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Ooh, look – consequences!

Ooh, look – consequences!

The odious Kathy Griffin decided to pose for a photograph in which she held up a bloody mask designed in the likeness of President Trump.  The backlash was pretty severe – loads of leftists and people on the left and the right denounced it.  Today, CNN decided to terminate the contract they had with her.  She won’t be hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve show anymore.

This is new.  Ordinarily, this kind of stunt would garner loads of praise for whoever performed it.  Just a couple of months ago that piece of shit Steven Colbert said, on his shitty late night show, that President Trump was Vladimir Putin’s cock-holster (honestly, that’s just projection right there.  He, and pretty much everyone else in Hollywood are all cock-holsters for the DNC, and they know it).  People on the right complained about it, and leftists, including the mainstream media, predictably praised him for it.  Oh, he’s so brave, you see, speaking truth to power and all that.  Nothing bad happened to him, his ratings improved and things are just peachy-keen for him.

Meanwhile, Bill O’Reilly loses his long-running cable night show on Fox News Channel over some allegations of sexual harassment (including claims that he bought the silence of his supposed victims).  Nothing has actually been proven and none of the parties involved have even settled the case, but oh no, advertisers fled the show anyway, so that gave the leftard sons of Murdoch all the reasons they needed to begin the great Conservative Purge.  Fox News is no longer worth watching, save for Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

Oh, and speaking of Hannity.  They decided that since their ouster of O’Reilly worked so well that the third time would be the proverbial charm (the first one being the ouster of Roger Ailes, who basically built the network, after allegations of sexual harassment – he died recently, and liberals all had collective orgasms over it, which is something they do every time a conseravtive dies).  USAA made the big mistake of declaring that they were going to stop advertising on Hannity’s show.  Their customers got mad and started complaining, and then they decided to pull their ads from Rachel Maddow’s stupid crapfest, but their customers were still leaving in droves, so they recently decided to reinstate their ads on Hannity’s show.  So it almost worked, but not this time.  They won’t stop, though.

Look at what they did to Milo Yiannopolis.  Accused the man of being a freaking pedophile when he was, in fact, a victim!  His career and influence was just too great for them, so they had to destroy him.

I’m not going to write up a long list of the people leftists have destroyed (Brendan Eich, Sarah Palin and her whole family, Carrie Prejean – just to name a few).  That might be another post for another day.

I am just utterly delighted that for once, a liberal’s stupid hateful stunt has bitten them in the ass.  Oh, her “career” will recover.  She’s nearly sixty and looks absolutely horrible even with makeup, and looks like a swamp hag without it, but she hates Republicans and Christians, so Hollywood will keep her around.  Just wait a few months.  That being said, this is a rare victory for our side.

Another thing I just have to mention.  I, unlike many of my fellow conservatives, don’t feel that she is guilty of treason or should be thrown in prison for this stupid stunt.  I think it’s doubtful that she would have actually tried to behead the President.  I do believe that she wouldn’t be too busted up if someone had been inspired to behead the President after seeing that image.  But the Secret Service takes this stuff seriously, and I am glad they’re looking into it.  I’m all for free speech.  It’s their right to express their opinions even if it’s odious.

But liberals constantly point out that they support our right to hold the opinions we do and that we have the right to express them, but that there are consequences.  Oh, but those consequences usually take the form of the total ruination of a given conservative’s life.  Like, for example, Aaron and Melissa Klein, the owners of the Oregon bakery Sweet Cakes.  They declined to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding and were fined heavily for it, and also got loads of death threats from disgruntled gay allies because of it.  Yes, liberals think that it’s perfectly okay to send someone death threats because you said something they don’t like.  Consequences, you see.

Well, now Kathy Griffin and her friends know what it’s like to be the Kleins, and they deserve it.  Griffin will recover…the Kleins, in all likelihood, will not.  But for today, I will enjoy the sweet, sweet schadenfreude.

Mention God or the Bible Anywhere, Get Lots of Hatred

Mention God or the Bible Anywhere, Get Lots of Hatred

I was just at a UFO site and someone mentioned God.  The Christian God, that is, and some atheist chimed in, stating that God was the biggest false God ever.

I swear, if you go to any mainstream or non-right wing/non-Christian website and mention God or any aspect of Christianity, some asshole atheist will chime in and denigrate you, God and religion in general.  I am absolutely sick of it.  I should probably talk to my therapist about it because it enrages me like nothing else, but I don’t want to talk politics or religion with, well, anyone that isn’t a close family member (and even among my family members there are some that I just don’t want to discuss politics with.  This is primarily because I am insecure).

I am sure most right-wingers and Christians have noticed this.  Can’t mention any aspect of our religion, no matter how mild, without being hounded and harassed by some disgruntled, hateful atheist.

Why do they keep doing this?  Why do they care if someone on this planet mentioned God?  So?  It’s like these assholes get a rise out of pissing us off.  I, for one, am not interested in “turning the other cheek” – I want to throw their bullshit right back in their face.  I just hate flame wars, which is why I usually avoid saying or writing anything.

And another thing.  I was laughed at on some Trump meme Facebook group for expressing concern that this psychotic, disturbing hatred for Christians will lead to active persecution of Christians in the west, but there are plenty of so-called “elites” who think there’s nothing wrong with persecuting Christians.

I don’t care if you’re an atheist.  I had a crisis of faith a couple of years ago.  I know it’s hard to believe in God sometimes and as I said, I don’t have a problem with most atheists, or anyone else of any other religion.

What I do have a problem with are assholes.  I have a problem with people who go out of their way to offend or hurt religious people.  This is becoming increasingly frequent in the West, and YES, it is scary to me.  YES, I believe that at some point, maybe in fifteen or twenty years, people like me will be physically attacked or worse, rounded up and taken to camps because so many people actively HATE Christians and Christianity.

These atheists never hesitate to insult and demean Christians.  It could be a blog post on some celebrity gossip blog, a comment on Reddit, something on YouTube or even a Christian movie’s iMDB page – there’s always an atheist there to declare that God doesn’t exist, and that Christianity is the cause of all the ills of the world.

What do you think is the next step after that?  The Final Solution.  If Christianity is responsible for all of the ills of the world, what does one do about That Which Causes All The Bad Things?

You get rid of it.

And how do you get rid of it?

Read a fucking history book and get back to me.  I suspect many of you already know the answer.

Gosnell, the most prolific serial killer

Gosnell, the most prolific serial killer


Image Source:  The Ampersand


I just finished the Gosnell book by Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer.  I posted a brief review here.  This is especially apt, given that Tomi Lahren, so-called conservative firebrand, is getting a lot of crap for her pro-choice declaration on The View.

As I say in the review, I don’t know how anyone can be pro-abortion after reading the details of the case.  I have also read the grand jury’s report, and I’ve seen the pictures.  I even watched the documentary 3801 Lancaster, of which is currently on Amazon Prime, and can be watched for free if you’re a Prime member.

When I watched that documentary, I was a little irritated at the Planned Parenthood reps, who declared that they were still pro-choice.  Then, after a month or so, I realized that they were incredibly brave to appear in the documentary and express their horror and dismay at the conditions of Gosnell’s clinic.  So yeah, it’s possible to remain pro-choice after studying this case, but I personally cannot.  I never was pro-choice, really.  I hate using that term, to be honest.  I usually label myself anti-abortion, and pro-choicers are pro-abortion in my eyes.

I might do a post on Tomi Lahren, although after finishing the Gosnell book, I just don’t feel like it as much anymore.  It’s such a depressing subject and I’ve already had a really bad day.

Anyhow, one more thing I want to say.  Not only was Gosnell an outright murderer, he was a shockingly incompetent and greedy person.  A great deal of his abortions were totally botched, necessitating the whole neck-snipping thing.  He also clearly got a kick out of snipping the necks of those babies, and keeping their feet as trophies.

And the clinic…look, I’m a crazy cat lady, but even I wouldn’t want to be treated in a clinic overrun with cats.  Precious kitties do not belong in health clinics unless it’s a veterinarian’s office.

Oh, and the government…Gosnell wouldn’t have killed nearly as many babies, nor would his botched procedures have claimed the lives of at least two women if the government had done it’s damn job.  He had unlicensed and completely unqualified people administering medication to the patients, he had no working equipment and was resuing tools that were single-use only.  Some people got venereal diseases after being treated at his clinic.

The defense lawyer’s excuse was, “well, what did you expect?  This was a clinic for poor people!”  So poor people don’t deserve to be treated in a clean clinic with sterilized equipment?  It is possible to run a clean, standards-compliant clinic with qualified, licensed personnel, you know.  That just blew my mind.

Anyway, this post is actually longer than the book review.  Oh well.  It’s a really good book, even if you’ve already read the grand jury report.  This one also covers the trial, and the meeting the authors had with Gosnell.  Good, but harrowing.

A peek into the sordid minds of the so-called elite

A peek into the sordid minds of the so-called elite

Ann Barnhardt is a fearless Catholic warrior.  She’s probably the most consistently devout Christian I have ever seen.  If only I had her strong faith and determination to do what’s right.

She recently went to a restaurant and overheard a conversation amongst a bunch of snooty “elite” douchebags – a German man, an American professor at Columbia University, a Swiss man, a Jewish man and a gay man.  They talked about the New World Order and what they hope to happen in the near future.  Ann managed to document the details of this conversation, although there is no actual transcript of their words.  Still, it’s enlightening:

Part One

There’s some stuff about how nationalism is so HORRIBLE, but I don’t want to bother with that right now.  The first thing that really stood out to me was how utterly hypocritical these progressives really are.  They all talk a good game about respecting women and feminism and so forth, but then have this to say about some Dutch woman speaking at a conference:

They then started talking about the speakers at the conference.  One was a Dutch female law professor.  “Is she straight?” “Yeah, she’s straight. And she expects to be submitted to because of her gender!”

Okay, so they would have “submitted” to her if she had been a lesbian, but fuck straight women.  Technically, I agree – we shouldn’t agree with or “submit to” anybody because of their gender, but progressives CLEARLY expect the rest of us to submit to the gay man because he’s a victim of those nasty Christians, the black man because he’s a victim of racism, and the woman because she’s a victim of the patriarchy.  In other words, we’re expected to submit to the gay man because he’s gay, the black man because he’s black, and the woman because she’s a woman.  If you do not meet their stringent requirements of Professional Victimhood, however, then fuck you, your opinion is wholly and utterly irrelevant.

Oh, and this next bit:

“The Swiss lawyer, it turns out, also has a private practice. When the Fag started talking about how all “private law” is really just a subset of the “imperial governmental” paradigm, and cited ICANN as his example, the Swiss came right out and said that the only possible model is total global control of all trade and businesses. Global Fascism.  He said the “biggest player” is the “OMNIPOTENT REGULATOR”, which can be the “good company”, that is a company that is fully controlled by and submissive to the state, “that is so powerful” that it becomes the de facto regulator.  His example?  You guessed it: Apple.”

Yeah, that’s fucking scary.  THAT right there is why I am not a globalist.  I’m a nationalist.  I’m not afraid to say it.  Ugh, and I’m typing this on my MacBook Pro while listening to music on my old iPhone 5c (I use an iPhone 6 Plus as my regular phone – as in, the one I take phone calls on).

Just, no.  Global control of all trade and businesses?  Yeah, say goodbye to freedom.  As surely as state rights here in the US are important and wonderful – don’t like the way California is run?  Move to North Dakota! – so is the concept of different nations.  If the world is run the way Germany or Sweden is run, we’re fucked.  There’s nowhere else to go.  If the world were run by Saudi Arabia, we’d be really fucked.  Might as well fucking kill yourself.  I mean, look at Europe – the EU is already a clusterfuck.  You really think that’s gonna work on a global scale?  Spoiler alert:  it won’t.  There are too many distinct cultures in this world and countries like China and Japan aren’t gonna give that up anytime soon.

But these brain dead degenerates will die trying to make their demented dream a reality, all at the expense of everybody else.

Also, here’s some more progressive hypocrisy:

“The Swiss then, in the context of Apple, assured the table that with regards to human rights, “they only do it for the public perception”.  The point being, since Apple is “omnipotent”, they are their own regulator, and they decide what their human rights regulations will be.  Then the grumpy Columbia professor chimed in: Apple absolutely breaks the law in Asia, but we (the former U.S.) are fine with that, because it is all “handled between friends”.  Apple is for the “greater good” – that is the globalist-fascist agenda – so “why not let them flex their power?””

They just flat out don’t fucking care.  The regulations we Americans are subject to are clearly killing the economy, and yet China can basically do whatever the hell it wants.  Apple, a company hell bent on promoting homosexuality, transgenderism and the eradication of global warming has no problem running factories in China, of which have horrific working conditions.  To be honest, Microsoft isn’t much better.  Most of the major PC manufacturers aren’t much better either.

Furthermore, this is utterly rich coming from these twats.  The left whines and cries all damn day long about how horrible powerful corporations are, and yet these douchenozzles have no problem with Apple being above the law and deciding their own human rights regulations.  Bottom line:  as Ann said, Apple is willing to promote their agenda, so the ends clearly justify the means.

I used to think the hypocrisy argument would work on these assholes.  It clearly worked on Christianity.  Now nobody wants to be a Christian because a) they’re hypocrites, and b) they supposedly hate sex, and it’s obvious that Western society is so obsessed with sex that they’re willing to slaughter innocents to keep the sexual revolution going (abortion).

That’s all I have to say about part one.  I highly recommend reading all three parts in their entirety.

Part Two

So these dillweeds clearly don’t like Trump, which is utterly unsurprising.  The first topic in this part is about the homosexual stating that they don’t need laws from the “periphery.”  So who is the periphery?

“Understand that what he means by “periphery” is anyone outside of the Boston-New-York-Washington DC metroplex, and the San Francisco-Los Angels corridor, having any say in anything.  Like, VOTING.”

Surprise, surprise.  These coastal elite assholes think we shouldn’t even EXIST.  They hate us so much. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had a plan to murder everyone in Middle America, and people like me, who live in coastal states but don’t conform to their fascist insanity.

Ann is not a Trump supporter, which is okay.  She then goes on to say,

“It is for anyone that they perceive to be “beneath them” – not of the Ivy League law school coastal  elite.  And the truth is, they’re all trash, and deep down, they know it.  Class is a bearing, a mode of conduct, not a resume, not a designer label, and certainly not a net worth.”

So true.  There’s some stuff about a shadow economy consisting of Facebook, Airbnb and other services, and that trade in goods will be fully centralized, which, as I said, is scary.  Ugh…could you imagine every aspect of your life being dictated to by some faceless bureaucrat a continent away?

The rest of it is about how much these asshats hate Trump, and how they’re gonna take him down.  So how will they take him down?


Remember this.  We must be vigilant.  As far as I know, Trump is the only one, besides members of his cabinet, willing to fight the globalists.  He may be a puppet, he might not be. I don’t know, but for now, I choose to trust that he is who he says he is.  Plus, he drives the left crazy.

Part Three

This one is about the economic future, as well as some stuff about the Oscars.  However, there’s only one thing I want to discuss right now, and it’s this:

“Swiss:  Trump is going to war with Iran.

Table: Sunni states against Trump are sending terrorists.

Swiss: Yes, this is very reassuring. The Germans are encouraging them. Very, very good thing. It is dangerous because the situation is fragile, but overall it is very good…

Fag: Yes, because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

(I don’t think it gets any clearer than that, folks. As I have been screeching for years, these people view the Islamic political system as its mercenary army, and are consciously using it to advance their agenda without getting their hands dirty – for now.)”

I’ve been saying this to myself for a couple of years now.  I’ve bolded the part I feel the most significant, and Ann obviously felt it was significant too.  THIS, right here, is why the gay community (and, by extension, feminists) are so heavily aligned with Islam and those who practice it.  THIS is why the left uniformly bends over backwards to defend Islam in the face of crystal clear evidence that a great deal of Muslims are bloodthirsty monsters hellbent on killing anyone that isn’t willing to submit.  I hate to state that all Muslims are bloodthirsty monsters, and I actually did not state that, but liberals will accuse me of saying it anyway.  I have no problem with peaceful Muslims willing to leave me in peace.  But if you’re the kind who thinks it’s okay to drench a girl in acid simply because she went to school or looked at a boy, then fuck you.  If you’re the kind who thinks it’s okay to throw gay people off of a rooftop, then fuck you.  If you think it’s okay to kill someone because they drew a picture of your religious figures, then fuck you.  Besides, that’s awfully close to idolatry, you know.  Who should one revere more – an earthly prophet, or Allah?  Seems contradictory to me, and that by trying to avoid idolatry, you actually commit idolatry for losing your damn mind over a drawing.

These leftists are fucking cowards – too cowardly to fucking kill us themselves.  They rely on Muslims to commit genocide wherever they go, so that us, the “undesirables” are dealt with at no financial cost to themselves.

Remember this:  leftists are completely and utterly comfortable with being hypocrites.  They don’t care.  They operate entirely on double-standards.  They’re allowed to be hypocrites, but Republicans and Christians are not.

The ONLY reason leftists support Muslims is this:  they’re counting on Muslims to kill us.  It’s that simple.

There’s a lot of scary stuff in part three too.  As I said, I recommend reading all three parts.

Some libs are finally starting to get it

Some libs are finally starting to get it

I found this op-ed on Gab, entitled “The backlash to political correctness was inevitable“, published by the Toronto Sun.  I mostly agree with it, but I wanted to address some things that irritated me.  (I linked to the mobile version, as the ads on the desktop version are highly annoying).

After addressing the fact that some of our concerns are actually legitimate – some migrants to commit crimes, and aspects of Islam are troubling – the author veers into some leftist stupidity.

“That’s where anti-immigration politicians such as Trump and Le Pen come in.”

In other words, brushing off the legitimate concerns of some “moderates” gets you anti-immigration politicians like Trump and Le Pen.

First of all, Trump is not anti-immigration.  This is a flat out lie.  For god’s sake, two of his wives were immigrants, his current wife being one of the two!  Nothing Trump has said indicates that he is “anti-immigrant.”  When will you people learn to differentiate between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants?

Oh, never.  Our position is actually a reasonable one, so of course they will never, ever learn the distinction.  It is too politically expedient and easy to accuse your opponents of being xenophobic bigots, rather than actually address our concerns.  Could you people please explain to me why it’s okay for Mexicans and God knows who else to simply cross the border and set up shop here without actually letting our government know they’re here?  Can you explain to me why it’s okay for these people to commit identity theft and fraud in order to gain access to our public welfare programs?

Can you explain to me why it is okay for Canada and Mexico, to name just two other countries, to have far stricter immigration laws and steeper punishments for breaking those laws?  Can you explain to me why New Zealand has such strict criteria for becoming a citizen of their nation?  Why can’t we have such criteria?

All any of us, including Trump, ever wanted was for people to enter our country the proper way, by respecting and following our laws.  Oh, and we’d also like for them to at least respect our culture and not threaten to beat our children if they, or anyone else chooses to prominently display the American flag on May 5.

As for Marine Le Pen, she sounded pretty anti-immigrant to me, wanting to halt all immigration, but I could be wrong about that, and even if I am not, the situation in France is far worse than it is here, and has been for quite some time (back in 2004, I followed French politics because I had a crush on a French polititian [I am embarrassed, okay] and even back then “youths”, or Muslim migrants were burning cars left and right).  I can’t blame her or anyone else in France for wanting to at least temporarily halt all immigration so that they may address the problems they have, and deport the troublemakers.

So at least as far as Trump is concerned, that is such bullshit.  He is not anti-immigrant.  He wants immigrants to obey our laws and assimilate.  That is all.

“Is the threat of radical Muslim immigration to the U.S. so great that it warrants Donald Trump’s sledgehammer-to-kill-a-fly travel ban? No.”

Actually, I believe it is.  I would know more than some Canadian, because I at least live and work in the US.

Furthermore, that is a gross mischaracterization of Trump’s executive order.  Has this person actually read the executive order?  The so-called “ban” concerns people either born in or coming from seven specific countries, one of them being Syria.  The list on Trump’s executive order was mostly cribbed from a similar order issued by Obama in 2011, I believe.  Trump merely added Syria to the list.

The order does not cover ALL Muslim majority nations on the Earth, and it was TEMPORARY.  The “ban” would have lasted only 90 days!  So no, it isn’t a sledgehammer in the least – it’s more like a Nerf bat.  Jesus.

Despite those two items, the op-ed is actually pretty good, and intelligent coming from a liberal.  Political correctness, the dogma of the left, is under jeopardy and people like the author want to save it, hence this burst of common sense.  Of course, old habits die hard and they cannot help but indulge in a little bit of hyperbole and lies.

The Left Claims Another Scalp

The Left Claims Another Scalp

Milo Yiannopolous’s book Dangerous, originally slated for a March 2017 release, has now been canceled.  His publisher was Simon & Schuster, on the Threshold Editions imprint.  Cucks.  Total cucks, but that is no surprise.  At all.

I also want to note that the release of the book had been pushed to a June 2017 release before its cancellation.  I think that may have been due to Milo wanting to add something about the Berkeley riots.  I had thought it strange and annoying, as I had preordered it and was seriously looking forward to reading it.

I have nothing more right now, as I’m angry.  I shouldn’t be, I guess, but I am.  The media has been accusing him of being things he is not, and this latest charge is just as untrue as the rest.  So all I have is this:


Free Speech and Platforms

Free Speech and Platforms


So recently, Christina Applegate posted a series of tweets complaining about how many Trump supporters and others on the Right hate it when celebrities make political statements.  She said – quite rightly, although I am reluctant to give this stupid woman any credit at all – that they were entitled to an opinion and had the right to express it.

Which, as I said, is true.  I don’t entirely feel comfortable slinging around the “shut up and sing” slogan because I so passionately believe in the First Amendment.  I also believe that these celebrity idiots are no better than we are.  If we have the right to say something, then so do they.

But I also understand why many of us on the Right tell them to “shut up and sing” – their opinions are usually nothing more than ill-informed insults and/or grandiose, narcissistic grandstanding (like Kerry Washington’s “like, I’m not just an actress – I’m an activist and it’s totally my duty to tell you who to vote for and demonize whitey!” statements on the red carpet).

What many celebrities spew is no different than the insane screeds you might read at Democratic Underground or the Huffington Post or the Daily Kos, or whichever idiot leftist site you might be thinking of right now.  Seriously, take a good look at any thread at DU and then compare it to the stupid bullshit washed up idiots like Shia LeDouche (heh) say on a regular basis.  It’s basically the same.

Even so-called intellectual Viennese actors spew idiotic, childish, and dare I say, infantile bullshit.  Normally, whenever I read the stupidity at DU or in the comment sections of most political blogs, I roll my eyes and move on.

But not when an actor starts spewing their bullshit.  Why?  Just a few days ago I was pondering this, and I figured out why.

Actors, musicians, authors, etc enjoy one thing that the average cretin at DU does not – a big, huge, influential platform.  Lady GaGa’s upcoming Super Bowl performance will generate a shitload of publicity.  She has already announced that it will indeed be “political” because she believes in tolerance, compassion, etc (and will basically accuse anyone who is remotely concerned about illegal immigration of racism and hatred – essentially acting like a raging hypocrite) and wants those values to be reflected in her performance.  It’ll be all over the place, just like Beyonce’s idiotic performance last year (which, contrary to what my grandparents think, WAS a tribute to the Black Panthers).

I can put up with the deranged rantings of a DUer.  They have little to no influence on, well, anything.  But when an actress or musician goes, “punch Nazis, lol” then someone on this planet will surely do exactly as they command.  And since anyone that disagrees with a liberal is now essentially a Nazi, that means each and every one of us on the Right is in danger of being assaulted by some deranged, idiotic, celebrity worshiping moron.

This, more than anything, is why I hate it when celebrities say anything about politics.  I have to hear or see their bullshit all over the place.  It’ll be on the local news, it’ll be all over my Facebook, Twitter and Gab feeds.  It’ll be breathlessly reported on at all of the websites I frequent.  It’ll be on the entertainment news shows (not that I watch those) and reported on in magazines.

And nobody, NOBODY (save the right-wingers on social media networks and on the websites I visit) will challenge their shit.  Nobody will fact check them.  Nobody will point out how utterly asinine and insane they are.  No, the mainstream media will worship at the altar of these stupid morons, praising them and enthusiasically agreeing with them.

This, of course, will be brought up in 2018, just in time for the midterms.  And then in 2020, perfectly timed for the Presidential election.

That’s why I was so gobsmacked and shocked at Trump’s victory.  The celebrities and the asshats in the MSM went all-out to demonize Trump and his supporters whilst building up and deifiying Hillary Clinton (because, after all, she was going to be the First Female President – history will be made again you guys!!!).  One stupid ad after the other…one stupid “FUCK TRUMP” statement at various award shows and in magazines after the other.  All of this stupid bullshit and for once, it amounted to absolutely nothing.  It was wonderful.  It felt like a new day…hell, like a new age.

But I’m not used to all this winning.  I’m used to losing, to be honest.  I’m used to the rug being pulled out from under me.  It’s been that way for the past eight years.  The Bush years were no picnic either.  Celebrities bitched about Bush too.  Back then, they sounded like the average DU poster – nothing but idiotic, childish insults and gross hyperbole.  Now it’s the same damn thing.  Bush was reelected, at least, but at that time, the Iraq war had only been raging for a year and some months.

I know not all celebs are like that, but precious few are reasonable about their political views.  I am totally okay with you being liberal.  After all, most of my family are liberals, and I’m still close to them.  What makes me angry are the baseless insults that get amplified by a hypocritical press who act like it’s a good thing that an entire group of people is smeared and slandered.

Why can’t these people express their opinion without being assholes about it?  Here, I can help you.  If only a liberal could say, “well, I understand that people are concerned about terrorists sneaking in amongst the refugees, but I would feel terrible if we turned away someone who genuinely needed asylum.  Surely there is a middle ground that we could reach.”

See!  It’s not that hard!  If I can do it, so can you!  I can see the issue from both sides.  Both sane, rational sides.  But the left is all, “ZOMG U RACIST!  U HATE BROWN PPL!!!  FUCK OFF AND DIE, NAZI BITCH!!!”

The frightening thing is that it works.  At least, that’s how I feel anyway.  Trump’s victory shows that it is possible to break away from the insidious influence of morons like Christina Applegate, Lady GaGa, Madonna, Ashley Judd and others.

Why can’t they leave the kids alone?

Why can’t they leave the kids alone?

I could honestly write a book about Democrats and their double standards.  I really could.

So, ever since Trump was elected, leftists have said vicious things about Trump’s wife and children.  Most of his children are adults (Ivanka and I are roughly the same age), except for Barron, who is ten years old.

I can understand going after his adult kids.  They did the same to Romney’s sons, and McCain’s kids.  But they have a nasty habit of going after the underage ones too.  For example, they went after the Bush twins (although I think they were in college for at least part of their father’s two terms in office).  They viciously went after Palin’s kids in 2008, and continue to trash Palin’s children, even though that election ended, like, seven or eight years ago.  Jesus, people, get over it.

And now they continue this tradition by making vicious (and really stupid) jokes about a ten year old kid.  Why?  You don’t know the kid.  You know nothing about him.  You don’t know what his political leanings are, if he has any at all.  He didn’t do anything to anyone. I don’t understand this vicious animosity towards him.

Look, most Republicans did not go after Obama’s daughters.  Some people did say nasty things, but those were only random losers on the Internet.  Then there was that poor woman who criticized their demeanor and attire at what I think was a turkey pardoning one year.  It was some official White House event, and his daughters were there.  Some woman criticized them on Facebook and her life was basically ruined over it, and to be honest I thought her criticism wasn’t even that bad.  Then again, I wasn’t too bothered by how Obama’s daughters looked at that event.  He wasn’t going to be in office forever and the nation managed to survive, so whatever.  But even the mildest criticism of Obama’s daughters got one woman a LOT of shit, and it wasn’t fair.

Now we’ve got douchebags stating that if their mother were to be raped, they’d rather she be raped by Barron, because his penis is supposedly small.  Yes, someone actually said that about a ten year old boy.  Then there was that idiotic SNL “writer” who stated that Barron would be the first homeschool shooter.  She, at least, got suspended from SNL.  And she apologized.  People have also said that Barron is autistic, based on some freaking video footage and rumors.  As if being autistic were bad or something.  So what if he’s autistic?  The kid is rich, his parents can afford the best care money can buy.  It’s not your damn problem and it’s none of your damn business.

So, offer mild and fair criticism of a Democrat’s children, and your life is totally ruined.  But whenever it comes to a Republican’s kid, go ahead and mock them – call them rapists, call them stupid, claim that they’re insane and about to shoot up the house, call them sluts, make fun of their disability, etc.  That’s your liberal double-standards right there, and it’s disgusting.

It’s reason number 34098530459830598340598340583058340583405834095834085 for why I will NEVER vote Democrat.

So yesterday was pretty awesome

So yesterday was pretty awesome

I’m on a three-day mini vacation, and spent most of yesterday on the road.  I did, however, livestream the President and the Vice-President’s swearing in (and then turned it off, missing Jackie Evancho’s performance of our national anthem…will definitely watch it tonight).

It was amazing.  I felt so overwhelmingly proud to be an American, and thought of all the whiny leftists that got totally triggered that day, like this woman (who obviously staged this, knowing the cameras were focused on her):


Hehehe. Utterly hilarious.

Why does everything have to be political?

Why does everything have to be political?

Way back in November, I was reading this article over on Breitbart about how ESPN has lost thousands of subscribers in October:  ESPN Loses Over Half a Million Subscribers and one question popped into my head.  Why does everything have to be political?

There are probably many reasons why ESPN is losing so many subscribers.  It might not all be due to politics, but in the article, the ESPN ombudsman stated that the network had been tilting too far to the left lately:

ESPN Ombudsman Jim Brady, admitted that the network lurched way too far to the left in recent years, alienating many viewers.

I don’t watch sports at all, but I know how sports fans feel, if they are indeed canceling their subscriptions over the political content.  It’s SPORTS, people!  Why are they talking about politics at all?  These days, the left has to inject their opinions in everything – music, movies, books, magazines, TV shows, fashion, and video games.  Sports was the last thing they hadn’t ruined, and then Colin Kapaernick had to take a knee and now they’ve gone overboard.  It’s absolutely everywhere.

Take magazines for example.  I love reading fashion magazines.  I’ve been reading them since I was a kid, when my mom bought me Sassy and ‘TEEN after I had ‘become a lady.’  I had a political blog about eight years ago that I kept private because I was afraid of being harassed by liberals, and back then I noticed the overwhelming bias.  This year, the top fashion magazines made a big deal out of endorsing Hillary Clinton for President in their November issues.  Vogue did it, Glamour did it, and Elle probably did, although I have not read that issue.  Vogue made a big deal out of never having endorsed a Presidential candidate before, and that because of the “historic” nature of this one, they just had to.  Vogue put Michelle Obama on the cover of the December issue and I canceled my iPad subscription (too late, because I have already paid for that issue).

These magazines never have anything nice to say about Republicans.  Sure, Vogue did a piece on Sarah Palin before the 2008 election (it appeared in the February 2008 issue) and it wasn’t too bad, but their tone changed once she was selected as McCain’s running mate.  Vogue has also done a piece on South Carolina governor Nikki Haley (who has been nominated as the ambassador to the UN).

The September 2012 issue of Elle had a nasty hit-piece on Republican women.  I think Marie Claire has done a few pieces on Republican women, but the majority of anything mentioning Republicans or conseravtives is overwhelmingly negative.  It’s fashion – why are there any political articles in these magazines?  Most of them are cringingly bad anyway.

I will never, ever forget this little feature in an issue of Marie Claire.  I will have to look through my archives to find out which issue it was, but it was a few years ago.  It was a list of possible talking points to use when at a party.  Among them was a talking point about gun rights.  The suggested talking point was this (paraphrased):  How does having a gun in my thong drawer keep me safe?

Really?  Well, let me see.  First of all, unless your thongs are all kept in your nightstand drawer, having your gun there isn’t such a great place, because it’s kind of out of reach.  Seconds matter.  I think that it’s only logical to have your gun as close as possible.  And a thong drawer?  Jesus.  I don’t own any butt floss.  Why not a sock drawer?  Furthermore, the gun is only useful if you know how to use it.  I don’t own a gun and I have never actually used one, but I would like to someday.  Gun rights are very important to me.  I’m short and unfit, and even if I were fit, I’m still a short woman, and can use all the help I can get.

Of course, this liberal bias is everywhere.  During the Bush years, artists like Tori Amos and Pink would write songs about how much they hated Dubya.  Madonna would shriek “fuck you George” at her concerts.  Dita Von Teese tried to rape a George Bush look-a-like for a music video by Agent Provocateur.  Green Day wrote a whole album about how horrible rednecks are, or whatever.  And who could forget all of those horrible, ridiculous, one-sided anti-war movies?  Most of them flopped, so maybe it is possible to forget them.

But back to the point.  Sports isn’t even safe now.  You cannot escape the liberal crap.  They push their agenda and their opinions on absolutely everything.