I am currently working on five books, one of which is the sequel to Nemesis/Wormwood and a prequel to Nemesis/Wormwood.  So far, I have written and published one short story for an anthology called MAGA 2020 & Beyond, published by Superversive Press.

The Man in the Bubble

Short story for MAGA 2020 & Beyond.  A famous actor writes a letter to his cousin, detailing a Hollywood in which it’s okay to be (openly) Republican.  Will he learn to get along with Republican actors, or will he be left in the cold?  You can buy a copy here.

Nemesis (tentative title)

Fifteen year old Tara Scott’s mother, a prominent UFO researcher, has been missing for two years.  When the two-year anniversary approaches, she decides to retrace her mother’s steps, hoping to find her, or at least what happened to her.  Unfortunately, she gets far more than what she bargains for, and the discovery she makes will change the world.

Wormwood  (tentative title)

A companion novel to Nemesis, this tells the story of Tara’s pen-pal/former camp mate Haley Peterson, who has grown up with her paranoid and abusive mother.  She thinks her mother’s tales of alien abduction are crap, until she starts to notice strange markings on her skin, lights in the sky and creepy, frightening behavior in her neighborhood.  It soon becomes apparent that Haley is being abducted too, and that her mother was at least right about that.  In fact, her mother may be knee-deep in a conspiracy that will change the world once it is brought into the light.

Blood Roses

Malin lives in a world where women are considered mere property.  She lost her family and friends to the religious authorities, the Caliphate, and was sold to the wealthiest man in town.  After a particularly horrific night, she makes her escape into the forest, beyond the walls of the oppressive city.  There, she learns the truth about the Caliphate and the world they destroyed, and vows to exact her revenge on the religious authorities.