The Endgame

The Endgame

November 29, 2022 0 By Elaine Arias

So I’ve seen some seriously creepy stuff on Instagram lately, about the quarantine camps being built in China, and people being hauled off to them if they get a red QR code while in public:

@davidjharrisjr on Instagram: “Could this be why the people there are rising up???”

@davidjharrisjr shared a post on Instagram: “Could this be why the people there are rising up???”. Follow their account to see 3239 posts.

Drones spraying unknown chemicals into the sky:

CCP Drones Spray Unidentified Chemicals Onto Cities

Originally from the_typical_liberal Instagram account, embed doesn’t work and was unable to download using the usual means, so I recorded the clip on my phone. Source:


People in China have started to protest, fortunately:

Rare protests are spreading across China. Here’s what you need to know

From Shanghai to Beijing, protests have erupted across China in a rare show of dissent against the ruling Communist Party sparked by anger over the country’s increasingly costly zero-COVID policy. As numbers swelled at demonstrations in multiple major cities over the weekend, so too have the range of grievances voiced – with some calling for greater democracy and freedom.

The zero-COVID policy in China is definitely not popular. Here’s an article about the quarantine camps being built in China, and they look like the buildings at a concentration camp.

China: Guangzhou to build 250,000 quarantine sites as Covid cases hit record high

Amid China’s recent uptick in the number of COVID-19 cases witnessed across the country, the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou is setting up makeshift hospitals and quarantine sites which will accommodate at least 250,000 people, said officials. This comes after the city has become a new hotspot for the infection as it reported over 7,000 cases on Friday.

Meanwhile, the authorities are still welding the doors of these residential buildings shut so that the people living there cannot leave.

CCP Still Welding People Into Their Homes

CCP still welding residential building doors shut, and of course, one building caught fire and its residents burned alive because the firefighters couldn’t get to them in time. People are understandably upset and outraged and have taken to the streets. Source:


This did not go well because one of these buildings caught on fire and the firefighters could not get in to put the fire out or rescue anyone, so yeah, some innocent people burned alive due to this hideous zero-COVID policy.

The protests happening fill me with a little bit of hope.

China: Years of Lockdown Abuses Trigger Anti-Communist Protests Nationwide

Protesters thronged the streets of cities across China over the weekend – defying a brutal crackdown from the Communist regime – to demand an end to coronavirus lockdowns and the resignation of dictator Xi Jinping.

I wish we Americans could protest like this. Those of us on the right have been gaslit into avoiding protests, no thanks to the January 6th incident and of course, rampant online censorship. What will it take for Americans to finally rise up against the tyrants currently ruling over us?

The vaccine passport in China is basically implemented and the authorities use it to punish people. The status of your passport can be green, which allows you free access, yellow, which means you can re-enter your residence but will not be allowed to leave again, and red, which gets you sent to the quarantine camps.

Here’s a video of the people with yellow codes on their passports, opting to live in tents on the streets rather than be locked into their homes:

@davidjharrisjr on Instagram: “It’s all about control… #pray #we #never #get #to #this #point #in #america #friends”

@davidjharrisjr shared a post on Instagram: “It’s all about control… #pray #we #never #get #to #this #point #in #america #friends”. Follow their account to see 3239 posts.

This is what the World Economic Forum and the Democrats want to implement here in the US. They tried doing it in Europe, and so far the whole vaccine passport thing was temporary. I think. But not in China. Looks like the whole “vaccine passport” thing is a permanent thing in China, and the people are rising up against it.

Photo by Sarah Le Guen on Unsplash