Cry of the Femcel

Cry of the Femcel

July 16, 2022 0 By Elaine Arias

Roe v Wade’s overturning has pretty much broken feminists everywhere. They’re shrieking and screaming more than ever, and are sounding crazier than ever.

The latent leftist hypocrisy has also reared its ugly head.

Feminists and other people just love to mock incels. What is an incel? Well, it’s an abbreviation of “involuntary celibate” and generally refers to men that nobody wants to have sex with. You can read more about it at the very biased Wikipedia:

Incel – Wikipedia

An incel ( IN-sel , an abbreviation of ” involuntary celibate”) is a member of an online subculture of people who define themselves as unable to get a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one.

The Infogalactic entry on incels probably has less leftist bias, if you would rather look it up there. But you’re probably wondering why I’m bringing up incels.

Well, this article published by Bazaar magazine’s website just smacks of sexual entitlement, which is the same thing many people accuse incels of having.

We Must Defend A Woman’s Right To Sex” is the headline, published at Harper Bazaar UK’s website (archive link), written by Marie-Claire Chappet and featuring an image of Madonna from the 1985 film Desperately Seeking Susan (long before Madonna destroyed her face and body with horrible plastic surgery).

The author opens up with the notion that “they” – whoever “they” are – perhaps her fellow feminists – have told women to “have sex like a man.”

“But what exactly does ‘have sex like a man’ really mean? On the surface it is the ‘Samantha-isation’ of sex; indulging in casual trysts and one-night stands, putting pleasure above commitment. But what underscores this is far more significant. Because to have sex like a man ultimately means to have sex with impunity; without consequence, fear, judgment or shame. The overturn of Roe v Wade in America has sent shockwaves throughout the world for myriad reasons, but one of them is the overhaul of this view. Women, it says: have sex like a woman.”

Why is “having sex like a woman” a bad thing? Why is “putting pleasure above commitment” considered a good thing? What makes you think men can have sex without any consequences or fear, or judgment, or shame? Furthermore, what does any of that have to do with pregnancy, besides consequences? Is a pregnancy now fearful, and shameful? In 2022? Seriously?

“Having sex like a woman is a complicated business, and it always has been. The physical consequences of sex have always fallen upon us, meaning the scales of sexual equity have never really been balanced. Our every sexual encounter is clouded by the fear of pregnancy.”

Okay, this is the only point I can agree with, but only up to a point. Yes, women bear the consequences of pregnancy because we carry the child. That’s why, in history, women have borne the brunt of sexual responsibility because the consequences of her activity are not only hers to physically bear, but are visible to everyone else. There will never be “sexual equity” because men and women are different and it’s nobody’s fault – that’s just how it is.

Of course, you can still have sex, you just have to be careful about it. Use contraception – are you forgetting that it exists? There’s many different forms of contraception at varying prices, and you have to choose which is best for you (along with advice from a doctor or gynecologist).

“Access to safe and legal abortions and proper reproductive care were as close as we have ever come to reaching some form of equilibrium.”

Because contraception doesn’t have a 100% efficacy rate (in other words, it doesn’t always prevent pregnancy, even if used properly), they must have their precious abortion as a fallback.

The problem with that is, once a pregnancy has occurred, it’s too late – there’s a third person involved, an actual human being that’s totally innocent. That human being is usually referred to as a clump of cells, a blob of cells, parasite, etc. When an abortion is formed, an innocent human being loses their life. Every society that has ever existed has largely considered the taking of an innocent human life to be wrong, especially Western society.

“Having sex like a woman means pretending you don’t really want it at all.”

This is stupid and isn’t even true. How the hell is keeping abortion legal going to “make” women “want” sex? I’m pro-life and I still get horny. What the fuck is even this shit? Who the hell expects you to not want it? I very much doubt many men expect you to not want it – no, not all men are rapists and most men aren’t going to want to sleep with a woman that doesn’t want it.

The article then goes into an interminable whine-fest about how women are viewed as either sluts or virgins, and how unfair it is that someone on this earth might have an opinion on them fucking an entire bar full of men, etc. Just the usual bitching about sex and women, as if aborting your baby is going to magically make people respect you and not call you a slut for blowing every dude in the room.

“These traditional and harmful views about a woman’s ‘virtue’ and how she should and should not have sex are fundamental to the anti-abortion rhetoric. Whether consciously declared or not, it is inescapable to me that the negation of a woman’s sexual agency is one of the pillars which props up the ‘pro-life’ argument. The overturn of Roe v Wade reinforces the idea that a woman’s sexuality is not, in fact, for her at all. Fertility is the aim, not pleasure. Anything not in the service of creating life is frivolous, shameful, wasteful. Our entire right to sexual pleasure was wiped out by that judgement. For how can we have ‘sex like a man’ now – when the threat of forced birth and trauma, the destruction of our bodies and our mental health, the evisceration of our dreams, hangs over every sexual encounter? If you ask the internet this, the army of trolls will simply reply, as I have seen proof of: then don’t have so much sex, you slut.”

Only some in the pro-life movement are making the assertion that sex is only for procreation. Most people, even pro-choice people, those who believe in leaving abortion legal but having strict regulations on when the procedure can be performed, have no problem with recreational sex. They just don’t think that you should be able to kill your child in the womb if your contraception fails or if you deliberately choose not to use contraception (and a lot of these feminist skanks don’t use contraception of any sort for whatever reason, which ranges from “it’s too expensive” to “condoms make sex feel not as good”).

We’re just dealign with simple statistics here – the more often you have sex, the higher your chance of an unwanted pregnancy, regardless of how much contraception you use. That’s the original purpose of sexual intercourse – procreation. We’re not telling you that sex is only for procreation when we point that out. I point that out because pregnancy is the natural and expected outcome of sexual intercourse. I only ever want people to be prepared for that and to not slaughter an innocent human being because they couldn’t prepare themselves or couldn’t control themselves.

To me, “don’t have sex so much” is just common sense. Just like, don’t eat a dozen donuts in one sitting if you don’t want to get fat (or be horribly sick). Don’t smoke three packs a day if you don’t want lung cancer. Don’t spend all your money in one place in case you might end up with an expense that needs to be paid for, like your electric bill or a doctor’s bill.

Have some damn self control and common sense. That’s all. Don’t slaughter a human being just because you made a bad decision.

And here it is, the cry of the femcel (emphasis mine)

“For while we fight for bodily autonomy, let us not forget that this includes the right to a healthy, consensual sex life. We must defend a woman’s right to sex.”

That’s what these feminists and incels have in common – they both believe that they’re entitled to sex, and that they have a right to sex and that anyone that denies them this right is evil and must be destroyed.

NO, you don’t have the “right” to sex, unless you’re talking about masturbation. You don’t have the right to someone else’s body you heinous bitch.

Here is a quote from the Wikipedia entry on Incels (emphasis mine):

“Discussions often revolve around the belief that men are entitled to sex; other common topics include idleness, loneliness, unhappiness, suicide, sexual surrogates, and prostitutes, as well as attributes they believe increase one’s desirability as a partner such as income or personality.”

So a man that feels he’s entitled to sex is a monster and a likely rapist, but a woman who feels she’s entitled to sex is just a bad-ass feminist like Samantha from Sex and the City who is just fighting for her rights.

Yet another example of leftist hypocrisy.

Photo by Klaus Nielsen