November 10, 2022 0 By Elaine Arias

So the right-wing media is essentially writing off Trump after the Red Wave failed to materialize.

I will expand this post later tonight, but I want to make something crystal clear to anyone and everyone reading this. I will vote for no one but Donald Trump for President in 2024. Not even Ron DeSantis and I like him a lot. Even if I have to write Trump in.

Not sure how big my audience is, but I am sorry I took so long to update. The outcome of the mid-term elections was rather upsetting, and I have a new kitty to care for, so I’ve been busy with that.

To my utter dismay, a lot of people on the right are writing off Trump. I am not just talking about ordinary people, although that doesn’t upset me as much. What I have found really upsetting is that a lot of people in the right-wing media and blogosphere writing off Trump and blaming him for the lackluster mid-term election results.

First of all, the results actually aren’t that bad. Sure, if we do win the House back, it will be with very slim margins and we likely won’t capture the Senate. But we’ve also gotten a lot of governorships save for one of the prominent, high-profile gubernatorial races, which is the one in Arizona, between Kari Lake (who is awesome and I love her) and Katie Hobbs (who absolutely does not deserve to be governor). And yes, even though it’s plainly obvious that John Fetterman is recovering from a recent stroke and has cognitive issues, he somehow won the Senate election in Pennsylvania, defeating Dr. Mehmet Oz, who I think shouldn’t have been endorsed by Trump. The only reason why Trump endorsed him was probably because they’re friends. If so, that’s a piss-poor reason to endorse someone for public office. Looking at Dr. Oz’s past and the platform he ran on, he’s just not MAGA.

The same thing happened to Sarah Palin in the wake of the 2010 mid-terms. She was a “king-maker” and I can’t even remember the outcome of the mid-terms, but after that, and her resignation as governor of Alaska, people on the right were just way too enthusiastic to just ditch her. She was running for office this year but I don’t think she won, sadly.

Anyway, JD Vance, the lawyer-turned-author-turned-politician (who won his election, I believe) says “Don’t Blame Trump” in what I think is probably the best take on the situation. In short, according to Vance, it’s all about the money – in the races the Democrats outraised the Republicans, the Dems won. It’s easy to blame an individual – as mentioned, fence-sitters and moderates on the right are blaming Trump. MAGA Trump fans like me are blaming Sen. Mitch McConnell. I believe McConnell does bear responsibility because he obviously had far more control over the funding of various campaigns than Trump did, and he did deny crucial funding to certain MAGA candidates.

But the Democrats have something we don’t have: ActBlue.

ActBlue is the Democrats’ national fundraising platform, where 21 million individual donors shovel small donations into every marquee national race. ActBlue is why my opponent ran nonstop ads about how much he “agreed with Trump” during the summer. It is why John Fetterman was able to raise $75 million for his election.

I am, of course, familiar with ActBlue. I think I’ve even mentioned it on this blog. I know that the “official” Black Lives Matter website was using ActBlue to collect donations, so if you donated to BLM through their website, you were basically donating to the Democrat party.

In fact, a lot of leftist organizations collect donations through dedicated donation pages on Just go to Google or whatever search engine you use and type in “actblue black lives matter” and you’ll see what I mean. Of course, sprinkled in with those results are supposed “fact-checkers” claiming that we’re all lying about Democrats collecting money through ActBlue.

According to the Washington Examiner, as of February of 2022, Act Blue allows various leftist groups to create their own donation pages on the site, which is why you see so many “black lives matter” related donation pages, even though the official group (supposedly) stopped taking donations earlier this year.

The so-called “fact-checkers” claim that Act Blue is merely a platform for processing donations (like, say, GoFundMe or GiveSendGo) but they offer no proof that the Democrat party doesn’t actually get that money. And make no mistake, it’s plain and obvious that Act Blue benefits the Democrats greatly.

The media on both sides will play up Ron DeSantis as the new head of the Republican party, and will play up the supposed feud between DeSantis and Trump, and to indulge in this stupid “feud” is a huge mistake. We need to be united. No, I don’t care for Trump calling DeSantis or Youngkin names, but whatever. His “attacks” on the both of them are very, very mild, so I advise everyone to just get over it already. Hopefully he won’t attack them anymore, because he is going to need their support in 2024.

Speaking of which, I disagree with John Nolte and I don’t think DeSantis should run in 2024. He just got re-elected and I think he has more great work to do in Florida, plus he needs to ensure that the reforms that made his re-election possible remain intact. Yeah, looking at things right now shows that he’s in a good position to consider a Presidential run, but who knows what will happen between now and 2024.

A Trump-DeSantis ticket would be awesome, but we need more governors on our side in office, making sure that the kind of shit that’s happening in Arizona doesn’t occur anywhere else.

Besides, the people shitting on Trump now and blaming him for everything are Never Trumpers who just waited for what they felt was a convenient time to abandon him.

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