I Miss Web 1.0

I don’t miss everything about the Internet of the late ‘90s/early ‘00s, but there’s a lot to miss about it. My family bought our first computer in 1996, I think. It was somewhere around there…between ’95 and ’97 at least. I know we were living at Eglin AFB when they bought it. Anyway, ever since […]

Dissenter Browser – Linux Edition

I didn’t spend much time with the Linux version, as I no longer have a dedicated Linux machine. Instead, I checked it out on a virtual machine, of which was running on my grandfather’s 27” iMac. I used Ubuntu 18.04, and it was kind of a chore to get it to install. I double-clicked the […]

Facebook is a Publisher

Considering their recent actions, they really ought to be considered a publisher, and not a platform. So Facebook and Instagram (of which is owned by Facebook) have decided to ban Milo Yiannopoulos, Laura Loomer, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson (including content from InfoWars), and, curiously, Louis Farrakhan, from their site. Even mentioning any of these […]

The Dissenter Browser, Mac Edition

So Gab was generous enough to release a beta version of Dissenter for Mac. I was actually out shopping when I saw the link, and had to wait a couple of hours to download and install it. Anyway, I am very pleased with the Mac version. Look and Feel Right away I saw that it […]

The Dissenter Browser

So I have finally gotten my hands on Gab’s new Dissenter browser, now that they’ve released a public beta. As noted previously, the browser is a fork of Brave, of which is a fork of Chromium (and is open source), therefore it looks exactly like Brave, save for some minor customizations. The first thing I […]

You Need to Know What You’re Talking About

Tried to post this on Dissenter, but I guess there were too many characters. Sigh. I’ve needed to make a post anyway. So I saw this on Dissenter. Gab is forking Brave, and Brave is forking furious Gab, the free-speech absolutist social media network, continues to look for creative ways to resist being silenced. Having […]