It’s Happening Again

  It hasn’t even been a month since the Blood Heir debacle, and SJWs are after yet another book.  This time, it’s a gay “historical” romance/thriller set in Kosovo, written by a black man who also happens to be gay. The book is called A Place of Wolves, written by Kosoko Jackson, and takes place in the late […]

I Hate Freemium Games

Featured image from Pixabay I really do. I cannot stand them, and yet there’s a couple that I actually play. So, a few months ago – or weeks ago, I can’t remember – I was over at the Kiwi Farms, reading through the thread on Movie Bob, a fat blubbertub that I absolutely cannot stand, […]

It’s Just A Fucking Movie

Okay. I’ve tried to ignore this, but I cannot. I briefly got into the whole Marvel thing because I thought Sebastian Stan was hot. Then he callously fired his personal assistant and I was like, screw that. So I haven’t watched Avengers: Infinity War partly because of that and partly because the, uh, ending is […]

Leave Marie Kondo Alone

Marie Kondo is a Japanese tidying expert, and she’s got a show on Netflix, called Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.  It’s on my queue, but I haven’t watched it yet.  On the show, she helps people clean up their houses by getting rid of stuff they don’t need.  Kind of sad that we need to be […]

Prudishness is the new hotness

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels So leftist outfits like Tumblr and Facebook have decided to ban sexually explicit material.  The reason?  Well, in the case of Facebook, it’s to pander to Muslims and other religions that take an extremely hard-line stance to shockingly sexual things like bare ankles and bare heads.  OMG SO […]

Yes, feminists ruin everything

Okay, most people wouldn’t consider me a big time gamer, but I consider myself a gamer. That being said, I haven’t played the Battlefield series at all. I’m not that into those ultra-realistic first person shooters that just look like war simulations. If you’re into that, cool. Before becoming obsessed with Fallout 4, I’ve never […]