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Gab resurrected?

Gab resurrected?

UPDATE:  They’ve got a new host, but now their domain provider, GoDaddy, has decided to tell them to go fuck themselves. (And this is very stressful for me because this very host and domain are from GoDaddy…dammit). One step forward, two steps back.  Gab is now down while they move to their new host.  From what I hear, the downtime won’t be for long.  As for the domain, they might not get it back, but I think there’s no issue with the domain.

This is so irritating, and people like Vox Day are not helping with their bullshit gloating and whatnot.  It was indeed the Pittsburgh shooter and not the Florida bomber that had an account at Gab.  The shooter was anti-Trump and also anti-Semitic.  Gab has cooperated with the authorities, handing over his account, and they also terminated said account.

I doubt Twitter or Facebook started out with moderators combing user accounts for bad stuff.  Instead, almost any social site of any sort, from social networks to message boards rely on a reporting system.  User sees something that they think is bad, and they report it to the mods.  Mods look at it and decide if it violates the Terms of Service or not.  Gab staff can’t know if something’s bad unless they themselves see it, or if someone reports it.  Gab did nothing wrong and everything right, and yet companies from their hosts, to their online storefront and payment processors and God knows what else is conspiring to shut them down.

This, first of all, is deeply hypocritical.  These same people expect a Christian to bake a wedding cake for a gay wedding, but they can pull this kind of shit when it is so obviously that they’re kicking Gab to the curb because of politics.

Twitter and Facebook don’t have to worry about this shit from their domain registrars.  They also have their own servers, so they don’t need to worry about changing hosts every three months.

There’s a couple of things at work here.  One, the left wants to silence right-wingers.  They thought that this could be achieved by getting right-wingers banned from the mainstream platforms.  But, as that racist idiot Vox kept saying, we need to build our own platforms.  Well, gee, that’s kind of hard unless you’re a fucking billionaire.  At this point, we right-wingers will need to have our own domain registrar, DNS, server farm, store front, payment processor, and, eventually, Internet service provider.  Yes, I said ISP because once we actually get or build those other things, they’ll try to get us banned from our ISPs next.

Second thing…the mainstream social networks clearly don’t like the competition.  Major corporations are always like this – they send their lobbyists to DC and conspire to make doing business extremely hard and expensive for smaller businesses that might pose a threat.  Twitter, Facebook, etc are no different.

They conveniently claim that Gab violated their Terms of Service for having “hateful and violent” content without getting rid of it, but we all know that that is utter bullshit.  What’s really going on here is that they’re using their Terms of Service as an excuse.  They know how this shit goes.  If something goes unreported, it gets missed.  That’s hardly Gab’s fault.  And, as I said, they did everything right when it was brought to their attention.

This is purely political.  They’re all a bunch of leftist assholes who want to silence us, and a week before the midterm elections no less.  Banning us from their shitty little platforms doesn’t work anymore, so they have to destroy ours. Yet they expect Christians to commit blasphemy by baking a cake for gay weddings.  They expect right-wingers to provide them goods and services without complaint, but they can treat us like shit all the time.

Excuse me, but fuck that.  I’m in California right now, but I’m going home on Wednesday, and I will vote early if I can, and I’ll definitely be at the polls on November 6.  Nothing can keep me from voting straight Republican after this.  Stop whining about RINOs because keeping Democrats out of power is the most important thing right now.  Even the RINO-est of RINOs is better than any Democrat.  Those lousy cunts don’t deserve to be within one hundred light years of the levers of power.

(By the way, I am still as sick as a dog, so I won’t be updating the previous post until I get home, basically.  I feel like utter crap right now.)



They secured a new host. Their priority now is to cooperate with law enforcement regarding the bomber or shooter or whatever. Thank God. There might be some downtime tomorrow as they transition.

I have more to say, but I am really sick right now. I am happy to hear this news. Also, discovered a new social network so I’ll write about that when I’m better.

Gab is dead

Gab is dead

So the Florida “bomber” (I put that in quotes because the things he mailed were nothing more than props – none of them were actual bombs) had an account on Gab.  Therefore, Gab’s hosting company has decided to terminate their account effective 9 am on Monday, basically destroying the site, of which, according to Andrew Torba (the owner), will be down for weeks.

The left is pure evil.  Plenty of past shooters had accounts with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Those respective networks didn’t have to be shut down entirely because of one bad user or even a sizable number of bad users.  Then again, they all have their own servers.

What pisses me off is that the Gab team didn’t anticipate this.  They should have been working on this ages ago.  First, Microsoft boots them off of their Azure service and now their host provider does the same thing, all because of ONE user!  Gab deleted the guy’s account, saved his posts and forwarded them to law enforcement.  And yet this happens anyway.  What the hell?

They need to get their own servers.  Maybe something will happen tomorrow.  I hope so.  I really liked Gab, and I can’t imagine using anything else.  I am so angry right now.

Let the tears flow

Let the tears flow

So he’s been confirmed and sworn in. I’m gonna go salt mining now.

Okay, so, predictably, the left lost their mind over the Kavanaugh confirmation (which was 50 to 48…very close and down party lines).  Asshole Hollywood actors have also gotten into it, acting like damn fools.  I am going to post a couple of tweets and so on.

Seth MacFarlane on Twitter

Even if Brett Kavanaugh is innocent – which I do not believe – ALL he had to do to bolster the appearance of judicial fitness was to keep his cool for just a few hours. Only a few hours of even-tempered composure. That’s it. He couldn’t.

Well, I believe that he is innocent.  He had every right to be as upset as he was.  Don’t act like Democrats don’t get angry in public (remember Anthony Weiner?  Before his sexting grossness, he was famous for losing his shit on the House floor).  He looked pretty even-tempered to me.  I mean, he wasn’t screeching and losing his mind like all those leftists protesting him.

Sarah Silverman on Twitter

I miss you, Momma

Then pay for your own shit, bitch.

Cher on Twitter


Cher is completely insane.  Her Twitter feed has been a cancerous tumor on humanity for a very long time.  Someone needs to take her fucking computer away from her until she can learn to type and spell properly.  She could at least do that.

Piper Perabo on Twitter

My rage will not extinguish my hope, it will only organize it. #BelieveWomen #BelieveSurviviors

So, basically, we’re supposed to believe women no matter what.  They didn’t believe Juanita Brodderick, or Kathleen Willey, or Paula Jones, or that girl Keith Ellison beat up (even though there was photographic evidence of his abuse).  This pisses me off more than anything, this notion that we have to believe women no matter what.  First of all, yes, women do lie about being raped.  It’s happened plenty of times.  Secondly, they only say this whenever a Republican is accused.  They weren’t saying this shit about Keith Ellison (then again, they probably don’t know about Keith Ellison’s abuse because the mainstream media has been silent about it).

You can read more at Breitbart, which is where I got the above cancer.

Hollywood Unhinged After Brett Kavanuagh Confirmation: ‘F*ck Kavanaugh F*ck Trump’ ‘Electoral Rampage Is Underway’

“Another gross day in the history of our country, but the midterms are coming. We are stronger than this bullshit. We can fight and fight and we may not see the results right away, but we will see them. Our daughters will see them. Don’t give up.

Seriously, I think I need chemotherapy now, given all this cancer.

Okay, so here’s Juanita Brodderick bringing the spice by making a really good point:

Juanita Broaddrick on Twitter

Absolutely. Will you @ValerieJarrett sign my petition to have Bill Clinton investigated for sex crimes against not one but MANY. Then we will know you SUPPORT ALL SURVIVORS.

This whole “believe survivors” bullshit is obviously very partisan.  One of the left’s favorite tactics is to destroy their right-wing opponents by making sexual assault/sexual harassment accusations against them.  This time it didn’t quite work out for them, which is why they’re losing their shit over this.

Ben Shapiro on Twitter

This attempt to conflate support for due process with opposition to women is so disingenuous and transparent

Ben Shapiro is kind of a cuck, but he is so right about this.  I know reporting a sex crime is really hard.  These crimes are also hard to prove, and they’re embarrassing and recounting what happened is also quite traumatic.  That being said, it is also important that we respect the rule of law, and in doing that we need to support due process.  We all have the right to a fair trial.  Even rapists.  Rape and sexual assault are serious crimes, and it isn’t right to make false accusations.  It isn’t right to prosecute someone without any evidence.  If we do that, we minimize the seriousness of the crime.

I’ve said this to myself over and over again…feminists like being able to make false rape accusations, because it gives them power over men.  An easy way to ruin a man’s life is to level a false accusation against him, and they get bonus points for being a victim, since feminists are obsessed with victimhood.  (Source for above tweets)

RED WAVE: Lefties freak OUT over the possibility that this sentiment is widely held among GOP voters

The Democrats who think there will be no backlash at the polls in response to how they treated Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation process should consider this sentiment from a conservative who was not a Trump supporter. From a conservative who has been disgusted by the Trumpified GOP: “I didn’t think I could drag myself to the polls.

Once again, leftist assholes assume that by believing Kavanaugh’s testimony, we’re saying “fuck you” to all sexual abuse survivors.  No, we are not.  We’re saying that to Christine Blasey-Ford, the other accusers and their supporters because it’s obvious that they’re all lying.  It’s obvious that they only made these accusations to keep Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court, and their reason isn’t because he’s a predator or whatever, it’s because he’s a conservative.  Another reason is their unhinged hatred for Trump.  As I said earlier, they would have done this to any person Trump nominated.

Absolutely DISGUSTING: NY Times publishes vicious op-ed calling Sen. Collins, GOP women ‘gender traitors’

“White women, come get your people.” That is the title of an op-ed published by the New York Times in the aftermath of Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court. The article’s author, Alexis Grenell, attacks Sen. Susan Collins and Republican women, calling them “gender traitors.” Republican women “are gender traitors.”

Okay, so in order to be a good woman, we must blindly believe every single sexual assault allegation leveled at a Republican.  That’s basically what they’re saying.  I am so sick of this shit.  I’m not a ‘traitor’ to my gender.  I don’t know how to explain this…but it’s as if Democrats think they have a claim on ALL women, just like they have a claim to ALL non-white people.  They think they fucking own us.  They think I’m obligated to be a Democrat and that I’m obligated to believe everything a Democrat says.

Christine Blasey Ford Won’t Push for More Investigations into Kavanaugh Allegations

In a sit-down interview with CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash, Katz said Ford does not want Democrats to pursue allegations against Kavanaugh if they retake Congress in November. “Professor Ford has not asked for anything of the sort.

She conveniently decided to drop this stupid crusade roughly on the date of the final vote.  If someone had sexually assaulted me and got away with it, I’d be on the fucking warpath.  Her decision to go public has, so far, amounted to jack shit.  If he really is such a horrible predator, this vote shouldn’t have stopped her from pursuing justice.  He could just as easily hurt someone else, especially now that he’s gotten away with it (I hate to say that, because I believe he is innocent, but I’m playing the devil’s advocate here).  Now it’ll be on her hands.

But she won’t have to worry about that because she’s a fucking liar, and her decision to retreat now is proof of that.

Sen. Cory Gardner Says His Wife Received Graphic Beheading Text After Kavanaugh Vote | Breitbart

Gardner, who voiced his support for Kavanaugh’s confirmation in July and continued to support the justice throughout the confirmation process, told Fox News Sunday his wife not only received the graphic message, but several of his family members had their names and addressed posted publicly in a process also known as “doxxing.”

But we’re the violent ones.  I believe this, because this is their MO.  This is what leftists do whenever their power is threatened.

‘Kill Kavanaugh’ Tops Twitter Search and Hashtag Suggestions | Breitbart

Typing “kill” into Twitter’s search function currently returns a shocking result at the top of its search suggestions: “#KillKavanaugh.” It’s also currently the third autocompleted suggestion in searches for “ki” and the fourth suggestion in searches for “k” as of this writing.

Oh, but I get banned from Twitter for arguing with leftists.  But this shit, a whole hashtag calling for the murder of someone is apparently, totally okay.  Fuck Twatter.

‘COLBERT’ Writer On Kavanaugh: ‘I’m Just Glad We Ruined His Life’

The confirmation hearings on Brett Kavanaugh were disgusting, driven by Democrats who held a vicious 36-year-old allegation of sexual assault against the Supreme Court nominee until the 11th hour and then set about tearing down a good man who’d work his whole life to achieve his dreams of serving

Well, not really, because he’s on the Supreme Court now.  Granted, he’ll be like Justice Clarence Thomas – there will always be dillweed asshole leftists bringing this up anytime his name is mentioned, but at the end of the day, he’ll be voting right alongside Justice Clarence.  I do worry about his wife and children, however.  They seem to be decent, well-adjusted people, so in time I think they will be okay.  But we’re supposed to see leftists as poor put-upon victims while they brag about ruining people’s lives.

WATCH: Leftists Protesters FREAK OUT, Claw At Supreme Court Doors While Brett Kavanaugh Is Sworn In

Leftists had a rough day, Saturday, as the Senate voted to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to the nation’s highest court, and for the most part, they didn’t hide their despair. With Handmaids on Capitol Hill and protesters on the National Mall, leftists turned downtown Washington, D.C., into a massive, ongoing temper tantrum.

As I said, they’re all insane.  Makes me want to vote right now but I have to wait.  I am very much looking forward to voting straight Republican.

Sen. Collins Flooded with Abusive Tweets Threatening Death, Violence — Twitter Does Nothing | Breitbart

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) faced a torrent of death threats and abuse on Twitter following her declaration that she would vote to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, and her remarks in defense of the presumption of innocence. So far, Twitter has taken no action, allowing the threats against a sitting Senator to remain on the platform.

Senator Collins is seriously one of the most left-wing Republican senators ever, but that clearly won’t help her here.  As I said, they’re all fucking insane.  Oh, and of course Twitter does absolutely nothing, even though threatening the life of anyone, much less a senator, is a fucking crime.  But go ahead and ban people for getting too salty with snowflakes.

Someone needs a HUG! Blue-check writer has the Kavanaugh meltdown to end ALL MELTDOWNS and OMG LOL

Chuck Wendig seems upset. No, we don’t expect you to know who is he, we didn’t and honestly, we still don’t (although his bio suggests he may be a writer of some sort) BUT after going through thousands of Kavanaugh meltdowns on Twitter, he should be famous for this one.

Okay, this douchebag has given us permission to ditch civility and go all apeshit on any liberal we come across.  Cool.  Does this idiot realize that this shit goes both ways?  And we’re the ones with the guns, champ.

Oh, and Twitchy…Jesus those headlines.  They’re so cringey.

Chuck Wendig on Twitter

Fuck Trump. But he’s just the ugly fake-gold mask they’ve put on this thing. Fuck all the GOP, fuck that blubbering, bristling frat boy judge, fuck McConnell, Ryan, Grassley, Collins, every last one of them. Fuck them for how they’ve shamed victims and helped dismantle democracy.

This shit again?  We’re not attacking all sex abuse survivors!  Christine Blasey-Ford represents nobody but herself.  We do have compassion for survivors and victims.  We just don’t believe her.  She’s a liar.  We do not believe her because she has presented no evidence to prove that what she’s saying is true.  What part of that can you dipshits not understand?

Chuck Wendig on Twitter

Well, if you hadn’t said those SASSY WORDS and demonstrated ANGER at our whittled-down democracy, I for a second might’ve been convinced not to eat this baby. But fie! Fie on you! Your incivility MADE me eat this baby!

This is retarded and makes no sense.  And who the fuck uses the word “sassy”?  This isn’t 1992, asswipe.  You cunts haven’t been civil for the past fifty years and you know it  So yeah, I’m done with being civil too.  You punch me, I shoot you.  Anyway, you should read the comments at the Twitchy site.  They’re hilarious.

Literally SHAKING (from laughter): Top 10 UNHINGED Lefty responses to Kavanaugh’s confirmation

After spending weeks and weeks and weeks writing about the Left’s response to even the idea of Kavanaugh being confirmed, we knew that once it happened on Saturday (woot!) that the explosion on Twitter would be monumental. And hilarious.

More insanity from the left.  Cry harder, bitches.  A selection of especially insane tweets from the post above:

Cameron 🤔 on Twitter

@PolitiBunny I know you’ve probably seen this one, but it’s my favorite. For some reason, the verified check marks make them better.

Nancy Lee Grahn is some no-name actress who posts a lot on Twatter (she clearly has nothing better to do), and I believe she got me banned from Twitter so many years ago.  I just remember talking shit to her a few years ago.  Anyway, as you can see here, she is clearly insane, although was sane enough to delete the post.  The Internet, however, is forever.  Sounds like a bouncy story from DU or something.  How convenient that a “Latino” woman was nearby to give her a cuddle and some reassurance.  *eyeroll*

BossyRobynn on Twitter

@PolitiBunny How about this chick?

They really think Roe v Wade is utterly done after this.  This is one reason why they’re freaking out so badly.  They’re all a bunch of sex-addicted sluts who want to be able to murder their babies so they can continue to sleep around, and as I’ve said before, they’re so obsessed with casual sex that they’re willing to commit genocide to keep doing it.  I wish I witnessed this psycho’s meltdown.  It was probably hilarious.

Najiyya Al-Rasheed on Twitter

Im literally shaking right now. They elected a rapist. I am going to need funds for therapy now. As a muslim woman of colour, I am no longer feel safe in the West! Anything helps 🙁 I made a donation page.

This fucking Musloid.  Your bretheren in the Middle East rape women left and right.  Your brethren in Europe – those supposed ‘refugees’ rape women left and right.  Yet you have no problem with that.  Furthermore, Kavanaugh was never actually accused of rape, which is different than sexual assault.  The only accusation that came close to rape was the allegation that he and Mark Judge attended gang rape parties (but the accuser never actually saw them rape anyone).  So, if you no longer feel safe in the West, go back to the Middle East, where you’ll be stoned to death for holding a boy’s hand.

Oh, and she’s grifting for money.  I guess she needs some new hijabs or something.

Okay, this is as much as I can stand.  My laptop’s battery is kind of running down anyway.  This was fun, though.  I love their pain and misery.  I just fucking love it, and I hope they suffer for centuries to come.

An Example of Fake News

An Example of Fake News

So, shortly after the 2016 Presidential election – in fact, in direct response to it, the mainstream media decided that they needed to blame something for their epic fuck up.  They decided to blame sites like Breitbart and the Daily Wire and such as peddling fake news.  Trump decided to turn it around on them, labeling them fake news and basically appropriated the term for his own use.

However, fake news was a very real phenomenon.  In fact, I got quite fed up with the shitty sites people kept linking to on Facebook.  I was a member of a few conservative groups and I’d keep seeing posts from questionable sites loaded with crappy ads and shitty site designs.  Then, of course, leftists kept getting duped by satirical sites and promoted those stories as actual news.  Most satirical sites had a disclaimer at the bottom, so this was entirely on the leftists and their wishful thinking.

Yes, I am sure that these crappy blogs and satirical sites had a role in the outcome of the 2016 election, but a minor one.  That being said, I haven’t encountered many fake news sites ever since I cleaned up my Facebook feed.

Until today.  Someone on Gab posted this link:

Dick Van Dyke [1925-2018] Just Left $59 Million To Trump Foundation – ABC NEWS

On Friday, the world lost one of the greats, Dick Van Dyke. The comedian and actor spent his lifetime keeping us entertained and reminding us that America is, at its core, a wholesome place. Van Dyke taught us that good, Christian morals are how we can get through as a nation, and he wanted to …

First of all, take a good look at the domain name.  It’s “” – ABC would never bother with that domain extension, and if they did, it wouldn’t be for a basic news site.  It’d probably be used for a live feed that could be streamed.  Secondly, go ahead and look at the site in question.  Hover your mouse cursor over the Breitbart link.  Here’s a screenshot of what it says when you do that:

You’ll have to click on it to enlarge it, but if you look at the status bar at the bottom of the screen, it has a nice, charming message for all us evil right-wingers:  “if you believe this, you are an idiot.”  Here’s an archive link in case they change it.

So, being that I’m always skeptical, especially about celebrities proclaiming their love for anyone on the right, I went straight to Breitbart and did a search.  Their most recent post on Dick Van Dyke is about how much he looooooved Bernie Sanders.  Yes, he’s a Bernie Bro.  Or was, back in 2016.  Oh, and he’s not dead, obviously.

Dick Van Dyke: Bernie Sanders ‘The Sanest Man in America’

During brief introductory remarks at Santa Barbara City college, the 90-year-old star of the Dick Van Dyke Show said he had a “really important” message for older voters. “Mostly I want to be here to talk to my generation,” Van Dyke said, according to the Hill. “I have a really important message for them.

So, with this in mind, it’s important to learn how to tell the fake news from the real news.

  1. Check the website for “this is satire” disclaimers.  They’ll usually be found at the bottom of the page or on an ‘About Us’ page.
  2. Check the sources cited.  If there’s any anomalies with the links, it’s BS.  If they don’t bother with a link to a source at all, it’s BS.  If their source is another sketchy site, it’s BS.
  3. I hate to advise this, but cross check with mainstream media sites and Wikipedia.  If something is true, they usually get around to writing about it eventually.
  4. If there’s no ‘About Me’ or ‘About Us’ page, then it’s probably BS.

And, of course, there’s obvious stuff, like misspellings, punctuation errors, getting basic facts wrong, etc.  Whoever runs the site, they’re idiot leftists who have nothing but contempt for right wingers.  Just move your cursor over any link on any post.  There’s almost always a nasty message for us.  Furthermore, they still have a Meta section!  What that is, is a section, or widget for WordPress users that allows you, the owner, or a contributor, to log into the blog’s admin section and make a post or do other maintenance, like update plug-ins and such.  A lot of mainstream media organizations use WordPress, but they don’t leave the Meta section on their pages.

I just uploaded this very basic video recording of me browsing this fake news site:  An Example of Fake News.  I suppose the site is supposed to be satirical, but they don’t state as much anywhere on their site.  That’s highly irresponsible.  After all, the left keeps falling for satirical articles on Sarah Palin (this one is old, but relevant):

Piers Morgan Spreads Fake Story Trashing Palin | Breitbart

The Daily Currant is a satire site, but that didn’t stop CNN primetime anchor Piers Morgan from gleefully tweeting out a Currant story attacking Sarah |

This has happened a lot over the years.  Liberals read satirical posts on Sarah Palin and, thanks to their wishful thinking, tweet it as if it were absolute truth.  Then it spreads all over social media and liberals everywhere end up believing it, and by then it’s too late to really bother with a retraction.  That’s why fake news is such a problem.

Oh, and one more example for the road (I really love Embedly, lol):

Suzi Parker, Ace Reporter | Breitbart

The Sarah Palin Story is a cautionary tale about what can happen when politics and celebrity meet. Fox News and their once-upon-a-time darling Palin recently parted ways after three years. But never fear. Palin has a new media outlet by which to share her commentary.

So, apparently, this has been a problem for years.

Kathleen Sengstock should be fired.

Kathleen Sengstock should be fired.

Ugh, before I say anything else, YES, I am aware that Sen. Jeff Flake basically instigated an FBI investigation into this retarded and completely false allegation.  Pisses me off, but what can you do?

Well, the autists at 8chan have found out who doxxed the senators from yesterday’s hearings.  Behold:

gab post

And a couple of screenshots I pilfered from the Gab post above, in case it gets deleted:


And the other one:


Kathlee Sengstock, Legislative Director for Rep. Maxine Waters.  Yes, that Maxine Waters.  This is wrong.  She had no business nor did she  have any right to obtain that information using government resources, and she certainly had no right to publicize it.  And if she didn’t do it, she’s still responsible because it still came from her computer.  She absolutely should be fired for this, but she won’t because she’s a Democrat, and they can basically do whatever the hell they want.

Let’s just make sure that Ms. Sengstock and her batshit insane boss Rep. Waters know that we do not appreciate their shenanigans.

This Ridiculous Circus

This Ridiculous Circus

So, unless you’re living in the wilderness and just got back to civilization, I am sure you know all about the ridiculous mess the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation process has been.

I didn’t want to write anything about it because I am kind of sick of it, really.  That being said, his first accuser, Christine Blasey-Ford is quite obviously lying.  I believe that this whole thing was made up by her or some Democrats or both to demonize Kavanaugh and keep him or any other Trump nominee from being confirmed before the mid-term elections.  As of right now, it doesn’t seem to have worked out for them.

Yesterday a hearing was held, AFTER the original hearings where they asked him about his position on the issues and his past decisions as as judge and so on.  Then, after those hearings were finished, Sen. Dianne Feinstein comes out with this stupid BS letter from some woman who claims to have been “sexually assaulted” by Brett Kavanaugh and another guy named Mike Judge.  Just so you know, it’s not just Judge Kavanaugh being dragged through the mud simply because Democrats can’t get over the fact that they LOST in 2016.  They’re dragging an innocent person into this!

Anyway, here’s some coverage of this utterly ridiculous farce.

WATCH: Democratic Senator Presses Kavanaugh On Farting Over 30 Years Ago

Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) used his time with Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh to ask about a number of things in Kavanaugh’s yearbook from over 35 years ago – including remarks about him farting. “Have you, I don’t know if it’s ‘buffed’ or ‘boofed,’ how do you pronounce that?”

FARTING?  Are you freaking SERIOUS?

Check Out The Sign Alyssa Milano Brought With Her To The Kavanaugh Hearing

While many noticed that actress-turned-left-wing activist Alyssa Milano landed a prime seat for the Kavanaugh-Ford hearing on Thursday so she could display solidarity with Ford and make a “power statement” by “staring down” Kavanaugh, some missed one key detail: the sign she occasionally flashed

Alyssa Milano, who has gone full leftard, was invited as Senator Feinstein’s guest.  And here she is, holding some stupid sign and getting all famewhorish on us.  Ugh.

Maria Shriver Calls Lindsey Graham “Every Woman’s Nightmare” …Gets OBLITERATED With One Tweet

Ashley (Kimber) When it comes to the GOP at yesterday’s hearings… I’m SHOCKED to admit that Lindsey Graham was twice the man any of them were. LINDSEY FREAKING GRAHAM. Who would have thought?! He showed some NERVE… and it was GLORIOUS. Seriously, if you haven’t watched it already, you need to.

Sen. Lindsey Graham came out swinging yesterday.  His remarks were awesome, especially since he’s been a RINO for so long.  Hate to say it, I guess, but ever since John McCain kicked the bucket, Sen. Graham has been kind of cool.  This was easily the highlight of the show yesterday, and it’s really sad that it had to come to this, because the Democrats are so utterly insane.

Alyssa Milano Is Making Mean Faces At Kavanaugh

I don’t know if you’ve watched Kavanaugh’s statement… But I’m sobbing. SOBBING. I’m crying for him. I’m crying for his family. I’m crying for all of us. For America. I’m scared of what we’ve become. His statement

Alyssa Milano decides to make faces at Kavanaugh like a freaking five year old.  Grow up, hosebeast!

Barbara Boxer On Kavanaugh: ‘What We Saw Today Is Someone Who You Could Now See Attacking A Woman’

Appearing on MSNBC following the Kavanaugh/Blasey Ford hearing, former Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer told Chris Matthews that “what we saw today is someone who you could now see attacking a woman.” MATTHEWS: Where do you see this thing going tonight and tomorrow morning?

The man defends himself, and, according to this brainless skank Barbara Boxer, it must mean he’s a total rapist.

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham Defended Brett Kavanaugh And Jimmy Kimmel Mocked Him With A Gay Joke

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel mocked Lindsey Graham with a gay joke Thursday night after the Republican senator defended Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during his hearing. “Some of the Republican senators put on quite a show of fabricated outrage today, in particular Lindsey Graham,” Kimmel said on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Thursday.

Oh, and this worthless sack of shit just had to say something.  He’s got a sick sexual obsession with Republicans, he really does.

Jimmy Kimmel Hits Below The Belt With Joke About Cutting Off Kavanaugh’s ‘Pesky Penis’ If He’s Confirmed

Jimmy Kimmel suggested cutting off Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s “pesky penis” if he is confirmed by the Senate in light of his sexual assault allegations, Monday on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Kimmel began by mocking Kavanaugh’s claim he was a virgin at the time of the alleged high school assault, and the show continued with joking critiques from there.

As I said.  A truly sick sexual obsession with Republicans.

Republican Senators Doxxed By Someone In House Shortly After Questioning Kavanaugh

An unknown person located in the House of Representatives on Thursday posted the personal information of Republican Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, as well as Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch of Utah. All three senators sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and their personal information was posted shortly after each questioned Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh during Thursday’s hearing.

Some Republican senators, including Lindsey Graham, were doxxed yesterday – their home addresses were posted to their respective Wikipedia entries.  Funny how this never happens to Democrats.  It’s so obviously a partisan hit.  Democrats are utter scum.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Investigates: ‘Was Brett Kavanaugh Known at Yale as a Virgin?’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked a female classmate of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh if he was “known at Yale as a virgin.” | Big Journalism CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked a female classmate of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh if he was “known at Yale as a virgin.”

Oh, and here’s CNN’s reaction to the hearings yesterday.  Now they’re going to try to find out if Judge Kavanaugh was ‘known’ as a virgin when he was at Yale (since, in an interview I believe, Judge Kavanaugh claimed to be a virgin until he was a young adult, basically).  Seriously.  As if that would prove anything.  It doesn’t, but CNN has long since gone insane.

Actress Mira Sorvino: America Needs a ‘Revolution’ After Brett Kavanaugh Hearing

“As a survivor & a woman, I feel somewhat sick about today,” Sorvino wrote on Twitter amid reports that Kavanaugh may receive the 50 votes required for the confirmation process. “If the @SenateGOP rush to a vote without further investigation, involving the FBI, listening to the other 2 women who have come forward & Judge, then they’ve proven to be more interested in party than truth.

Mira Sorvino goes full retard.  The FBI won’t investigate because the allegations are 36 years old, there’s no evidence, and it’s not their fucking jurisdiction anyway!  What Blasey-Ford described was not a federal crime.  FBI stands for Federal Bureau of Investigation.  This woman is supposedly well educated, and yet she does not know that.  Furthermore, the FBI already subjected Judge Kavanaugh to SIX background checks…one would have thought something like this would have come up, but it didn’t.

Gillibrand: ‘I Was Really Offended’ by How Kavanaugh ‘Spoke to Senators’ | Breitbart

Thursday on MSNBC’s “All In,” Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said she was “offended” by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony. Gillibrand said, “I thought Dr. Blasey Ford’s testimony was incredible. I thought she was so heartfelt, she spoke her truth so passionately, with such candor, with such emotion.

Yeah, and you want to know why he spoke that way?  Because he was offended by the fact that you people are lying about him!  Whether he’s guilty or not, it’s understandable that he’d be upset.  Either he’s afraid that he’s been finally caught, or he’s about to be punished for something he didn’t do (and, for the record, I believe he is totally innocent).  Of course’s he’s angry!  Thursday’s ‘hearing’ shouldn’t have even happened in the first place!  Sen. Feinstein should have brought this up during the original hearings.

Media Blasts ‘Blind Partisanship,’ ‘Confrontational’ Nature of Kavanaugh Hearing | Breitbart

Kavanaugh delivered a fiery response to Ford’s allegations in his opening statement, calling out Democratic lawmakers for launching a “search and destroy” campaign to block his nomination, while he tearfully explained how the hearings were affecting him and his family.

Some more media bias for you.  Yeah, I noticed that too.  Most people’s reactions are partisan – Republicans say Kavanaugh is brave and so on, and the Dems have said the same thing about Blasey-Ford.  It’s to be expected.  What is not to be expected, or shouldn’t be expected, is for the media to basically agree with the Dems and call her a brave hero for ‘testifying’.  They all repeated the Dem talking points – she’s brave and he’s over-emotional.  They even said Sen. Graham was overly emotional.

Left Mocks Brett Kavanaugh for Crying: ‘Fake,’ ‘Unhinged,’ ‘Too Emotional’

Kavanaugh’s emotional opening statement condemned Democratic lawmakers for a “search and destroy” campaign against his nomination, choking up and weeping while talking about the effect of the salacious allegations on his family. Various Twitter-endorsed Verified accounts said the delivery of his statement shows that Kavanaugh does not have the strength or “temperament” to serve on the high court.

As I said.

Politico Editor-in-Chief: ‘God Is Laughing at Brett Kavanaugh’ | Breitbart

Harris wrote his op-ed one day after the Washington Post revealed that California psychology professor, Christine Blasey Ford, is the woman that now accuses Supreme Court Justice nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were both in high school in the 1980s.

Politico is worthless.  Yet another example of media bias.

Nicolle Wallace: Kavanaugh Stmt Was ‘Human Carnage’ from Trump Inauguration

“That is the human carnage Donald Trump promised in his inauguration address.” @NicolleDWallace discusses Kavanaugh’s opening statement – MSNBC (@MSNBC) September 27, 2018 Asked by fellow MSNBC anchor Brian Williams for her thoughts on Kavanaugh’s testimony, Wallace said: “I’m thinking about Donald Trump’s inauguration address and the line about human carnage.

And this treacherous bitch.  God I hate her so much.

WTF!? Sen. Whitehouse continues mind-boggling analysis of Brett Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook

During yesterday’s Senate Judiciary Committee questioning of Brett Kavanaugh, Dem Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse showed a particular obsession with the SCOTUS nominee’s high school yearbook: Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse questioned Judge Brett Kavanaugh about certain notations in his high school yearbook and it was … really something.

Really?  Analyzing his yearbook?  I guess CNN got the idea from this guy.  By the way, this is where the farting bit came from, apparently.

WOOOOOOW: Chelsea Handler knows the REAL reason Lindsey Graham is defending Brett Kavanaugh

“What the hell are you talking about?”

This hideously ugly boozehound has decided to tweet some insane conspiracy theories.  Yep, it’s Russia again!  Sen. Graham is being blackmailed by Trump’s sugar daddy Putin!!!

‘How mature’! So Kamala Harris seems to be handling the Kavanaugh vote well *Eye roll*

With a Judiciary Committee on Brett Kavanaugh vote set for early this afternoon, it’s clear which way the chips are going to fall, because committee Dem Sen. Kamala Harris is ready to take her ball and go home early: Setting a vote on Kavanaugh less than 24 hours after yesterday’s testimony shows what a sham this process has been.

Slut of the Senate Kamala Harris (seriously, look her up…she’s a fucking prostitute) is just soooo butthurt that their vicious character assassination didn’t quite work out in their favor.  I dunno, maybe she should offer to give blow jobs to the undecided Senators.  After all, it got her sleazy ass a Senate seat, and it’s clearly all she’s really good for.

WaPo’s James Hohmann Links Kavanaugh’s Weightlifting to ‘Pinning’ Accuser

Hohmann, the Post’s national political correspondent in charge of the paper’s “Daily 202” news aggregation, wrote: “Brett Kavanaugh notes that the summer that the sexual assault allegedly took place, when Christine Ford says he pinned her down on a bed, he had spent a lot of time lighting weights and doing strength training.”

Kavanaugh lifted weights, so it’s totally plausible that he’s a rapist.  Totally, you guys.

Hate Machine: CNN Pushes Brett Kavanaugh Allegation After Accuser Recants

On Wednesday, news broke about a Rhode Island man named Jeff Catalan who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of raping a “close associate” of his on a boat in 1985. Catalan made his accusation through the office of Rep. Sheldon Whitehouse (R-RI).

One of the Johnny-come-lately accusers recanted their accusation, but CNN clearly didn’t get the memo…or didn’t care.  They have their orders from Soros – destroy Kavanaugh by any means necessary.

‘Pardon me’? No big deal, just MSNBC’s Katy Tur ‘spreading fake news’ to smear Senate Republicans

Last night, MSNBC host Katy Tur couldn’t help but notice a striking difference between Republican senators’ conduct toward Brett Kavanaugh and toward Christine Blasey Ford, one that “will no doubt resonate.” It will no doubt resonate that each GOP Senator starts his time by apologizing to Kavanaugh for what he is going through, while none took their time to apologize to Dr Ford what she has been through.

Daughter of a violent tranny Katy Tur decides to lie about Senate Republicans, because of course.  Another meat puppet for Soros and the Democrats.  By the way…did any of the Democrats apologize to Kavanaugh for what he was going through?  Oh, but it’s so awful that only one Republican apologized to Blasey-Ford.  Well, guess what?  None of the Republicans believed her, and I believe that they handed their time over to the lawyer they invited, who asked Blasey-Ford their questions.  More media bias.

‘The f*ck is this garbage?’ AP puts last nail in their credibility coffin with this ‘report’ on Ford vs. Kavanaugh

It’s good to know that even in the most tumultuous of times, we can always turn to the Associated Press for quality reporting: He let his anger flare, interrupted his questioners and wept. She sought to present herself as cooperative and respectful. The Kavanaugh-Ford hearing provided a tutorial on gender roles and stereotypes.

Nice to know that the Associated Press is still deeply biased in favor of Democrats.  But tell us again how they aren’t biased, Demonrats.

ABC’s Moran: ‘Millions of Women’ to Feel ‘Annihilated Inside’ If Kavanaugh Is Confirmed

While CBS was conceding that Brett Kavanaugh will probably make it onto the Supreme Court, ABC’s Terry Moran on Thursday fumed about how “millions of women” will feel “annihilated” if the Judge is confirmed. He also warned Kavanaugh not to rule against abortion or the high court will lose “legitimacy.”

This speaks for itself.  These people are insane.

CNN’s Toobin Lashes Out at Kavanaugh and Anti-Woman Republicans

As soon as Thursday’s Kavanaugh show trial in the Senate Judiciary Committee was wrapped up, the liberal media was off to the races with their breathless pontifications of how it went. From CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin came a stream of bitter attacks against the Supreme Court nominee and the Republican Senators.

I am a woman, and yet…I am anti-woman?  Or is he talking about the Senate Republicans?  Either way, he’s an asshole.  God forbid anyone think differently than he.

Killing Kavanaugh: The Worst Media Smears Against the Supreme Court Nominee

The Democrats and their allies in the media have spent the last few weeks laying the groundwork to destroy the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. First, they tried to say the process was “illegitimate” because Republicans held up Merrick Garland. When that didn’t work, they brought forth an uncorroborated decades-old allegation of sexual assault.

Newsbusters chronicles some of the worst smears about Kavanaugh.  This whole charade is obviously organized.

CNN’s Toobin on Kavanaugh: ‘Maybe This Country Is a Lot More Racist and Sexist Than We Thought’ | Breitbart

Wednesday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” network legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said maybe much of the country does not believe the allegations against Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh because they are “racist and sexist.” Toobin said, “Can I make a suggestion? Maybe the base is much of the United States.

What the fuck does race have to do with anything?  Both Kavanaugh and Blasey-Ford are white?  I hate these people so much.

CNN Decries Kavanaugh for Going ‘All Trump Republican’ Against Smears

During each short break in the Kavanaugh show trial in the Senate Judiciary Committee, the liberal media let loose a flood of condemnation for the conservative nominee. In the middle of a break during the 5:00 p.m. Eastern hour, a gaggle of CNN liberals ripped into Kavanaugh for becoming Trumpian in his forceful defense of himself, his reputation, and family.

They hate it when we stand up for ourselves.  We’re just supposed to agree with whatever shit they say and take it like a wimp.  Excuse me, but fuck that.

Hollywood Liberals: ‘F*cking Liar’ Kavanaugh ‘Melting Down’ & in Need of ‘Breathalyzer’

The liberal commentary during the Kavanaugh/Ford hearing has gone from indignant to downright malevolent. After Kavanaugh sat down to begin his defense, lefties immediately began to mock the man as a drunk who definitely rapes women. The left will ensure that this man will not catch a break.

So, here’s a few more names to add to your boycott lists, if you maintain one.  I’ve only heard of a couple people in this particular article – George Takei and Mia Farrow.  Fuck the both of them.

Associated Press: Kavanaugh-Ford Hearing Like 9/11, JFK Assassination

Even before accuser Christine Blasey Ford finished testifying on Thursday in Washington, D.C., about sexual assault charges against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, a reporter with the Associated Press found a way to kill the time while waiting for something significant to happen. Reporter Calvin Woodward wrote an article asking AP readers: “Will the Kavanaugh-Ford Hearing Be a Where-Were-You Moment?”

The Associated Press goes utterly hysterical over this hearing.  Uh, no.  No no no no.  What’s happening to Kavanaugh is truly awful, but I do not think this is on par with 9/11 or President Kennedy’s assassination.  People should remember what happened, because we should remember how evil and sick the Democrats are, but people will forget.  They’ll forget, or they’ll remember what the mainstream media said about Kavanaugh and Republicans.  We must resist their propaganda.

CNN Panel Smears Kavanaugh as ‘Unhinged’, ‘Deeply Political’ at Hearing

Judge Brett Kavanaugh came out swinging against the Democratic Party during Thursday’s show trial at the Senate Judiciary Committee. He was rightfully angry and pulled no punches as he called out the bad faith actors trying to destroy his life. But to CNN liberals, he was acting “unhinged” and his comments were “deeply political”.

And Christine Blasey-Ford is a bad actress.  I didn’t even see any tears come out of her eyes.  Instead, she did a lot of posing and used an annoying Valley girl voice and also vocal fry…I hated listening to her, I really did.

MSNBC: Kavanaugh Having ‘Temper Tantrum’ Like a ‘Belligerent Drunk’

MSNBC contributor Cynthia Alksne on Thursday made no effort to conceal her contempt for Brett Kavanaugh, describing his opening statement as a “temper tantrum” and inferring that he must be “an angry and belligerent drunk.” Alksne, who has previously gone on television to deem Kavanaugh “vile” and “a liar”, characterized his as emotional opening statement thusly: “I thought it was a temper tantrum.”

No, he forcefully defended himself against some disgusting charges, as any self-respecting person would do.  Did they honestly expect him to just “confess” and withdraw his nomination in the face of their bullshit accusations?  As I said, they hate it when we fight back.

Heroic MSNBC Analyst Apologizes on Behalf of ‘All Men’ for Lindsey Graham

MSNBC legal analyst Daniel Goldman on Thursday afternoon apologized on behalf of men everywhere for Senator Lindsey Graham’s “shameful” refusal to label Judge Brett Kavanaugh a sexual assaulter without evidence. During a 2:00 p.m.

This is one of the many reasons why we call them fake news.  This is such bullshit.  I hereby apologize on behalf of all women everywhere, for Christine Blasey-Ford’s disgraceful attempt to thwart Trump’s agenda, because this is clearly all it is.

Billy Eichner & Kathy Griffin: GOP Senators and their ‘Colostomy Bags’ ‘Going to Hell’

Hollywood lefties have already decided that Kavanaugh is a filthy rapist and that his accuser Dr. Ford is a paragon of bravery and a historical figure for women’s rights. Any attempt by Republicans in trying to get to the truth of this scandal has been met with nastiness and derision.

This ugly ginger cunt and some other random douchebag are clearly in need of dire attention.  We’re all a bunch of old fogies with colostomy bags because we dared to defend ourselves.  Okay.

Sheltered NYT Discovers College: ‘Worrisome Portrait’ of ‘Unusually Drunk’ Kavanaugh

The front page of Thursday’s New York Times featured more sliming of youthful Kavanaugh as a drunk in “An Emerging Portrait of a Student ‘Frequently Unusually Drunk.'” The text box: “Ex-Classmates of Judge Recall Hard Partying.” The jump-page headline snuck in a slimy adjective: “Worrisome Portrait Emerges of a Student ‘Frequently Unusually Drunk.”

Carlos Slim’s shitty little blog claims Kavanaugh was a total lush in college.  Only one problem – this supposed attack happened when he was in high school.  This allegation is totally irrelevant and proves nothing.

Seth Meyers Jokes: ‘Just Ask Thousands of Priests’ What It’s Like To Be Celibate and A Sexual Assaulter

The Kavanaugh circus is raging on. In the midst of the allegations and denials, most Americans are just looking for a calm voice that will defend due process, fairness, and general faith in humanity. And most Americans were not in the audience for the Sept. 25 episode of Late Night with Seth Meyers.

This sack of shit had to drag Catholic priests into it, all the while conveniently ignoring the fact that their precious commie pope has done precisely jack shit to hold the abusive priests accountable.  But all Catholics are pedophiles, right shithead?  Notice how he just automatically assumes Kavanaugh is a flat out rapist, even though he wasn’t actually accused of rape, just sexual assault, which are not the same thing.

Steve Schmidt: Grassley, Hatch Look Like Commanders from ‘Handmaid’s Tale’

Appearing this afternoon on MSNBC’s Deadline: White House program hosted by Nicolle Wallace — his sidekick on the McCain presidential campaign — Steve Schmidt broke out the tired liberal claim that Republicans somehow resemble the villains of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’ The show has been described as portraying “a dystopian future .

Nicolle Wallace’s fuckbuddy Steve Schmidt also had to chime in, although he did so on Wednesday.  He looks like a creepy pedophile from some old dime store novel.  See, I can be a bitch too.

That’s all I can stomach now.  I fucking cannot stand these people, I really can’t.  This whole thing was utterly disgraceful and unnecessary, and all the blame rests on the shoulders of the Democrats.  They are truly the absolute worst thing to have ever happened to humanity.  They are pure weapons-grade evil.

Never Forget

Never Forget

2001 was a life-changing year for me. I graduated from high school that year, and a few months later my baby brother was born. He’s a teenager now, and is hardly a baby, but he’s still my baby brother. Anyway, about three and a half weeks later, the 9/11 terrorist attacks happened.

I was living in California when it happened. I was a recent graduate and had no idea as to what I wanted to do with my life. I was living with my grandfather, and at the time we were trying to get me to lose weight so I could join the Air Force (sadly, I did not join, and it is my biggest regret in life). Our plan that week was to go get a scale so I could weigh myself.

So, that morning I lay in bed. I usually play the radio while I sleep, as I can’t sleep in total silence. It creeps me out, and I still listen to the radio even now. Back then, I liked listening to smooth jazz, but I was having trouble getting a decent signal on the stations I usually listened to, so I settled on some Hispanic music station instead. I figured that if the vocals were in Spanish, I wouldn’t be distracted by it and stay up all night.

That morning, as I lay in bed, I listened to what was on the radio. At first, I thought that there was some sort of radio promo for the show The West Wing or some other political show, because instead of Spanish music, I was hearing what sounded like a Presidential speech.

Then I listened more closely. That wasn’t an actor – that was the real president, President Bush. He was talking about an attack! I jumped out of bed and headed straight for the living room. My grandfather was sitting on the couch, watching the news footage grimly. I sat down and watched it with him for a while. Then I went back to my room to record what was on TV for posterity.

Every — and I mean every TV station was airing someone else’s news coverage of the event. It was chilling as I had never seen anything like that before. I struggled to find a VHS tape but I found one I was willing to sacrifice, put it in and began recording. I watched for a while and then had to stop so I could shower and get ready to go to the store.

Now, back then, we lived in Suisun City, of which is not far from Travis AFB, where I was born. After getting dressed and having an argument about my weight loss with my grandfather, we left to go get that scale. We tried to get on base via Airbase Parkway, but at some point, long before we even got to the gate, we and everyone else were turned away. Since my grandfather is an Air Force veteran, he likes shopping on base, as you don’t have to pay sales tax when you shop there. Prices used to be cheaper too, but I’ve noticed that they aren’t anymore. Anyway, Travis and every other base in the US was shut down for the day, due to the attacks.

We ended up going to the Target in Fairfield. I can’t really remember anything else about that day. But I do remember where I was when I first heard of the attacks. My family remembers too. My mom was home with my baby brother. My father listened to radio coverage while he did his mail delivery route. My sisters were in school, and a lot of their classmates were terrified, even though they were in Oregon.

Before then, I had basically no knowledge of Islam. Now, of course, I and everyone else in the US knows. I voted for Bush the previous year, and I was quite impressed with how he handled everything.

For one very brief moment, we Americans were united. Then the Democrats remembered that Bush had won the election in 2000, and decided to basically blame Bush for the attacks. Oh, and in the years since, Muslims are now the biggest victims of the 9/11 attacks, not the American people.

One quick thing I have to add — I used to visit a lot of anti-Britney Spears sites back then, and the owners of those sites basically laughed at the attacks. It made me so angry, and I stopped visiting them.

Nowadays, you can’t mention Islam in connection with the 9/11 attacks or else you’re a vicious racist, an Islamophobe and an asshole. Mention the fact that the 9/11 terrorists were doing it in the name of Allah, and you’re victimizing Muslims. No fucking joke.

I’ll never forget that day, even though I was on the other side of the country. I didn’t know anyone that died that day, but it has affected me all the same. I notice things, like the ridiculous security measures at airports. Before, non-passengers could go past security and hang out at the gates with you. Now, that can’t happen. At least, as far as I can tell.

Islam is absolutely the problem. No, not all Muslims are terrorists. I am sure that some innocent Muslims died that day, along with all those Americans. But I am not going to spare anybody’s feelings by lying about what happened and why it happened. And, by the way, nothing, NOTHING justifies 9/11, so don’t even bother bringing up any shit the US might have done in the Middle East. Nothing justifies it.

But Islam is the problem. There are too many either actively involved in terrorism or providing safe harbor for terrorists that don’t kill themselves. We don’t know who’s safe. That’s pretty fucking scary.

I get pretty salty and angry whenever someone mocks the attacks. This stupid website, Regretsy, had a contest where you had to submit a Blingee graphic essentially mocking the way people chose to commemorate the attacks. I am happy to report that Regretsy shut down a while ago. Good riddance. I usually have a stupid, fucked up sense of humor, but even I have limits, and 9/11 is one of them. Besides, only a leftist would come up with such a disgusting contest. No wonder they all believe Bush and his Halliburton cronies did 9/11.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say about it. No doubt there will be leftist scum defending Muslims on this day, while simultaneously attacking Americans.

Funny, you bitches hated him in 2008

Funny, you bitches hated him in 2008

Featured photo from Pexels

These people make me so fucking sick. SO FUCKING SICK.

So Maaaaaaaaaaverick finally kicked the bucket this past week.  My eyes are still quite dry, so that’s all I have to say about that.

And, of course, the bullshit tributes are all over the news.  These assholes weren’t so nice and all, “what a great American!  What a hero!” back in 2008 when he was stupid enough to run against the Almighty Light Bringer and First Black President.

So, predictably, Breitbart and Info Wars just had to report on all the celebricunts that are completely offended over President Trump offering his condolences in the wake of Maaaaaaverick’s passing.  You know, it’s something the President does for every politician.  This is no different.  We know Trump wasn’t much of a fan of McCain but so what?  He’s still classy enough to offer his condolences.  Lefties just can’t stand that, obviously.  Trump would be raked over the coals if he hadn’t said anything at all.

I installed Embedly, so hopefully this will work.

Celebs Trash Trump in Response to John McCain’s Death: ‘F*ck You’

Many stars apparently couldn’t help but use McCain’s passing to whip up more anti-Trump hatred. “John McCain: American patriot, war hero. Donald Trump: Draft-dodging weasel,” wrote author Stephen King. “Take his name out of your mouth you piece of shit. You maligned his military service while you did everything to avoid serving.

Hey, Stephen King…Bill Clinton was a draft-dodger too, you fuckwit!  Funny how you had absolutely no problem with that!

So the article only lists tweets by three celebricunts.  The only one with any real name recognition is Stephen King.  The other two – Kathy Griffin and that fugly asshole Ron Perlman are just random z-listers.  This hardly classifies as “many stars” but the right-wing media loves to report on these loser shitheads and their idiotic takes on politics.  I know, I know – we have to know our enemy and blah blah blah, but I’m sick of it, because it’s just more people that have to go on my boycott list.

Someone should do a search on their Twitter feeds and see what they said about Maaaaaaaaaverick back in 2008 when he dared to challenge Jamie Foxx’s Lord and Savior.  These people are full of shit.  They really are.

EDIT:  I was right!  Twitchy has a story on the things Kathy Griffin said about McCain back in 2008!

Straight-up NASTY! Kathy Griffin’s own FILTHY words about McCain come back to BITE her on the arse

Last night, shortly after John McCain passed away, President Trump did tweet out his condolences to the family. Truth be told, nothing he said or tweeted was going to go over well with everyone (or anyone) but this editor was actually relieved the tweet itself was at least normal.

Maybe that ugly bitch should keep Maaaaverick’s sainted name out of her mouth.  She has less of a right to talk about him than Trump does.

Words mean things

Words mean things

Oxford dictionary definition of racism.  Note that white people vs non-whites is not mentioned.

If you’re a conservative political junkie like me, you’ve probably heard of this heinous bitch named Sarah Jeong. The New York Times – aka Carlos Slim’s shitty little blog – recently hired her to be a tech editor or something. Right-wingers delved into her social media accounts and discovered a shitload of tweets about how much she hates white people, white men, old white men, Christians, and all the other bug-a-boos liberals routinely bitch about.

Unlike Disney, Carlos Slim’s shitty little blog decided that she’s totes amazeballs and that they are totally keeping her on, because she hates all the right people.

Oh, and the mainstream media is pretending that this is a significant victory for the left, because, according to them, we’ve “weaponized” this sort of “get people fired for things they’ve said online” tactic. This is pure projection and they know it. They’ve been doing this shit since 2012 at the earliest. No, even earlier than that. I’d say they’ve been doing it ever since Twitter and Facebook first got really popular.

We right-wingers manage to get one person fired – James Gunn – and all of a sudden this is a nefarious right-wing tactic. It’s utter bullshit.

But of course, we all know why they decided to keep her on. I mean, besides her hating all the right people. According to the left, non-whites cannot be racist. Yes, that’s the new definition of racism — according to them, anyway.

Below is an image I found on the Internet. I’m not even going to bother crediting whoever created this shitty graphic. I didn’t create it, and I’d rather die than take credit for it anyway.

this is not what racism means

So, essentially, the new definition of racism is some nonsense about how non-whites were treated. Also, notice how the creator of this image basically trivialized actual racism from black people. A black girl saying, “like, I hope you die in a fire, whitey!” is totally okay and is just a joke, but if you said the same to the black girl (without calling her a name) – oh, that’s racist.

Technically, neither are really racist but are really rude, but the left loves engaging in bullshit double standards. This new definition of racism is their way of allowing non-whites and leftists in general to be monstrous racists and not get called out on it.

The fact that this new definition is so widely accepted by our government, the entertainment industry and the news media is proof that whites no longer enjoy the “institutional power” they claim they enjoy.

After all, Roseanne Barr made a joke about a specific individual person – that hateful terrorist bitch Valerie Jarrett. One fucking tweet, and no racist slurs were used, and she loses her whole TV show because of it. She’s white, by the way.

But Sarah Jeong gets hired even though her new employers know about her hateful racist history and there’s nothing wrong with that. Not only does she keep her job, they publicly stand by her and their decision to hire her.

That’s far from the only example I can give, either, but I don’t have all day for this.

Check out this idiotic link. They’re clearly butthurt that the definition hasn’t been updated to include “racism is the systematic and deliberate opppression of people of color by white people.”

Or, “racist” means “white person.” That is what these people honestly believe.

We cannot let them change the definition of words. We simply cannot. All this is going to do is make it easier for them to commit genocide against white people. You think I’m exaggerating or being melodramatic. I am not. Just take a look at what they say on Tumblr and Twitter. Technically, this shit is all over the Internet, but you can get a good idea just from those two sites alone.

Anyway, this post at Quillette says it better than I can. Excellent post with good examples of how utterly insane and hypocrtical the left has become.

Remember: don’t let them change the definitions of words.