It’s Just A Word

I am absolutely sick of and utterly fed up with society’s fear of and obsession with the word NIGGER. See, I wrote it out! I typed it out, and I didn’t shrivel up and die. If you’re reading this sentence, then you didn’t shrivel up and die. That word is now out there into the […]

The Straight Pride Parade

So, a group with a hilarious name has decided to troll the alphabet people by holding a straight pride parade in Boston. Predictably, leftists are in a rage about it, particularly Captain Dipshit: Boston ‘Straight Pride Parade’ Prompts Very Different Responses From Tomi Lahren, ‘Captain America’ A proposal for a “Straight Pride Parade” in Boston […]

A Pair of Douchebags Got Banned from Twitter

Wow, shocking! For once, a leftist actually got banned from Twitter! Ed and Brian Krassenstein are two seriously obnoxious leftist assholes that have basically stalked President Trump on Twitter, obsessively tweeting stupid responses to every single one of his tweets. They’ve been permanently banned from Twitter for creating bot accounts and “purchasing fake interactions with […]

WordPress Joins the Censorship Game

It is becoming increasingly taboo to offer any sort of criticism of Islam. Of course, hateful anti-Christian sites are evidently totally okay, but not sites critical of Islam. I was browsing Milo’s Telegram channel when I saw the following article: The next stage in tech overlords’ censorship: De-platforming un-PC blogs It’s no longer just Facebook, […]

A Horrible Tragedy

The destruction of any historical landmark or relic is deeply disturbing to me, no matter where it comes from or what it represents. So the destruction of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris is horrifying and devastating to me, given that I’m a Catholic (the worst Catholic in the world, but whatever). I have a […]

All Hail Captain Douchebag

So now that I’m done with Brie Larson, I can opine on that other Marvel idiot. That would be Douchebag Extraordinaire, Chris Evans and his spiffy new Grammarly iOS Keyboard (and I bet you a trillion dollars he has one, the pretentious fuck. If he had paid attention in school he wouldn’t fucking need it). […]

Perfect Example of Fake News

Turns out I actually have way more to say about the collapse of the Russia collusion hoax. I read the quote below and just had to make another post: In an interview with the New York Times, Zucker said he was “entirely comfortable” with CNN’s Trump-Russia coverage and suggested it was entirely appropriate to give […]

Ha, Ha

This past weekend was the best weekend of my life, and my birthday was the weekend before that. Late Friday evening, Special Counsel Robert Mueller finished his investigation into “Russian collusion” and submitted his report to the Department of Justice. And, as it turns out, the President and the people around him did not collude […]