Dear Taylor Swift Fans

I see you worship this stupid slut as if she were your goddess, or something.  Well, I have an opinion and I shall express it: FUCK YOUR GOD   And fuck Twitter for making me wait SIX FUCKING DAYS to respond to those cunts.  Anyway, yeah, I’m mad.  I’m mad at how someone can say […]


A quick post. So, some PBS cartoon called Arthur had a (very unnecessary) episode in which a male adult character marries another male adult character, and two states – Alabama and Arkansas – decided to withdraw the episode from airing. The left absolutely lost its fucking mind over this, and yet were totally unable to […]

On Second Thought…

So it appears that Amelie Wen Zhao has had a change of heart.  She’s made some revisions to her book, Blood Heir with the help of some experts on slavery and a few more “sensitivity readers” to ensure that it is more easily understood that her story is inspired by modern-day slavery, and will publish the […]

Why All the Hate

I saw the following post on Reddit and decided to make a response on the blog, primarily because I’m a coward. Also, I’m lazy and I really don’t like typing on an iPad screen. r/AskThe_Donald – Brie Larson: Why the hate? Ok, here I go. I have been wondering about all the media attention and […]

Shut up, Incest Queen

Update 3/31/19: Somebody is clearly capable of dishing it but can’t take it. Fucking cowards: But she can say “fuck you” to anyone that disagrees with her. Fucking figures. Leftists have consequence-free rights and the rest of us are censored and punished for speaking our minds. Anyway… Before I say anything else – despite this […]

Mental Illness Isn’t Glamorous

So I was moseying around on my iPad, and came across this Twitter thread: The Sun on Twitter Beverley Callard says celebs are trying to make mental health problems ‘fashionable’ Piers Morgan on Twitter She’ll be hammered for saying this, but it’s 100% true. Sophie Turner on Twitter Or maybe they have a […]

Half-Assed Wokeness

I’ve written like, half a post about the Christchurch shootings but I just don’t want to deal with that right now, so here’s a brief post about something else entirely. So, Joanne Rowling’s shameless cash grab – aka those Fantastic Beasts movies – is about to come out on BluRay and DVD, and some details […]

On Strong Women

I really dislike the phrase “strong women” simply because the left keeps parroting it, and are completely obsessed with the concept. Yet, I’ve been watching and reading about “strong women” my whole life. And they’re acting like “strong women” is a very recent phenomenon. I’ve already covered this, in part, in my post on the […]