Jordan Peterson’s Book Banned?

So, a couple of days ago a report about a New Zealand book store chain removing Jordan Peterson’s 12 Rules for Life from sale made the rounds on the Internet. r/KotakuInAction – Whitcoulls(NZ Book Store) refuses to stock 12 Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson to stop hate after New Zealand Mosque incident. r/KotakuInAction: KotakuInAction […]

2008 vs 2019

Okay, so basically President Trump was not happy about the late John McCain’s role in passing around that phony dossier, and he expressed his unhappiness over three tweets this past weekend: Donald J. Trump on Twitter Spreading the fake and totally discredited Dossier “is unfortunately a very dark stain against John McCain.” Ken Starr, Former Independent […]

You’re not helping

That is what I’d say to the New Zealand shooter. You’re not helping. You think you are, but you’re not.  This bullshit is just going to make everything much worse. I have a LOT to say, so if you’re interested, grab a drink, settle down and hold on. This one’s gonna be long. Thoughts and Prayers […]

About Twitter’s Censorship

I wasn’t going to write anything about that Joe Rogan podcast episode in which Twitter’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, and his Trust and Safety henchwoman, Vijaya Gadde, were grilled by Tim Pool, an independent journalist, until I had listened to the whole three hour podcast (and it’s actually three and a half hours long). In fact, […]

Corporate Tyranny

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash Twice may be coincidence, but three times is a conspiracy.  That’s a paraphrase of some old saying and I probably got it wrong, but this is looking very, very suspicious. Chase Bank has basically suspended the accounts of three prominent conservatives:  Enrique Tarrio, a leader of the Proud Boys group, Joe Biggs, US veteran and former […]

Fake News On Our Side

Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash Yeah, it’s a thing. Not as big a thing on the left, but it is a thing, unfortunately. I am sorry if it comes across as incendiary, but we can’t afford to peddle anything that comes close to being fake news. So, the Gateway Pundit has this rather alarmist article about that stupid […]

Frontier Sucks

The Covington kids story has made me much more cautious about everything I read.  I wasn’t one of those people that immediately believed the mainstream media’s narrative.  When I learned of the story, the footage exonerating the boys had already been posted and had gone viral.  That being said, I still want to be cautious. […]

Journalism is Dead

That title is total hyperbole, I know. And some might argue that it isn’t even true, given the Internet and alternate media. But the Covington Student incident points to the fact that at least in the mainstream media, journalism is absolutely dead. I would have posted this follow-up yesterday, but I wasn’t feeling well. I […]

The MAGA Kids are Innocent

So the media is smarting from the BuzzFeed debacle, and they figured they’d need another story to warm their stony little hearts.  They’ve resorted to one of their favorite narratives – Trump supporters are RACIST! Only, as it turns out, their narrative is utter bullshit.  Again. It all starts at the March for Life, of […]