms zygote, embryo and fetus all refer to the various stages of human development – the earliest stages of development, all while the human being is still in the womb. It is still a human being. A fetus does eventually feel pain but to me, that’s not justification for killing someone. You don’t kill a full grown human being simply because they might not feel it. Same goes for the fetus/clump of cells/evil parasite/whatever the left is calling it this week. Whether it feels anything is immaterial – it is still wrong to end their life. However, pro-lifers do bring up that at some point, the fetus can feel pain just to hammer home how horrible abortion really is.

Plenty of people are against abortions because the fetus in question is a human being, and that it’s wrong to do so, and that even the bodily autonomy argument isn’t sufficient to justify ending the life of an innocent and extremely vulnerable human being. SecularProLife.org is a great resource for exploring the non-religious arguments against abortion, and proof that the stance against abortion hardly has anything to do with muh religion. Their arguments on bodily autonomy are especially interesting, such as this:

“Some pro-choice people argue that it doesn’t matter whether the fetus is morally valuable “person,” because no person can use another’s body against her will.”

So some feminazis literally argue that the fetus is an invasive parasite that occupies her body without permission. I don’t have any examples on hand, but I’ve seen this argument before.

Thing is, if you’re going to argue that the fetus isn’t a person that can think for itself, then it’s quite obvious that it did not, in fact, “invade” and “occupy” your body. It’s not capable of doing anything, right?

No, you put it there when you chose to have sex. Don’t give me this “muh rape” argument. The amount of abortions performed due to rape are so few that they’re statistically insignificant. The vast majority of abortions are performed simply because the mother does not want the baby.

Sexual intercourse has one primary purpose: procreation. It is how we, as a species, propagate. Pregnancy is the natural and expected result of having sexual intercourse. Contraception can go a long way to preventing unwanted or unexpected pregnancies, but they don’t block all pregnancies – their efficacy rate is not 100%. So even if you use condoms and birth control pills, both at the same time, a pregnancy may still occur.

No thanks to the sexual revolution, people have seemingly forgotten that a pregnancy is a risk you take each and every single time you have sex. Either people have forgotten, or, more likely, have chosen to ignore this risk, knowing that they can just fall back on abortion should a pregnancy occur.

Now you’ve got feminists rethinking their promiscuity and even declaring a sex strike, thinking that right-wingers are going to be all busted up about it. Uh, no…we’re delighted that you’re finally going to exercise that control over your body you keep banging on about.

So, in conclusion, bringing up “religious freedom” is not going to make me rethink my stance against abortion because it just doesn’t wash with me. Your religious freedom ends when it hurts another person – like, seriously and physically hurts another person. Aborting a baby – removing the human being from the safety of the womb – literally kills it. Some teacher in a religious school teaching kids that you can’t change your gender or that a man can’t marry a man is not hurting anything but someone’s feelings and that’s not illegal (yet). That’s not even close to being the same thing.

Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash