This is Really Pissing Me Off

I know Twitter is deeply biased. You know Twitter is deeply biased. Facebook is deeply biased too, but while I (stupidly) still have an account, I hardly ever use it for anything. I certainly don’t bother posting anything political, as there’s a lot of liberals in my family and I am too much of a […]

Periods – The New Feminazi Crusade

So feminazis are always bitching about something. One of the few things they’re good at is finding something to bitch about. I’ve noticed something in the past few years, and that’s feminazis wailing about how oppressed they are because nobody celebrates the menstruation cycle. Seriously. CBS even made a freaking documentary about it: CBS News […]

New Theme

I was going to choose a new theme back in January, but never got around to doing it. Now it’s almost March, and I’ve finally chose one. This is simpler, has less graphics, and the full post no longer appears anymore, as my posts are getting increasingly longer. Now, if you want to read something […]

Alternate platforms

Featured image from Pexels So, Alex Jones – the face of Info Wars – has been banned from YouTube (which is devastating, because he had hundreds of videos on his channel) and Facebook. The InfoWars podcast has been delisted at Apple and has been removed from Spotify. He’s been, in short, totally deplatformed. The only […]

Okay, I don’t hate Jetpack

I just hate the latest version.  What happened is that the connection between my two self-hosted sites and broke.  I was able to see my stats in the browser and in the iOS apps, but I wasn’t able to see posts in the iOS app and drafts would fail to save.  My only alternative […]

I hate Jetpack

Somehow, my Jetpack installation is shot.  I cannot post using or the iOS app.  I cannot use iAWriter or anything that needs Jetpack to publish to draft.  I thought it might have been my theme, but I was wrong, and now all the customizations are gone because I stupidly changed themes. I have a […]

I really hate web ads

I do.  I really, really hate web ads – the kind of ads you see on web pages.  I’ve been using the Web regularly since 1996, so I’ve seen all kinds of ads.  First there were banner ads, and then pop up ads, and then noisy Flash ads, and then double-underlined text links within a […]

A post about social anxiety disorder

I posted something on Medium called “You can’t just turn it off.”  It’s about my, uh, struggle with social anxiety disorder (so there’s one reason you can’t post comments on my blog).  It’s short.  I mentioned things I didn’t really want to mention, but helping erase the stigma surrounding mental illness in general is really important […]

Gab is open

Gab is no longer in closed beta.  Anyone can sign up for an account. If you don’t know what Gab is (, it is a social network in the mold of Twitter, with the upvote/downvote feature of Reddit.  Instead of a 150 character limit, you get a 300 character limit.  There’s hashtags and the ability […]