Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day!!! ūüáļūüáłūüáļūüáłūüáļūüáł

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I am so tired today. I had to work, and wasn’t too enthusiastic about it. Then I spent the rest of the day at a friend’s house, watching movies and eating hot dogs and turkey burgers (still trying to avoid beef).

I don’t really have much to say right now, because I am so tired, but I did want to mark the occasion. I am, and will probably always be so, so grateful to be an American. To be here, being able to work, to drive (well, in theory; I have no license), to dress however I want, to associate with whomever I want (up to and including having sex with someone without worrying about having my clitoris hacked off or being honor killed), etc.

A couple of days ago I watched a movie called Bitter Harvest, which is about the Holodomor. Josef Stalin, leader of the Soviet Union, couldn’t get Ukraine under control, so what he did was completely cut off their food supply. Many people died of starvation. This wasn’t confirmed until after the fall of the Soviet Union. No matter how ridiculous the left gets, we haven’t gotten to that point yet, thank God.

So yes, I am immensely grateful to be an American, no matter what any snobby European has to say about it. God Bless the USA.

I really hate web ads

I really hate web ads

breitbart article

I do. ¬†I really, really hate web ads – the kind of ads you see on web pages. ¬†I’ve been using the Web regularly since 1996, so I’ve seen all kinds of ads. ¬†First there were banner ads, and then pop up ads, and then noisy Flash ads, and then double-underlined text links within a page’s text that, upon hovering the cursor over it, would display information. ¬†Then they moved to full-page hijacking, square banners in the middle of pages, giant banners that briefly take over the screen and then move away after a few seconds, and pop-unders. ¬†Then came wretched Taboola and RevContent, fooling you into thinking that stupid bullshit clickbait like “This one weird trick will melt fat in nanoseconds!!!” ¬†These ads are hard to get rid of.

You name it, I’ve seen it.

I have ads on my book review blog, although I haven’t bothered to check if they still work or not. ¬† I don’t mind it if you block the ads on it. ¬†It’s fine.

Blocking ads is really important to me. ¬†Now, I don’t use Windows much anymore. ¬†My two primary computers are a Mac Mini (which I only use as a movie streaming server) and a MacBook Pro (with Retina display). ¬†I also use my grandfather’s 27″ iMac from time to time (it’s very handy for editing my books, as I can compare the notes I’ve written by having them on one side of the screen, with the actual book on the other). ¬†I don’t have to worry as much about malware delivered by bad ads (Mac users can still get viruses, trojans, worms and other malware). ¬†But back in the day, when I used my old Dell laptop regularly…yeah, I had to worry about ads. ¬†My parents ended up with so much garbage on their computers because of malware delivered by ads.

Another reason for me hating ads is that they consume memory and processing power. ¬†If you’re using a mobile device, it’s even worse, because downloading the ads consumes data. ¬†I currently have unlimited everything on my mobile plan, but not everyone does.

I use adblockers on every single device I own – iPhone, iPod Touch, laptop, desktop, Kindle Fire tablet, etc. ¬†I don’t browse the Web on my Playstation 4 even though I could, simply because there’s no adblocker on it. ¬†If a browser does not have adblocking capability I don’t use it.

I don’t trust ads. ¬†At all. ¬†Plus, they’re irritating and far too distracting. ¬†A list of the kinds of ads I hate:

  • Redirect ads. ¬†You see these on piracy sites and other sites of ill-repute. ¬†Encyclopedia Dramatica is a hilarious site, but I don’t like going there because of the horrible ads (and the hijack ads on that site are often pornographic). ¬†You’ll be at some website, and click a link and you’ll see the intended site for a brief moment, and then you’ll be forcibly redirected to some other website, often a full page ad.
  • Above-the-fold banner ads. ¬†These are like, really big ads that briefly take up half the screen. ¬†They’re often noisy and flashy. ¬†These are also called floating ads.
  • Square ads that appear after every single paragraph. ¬†Sites like Breitbart and Twitchy are notorious for these¬†highly irritating ads. ¬†They’re not that bad, it’s just that I can read a single sentence, then see an ad. ¬†Read another sentence, and see another ad. ¬†It’s ANNOYING. ¬†I use an adblocker on my devices, but on the mobile versions of these sites you can still see caption text saying “advertisement” in a gray font.
  • Ad takeover. ¬†This is usually in the form of the website’s background being turned into an ad. ¬†Kind of hard to block these in adblockers.
  • “Paid Content” or “Sponsored Content.” ¬†This shit is usually delivered by Taboola or RevContent and other similar networks. ¬†A lot of websites use this – they’ll look like they’re part of the web page, but instead of¬†relevant content it’ll be links to stupid garbage like “Why Trump doesn’t talk to Tiffany anymore” or “Katy Perry’s shameful secret that she doesn’t want anyone to know!” ¬†These ads are¬†so hard to get rid of. ¬†I stopped visiting one right-wing blog because these ads kept showing up.
  • Ad links. ¬†I don’t think these show up much anymore, but about a decade ago a lot of websites would install scripts that took certain keywords in their text and turned them into special links that would, upon mouse-over, reveal a special kind of tooltip that essentially served as an ad. ¬†One service was called IntelliTXT. Oh, I¬†hated those ads.
  • Video ads. ¬†I’m not talking about the ads that play before YouTube videos (although I hate those too). ¬†I’m talking about the kind of video ad you’d see while reading an article at CNN or something. ¬†A video might be embedded somewhere on the page, and all of a sudden something will start blaring from your computer speakers. ¬†You won’t know where the hell it’s coming from, until you scroll down and see a noisy video ad playing below the fold, so to speak. ¬†UGH.

Few things, however, will piss me off faster than an adblock blocker. ¬†Sites have now taken to detecting adblockers by determining which ads aren’t loading, and deliver you a message either begging you to add their site to the whitelist or by flat-out keeping you from consuming¬†any content on the site until you disable your adblocker and let in all their shitty ads.

Patheos, a blogging host that is¬†supposedly for faith, has recently implemented such an adblock blocker. ¬†Needless to say, I am not happy. ¬†At all. ¬†I don’t visit that site often – in fact, the only blogs on there that I bother to visit are Bristol Palin’s blog and Stacey Dash’s blog. ¬†Now I can’t look at either because they want to bombard me with annoying, intrusive advertising.

Here’s the kind of ads I can deal with. ¬†Banner ad at the very top of the screen, banner ad on the far right or far left side of the screen, and banner ad at the bottom of the screen. ¬†That’s it. ¬†Oh, and perhaps a smaller banner in between blog posts if we’re talking about blogs. ¬†And maybe an Amazon search box that allows the owner to make a commission if you buy something through their affiliate link.

Putting a fucking square ad after every damn sentence is annoying. ¬†Putting the same kind¬†of ad after every paragraph is also annoying. ¬†It’s distracting. ¬†People will either stop visiting altogether or will resort to using adblockers.

I couldn’t visit Breitbart without an adblocker. ¬†There’s entirely too many ads on that site and it’ll crash my browser, even on my MacBook, which is kind of old but is still high-end (I bought it in 2013 and it still runs like a champ, although my grandfather’s iMac has a much faster processor).

You remember toolbars? ¬†Seemed like every major website had a friggin toolbar for you to add to Internet Explorer or Firefox. ¬†I’m so glad those are out of vogue now.

Anyway. ¬†I know that a lot of websites rely on these horrible ads for revenue. ¬†I’m lucky because hardly anybody visits this blog, so my bandwith costs are very, very low.

Couldn’t we just have non-animated banner ads at the top and on the sides? ¬†Isn’t that enough?

Excellent example of media bias

Excellent example of media bias

So some insane Bernie Sanders supporter shot a bunch of Republican Congressmen.  Did the media and Hollywood shit bricks like they did when St. Gabrielle Giffords was shot?

Spoiler alert:  NO.

I had to work (and God Almighty, I hate my job with the fire and fury of a billion hot blue stars) so I followed the story as much as I could, given the circumstances, and I noticed a few things.

First, you had to pay attention when reading the initial reports. ¬†None of them mentioned the political affiliation of any of the shooting victims. ¬†Instead, the primary target, Rep. Steve Scalise, was described as the House Majority Whip. ¬†Well, that’s true – he¬†is the House Majority Whip. ¬†But he’s also a Republican. ¬†Only political nerds like me – or informed people, at least, would realize that he was a Republican given that he’s the House¬†Majority Whip. ¬†Which party currently enjoys a comfortable majority in both houses of Congress? ¬†The Republicans.

Second thing I noticed was that the background and motives of the shooter was not discussed at all.  Turns out that some witnesses claimed that the shooter asked around about the political affiliation of the Congressmen who were playing baseball that morning.

In case you didn’t know – early this morning, a lone asshole shot up a bunch of Republican Congressmen at a baseball field. ¬†Members of Congress often like to play baseball with one another. On occasion, the Dems and the Repubs will face off against one another in a friendly game.

So anyway, the third thing I noted was that the idiot Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, immediately called for more gun control.  This is hardly surprising.  The one thing I do find surprising is how slow St. Gabrielle has been in getting her face out there, calling for all of us to be robbed of our constitutional right to fucking defend ourselves.  But wait, because every idiot actor will be on TV insisting that we all turn our guns in because nobody was ever murdered until guns were invented.

So, fast forward to this afternoon, and it turns out that the shooter was indeed a crazy leftist who wanted to end the Republican party and the Trump presidency.

Now, here’s where we get into the whole media bias thing. ¬†I remember when St. Gabrielle was nearly martyred. ¬†The media literally held Sarah Palin as responsible for the attempted martyring of St. Gabrielle simply because her PAC (political action committee) published a graphic of several congressional districts they felt that should be targeted for a Republican victory – not literal murder. ¬†The media wagged their fingers and wrung their hands in despair over how¬†violent¬† and¬†angry the Tea Party was. ¬†Oh, and how¬†racist the Tea Party was, and how the shooter was¬†totally some crazed tricorn-hat-wearing Tea Partier hellbent on taking out his racist hatred for St. Obama on some poor innocent Democrat congresswoman, and that Sarah Palin was sending him subliminal commands to kill Democrats on sight via her oh-so-awful PAC graphic.

It was fucking ridiculous. ¬†St. Gabrielle didn’t get to die for the cause, but she was severely injured. ¬†She had to give up her seat and her husband dragged her around, propping her up as a Martyr for Gun Control and poster child victim for Right-Wing Gun Violence.

So yeah, the mainstream media demonized the Tea Party, Sarah Palin, the Republican Party and anyone else that dared to disagree with the gun control lobby and Obama in general as violent monsters who were¬†directly responsible for the attempted assassination of a sitting Congresswoman. ¬†Needless to say, I’m still extremely bitter over that.

Fast forward to today. ¬†The left has been staging violent protests ever since November, 2016. ¬†Hollywood actors have routinely either denigrated Trump and his supporters or have outright called for the assassination of the President and his followers (hello Michael Shannon, you fugly sack of shit – come at me, bro!). ¬†Plenty of Democrat politicians have done the same, one even going so far as to state that the only way they’ll get “change” is if the streets run rivers of red hot Republican blood.

Will the media hold any of these people, including themselves responsible for this hideous climate of hate?

Here’s another spoiler alert: ¬†NO. ¬†Not just no, but FUCK NO. ¬† I mean, sure, they allowed us to wreck the fugly Kathy Griffin’s career over her stupid beheading stunt, but they gotta throw us a bone here and there just to maintain the illusion of fairness. ¬†Kathy Griffin was nothing more than a convenient sacrifice so they can say, “see, we police our own!” ¬†It’s bullshit and nobody with two brain cells to rub together should fall for it.

I apologize for the salty language. ¬†I didn’t want to write profanity-laden screeds on this blog, but I’ve had a really bad day today and this issue makes me so angry. ¬†Thank God some of the people at that baseball field had guns, or else the shooter might have gotten far more people. ¬†Furthermore, he appears to have been a lousy shot, which is good.

So you’re probably wondering who this shitstain actually is. ¬†Well, his name was James T. Hodgkinson, and you can view an archive of his Facebook page here. ¬†As you can see, he’s clearly a leftist.

I’ve included a screenshot below, and I’ve saved the actual archive file, in case it’s ever deleted.

berniebros are psychokillers

If this turns out to not be his, I’ll edit this post. ¬†But it’s probably his, and the guy is dead. ¬†I’m sure another nutcase will step in and pick up where he left off, though, and the media will breathlessly support this person because “hate speech” is violent and people who use it must be brutally murdered, or something, because muh feeeeeelings!!!

People these days are self-absorbed

People these days are self-absorbed

I read this article today, entitled “I bake new neighbors bread to welcome them, and they never say hello to me again” and found it incredibly interesting.

The author is about 70 years old. ¬†I am 35. ¬†If someone had welcomed me to a neighborhood in this fashion, I’d be grateful and flattered but would have probably retreated into my own world. ¬†I know that neighborhoods have been like this in the past, but I have never really experienced it. ¬†In my own childhood, I think my parents borrowed stuff from neighbors only a few times. ¬†I was an Air Force brat, so we moved a lot, and that might have something to do with it.

“I grew up in a community where everyone knew everyone. Neighbors shared their trials and tribulations with each other, and if someone was down on his or her luck, the others came to their rescue and offered support. The USA is no longer that country. We are divided and afraid of one another.

I had hoped that when Barack Obama was elected we would not only continue our healing from sad historical periods (slavery, and the hard times of civil unrest), but our nation would also be¬†united, blessed, and even better, for we are all Americans. Instead, it was further divided. The division is worse, tolerance is a forgotten word, and feelings are hurt over nothing. Shocking as it may be, it appears that people now think it is okay to take other people‚Äôs stuff, damage other people‚Äôs property, and even hurt other people physically.”

I don’t think we’re afraid of one another as much as people are just simply self-absorbed and intolerant. ¬†We know leftists hate right-wingers with a flaming, blazing passion. ¬†Most right-wingers just don’t want to deal with their ridiculous hatred. ¬†Of course, leftists will whine about how conservatives supposedly hate people that aren’t like them, but that’s bullshit and they know it. ¬†That might have been true when the author of this article was my age, but it isn’t anymore.

To be perfectly honest, thinking that Obama would “unite” the country upon being elected President was incredibly naive. ¬†He was a divisive asshole, and remained so throughout both of his terms. ¬†The left got emboldened and even more hateful, certainly to the point of staging mass riots over losing a Presidential election.

We conservatives and libertarians are not perfect. ¬†We’ve simply lost patience. ¬†We’ve decided to segregate ourselves from crazed feminists and BLM douchebags and environmentalists and socialists and the ANTIFA assholes.

I agree with the author that this is incredibly sad. ¬†We shouldn’t let politics keep us from associating with one another and we certainly shouldn’t let politics keep us from¬†helping one another. ¬†Unfortunately, I am pretty convinced that a leftist would let me die in the street if they knew I was a registered Republican. ¬†I know I can’t count on them for anything. ¬†The only liberals that will ever care about me are my own family members.

Now, the reason why I might come across as unfriendly is because I have social anxiety disorder. ¬†Getting a loaf of bread as a welcome gift would also stress me out. ¬†Would they expect anything in return? ¬†How often would I have to say “hello” or something? ¬†Yes, for me, those are real concerns. ¬†I don’t like being this way. ¬†I get so stressed out over¬†greeting people because of my anxiety (and my self-consciousness).

So anxiety is my excuse for seeming like a self-absorbed person. ¬†However, I don’t know about everyone else, other than this country being incredibly divided over politics. ¬†It’s sad and worrying. ¬†I truly believe that there will be another civil war in my lifetime, and that it’ll be started by the left, because they hate us¬†that much.

Ooh, look – consequences!

Ooh, look – consequences!

The odious Kathy Griffin decided to pose for a photograph in which she held up a bloody mask designed in the likeness of President Trump. ¬†The backlash was pretty severe – loads of leftists and people on the left and the right denounced it. ¬†Today, CNN decided to terminate the contract they had with her. ¬†She won’t be hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve show anymore.

This is new. ¬†Ordinarily, this kind of stunt would garner loads of praise for whoever performed it. ¬†Just a couple of months ago that piece of shit Steven Colbert said, on his shitty late night show, that President Trump was Vladimir Putin’s cock-holster (honestly, that’s just projection right there. ¬†He, and pretty much everyone else in Hollywood are all cock-holsters for the DNC, and they know it). ¬†People on the right complained about it, and leftists, including the mainstream media, predictably praised him for it. ¬†Oh, he’s so¬†brave, you see, speaking truth to power and all that. ¬†Nothing bad happened to him, his ratings improved and things are just peachy-keen for him.

Meanwhile, Bill O’Reilly loses his long-running cable night show on Fox News Channel over some¬†allegations of sexual harassment (including claims that he bought the silence of his supposed victims). ¬†Nothing has actually been proven and none of the parties involved have even settled the case, but oh no, advertisers fled the show anyway, so that gave the leftard sons of Murdoch all the reasons they needed to begin the great Conservative Purge. ¬†Fox News is no longer worth watching, save for Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

Oh, and speaking of Hannity. ¬†They decided that since their ouster of O’Reilly worked¬†so well that the third time would be the proverbial charm (the first one being the ouster of Roger Ailes, who basically built the network, after allegations of sexual harassment – he died recently, and liberals all had collective orgasms over it, which is something they do every time a conseravtive dies). ¬†USAA made the big mistake of declaring that they were going to stop advertising on Hannity’s show. ¬†Their customers got mad and started complaining, and then they decided to pull their ads from Rachel Maddow’s stupid crapfest, but their customers were still leaving in droves, so they recently decided to reinstate their ads on Hannity’s show. ¬†So it almost worked, but not this time. ¬†They won’t stop, though.

Look at what they did to Milo Yiannopolis.  Accused the man of being a freaking pedophile when he was, in fact, a victim!  His career and influence was just too great for them, so they had to destroy him.

I’m not going to write up a long list of the people leftists have destroyed (Brendan Eich, Sarah Palin and her whole family, Carrie Prejean – just to name a few). ¬†That might be another post for another day.

I am just utterly delighted that for once, a liberal’s stupid hateful stunt has bitten them in the ass. ¬†Oh, her “career” will recover. ¬†She’s nearly sixty and looks absolutely horrible even with makeup, and looks like a swamp hag without it, but she hates Republicans and Christians, so Hollywood will keep her around. ¬†Just wait a few months. ¬†That being said, this is a rare victory for our side.

Another thing I just have to mention. ¬†I, unlike many of my fellow conservatives, don’t feel that she is guilty of treason or should be thrown in prison for this stupid stunt. ¬†I think it’s doubtful that she would have actually¬†tried to behead the President. ¬†I do believe that she wouldn’t be too busted up if someone had been inspired to behead the President after seeing that image. ¬†But the Secret Service takes this stuff seriously, and I am glad they’re looking into it. ¬†I’m all for free speech. ¬†It’s their right to express their opinions even if it’s odious.

But liberals constantly point out that they support our right to hold the opinions we do and that we have the right to express them, but that there are¬†consequences. ¬†Oh, but those consequences usually take the form of the total ruination of a given conservative’s life. ¬†Like, for example, Aaron and Melissa Klein, the owners of the Oregon bakery¬†Sweet Cakes. ¬†They declined to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding and were fined heavily for it, and also got loads of death threats from disgruntled gay allies because of it. ¬†Yes, liberals think that it’s perfectly okay to send someone death threats because you said something they don’t like. ¬†Consequences, you see.

Well, now Kathy Griffin and her friends know what it’s like to be the Kleins, and they¬†deserve it. ¬†Griffin will recover…the Kleins, in all likelihood, will not. ¬†But for today, I will enjoy the sweet, sweet¬†schadenfreude.

The politicization of games

The politicization of games

I’m a gamer. I don’t think I am a particularly good gamer, but I’ve been playing games ever since I was a very small child. In fact, I kind of would rather play Elder Scrolls Online right now, but I have to have dinner soon, so yeah.

I have heard of the Far Cry series, but I’ve never played any of them, and now I never will. I saw this on Vox Day’s blog and was rather dismayed.


So, apparently, the villains in the fifth installment of the game will be white, straight, redneck males. And the branded sinner is probably some bleeding-heart liberal progressive who just wants to hold hands with everyone and sing stupid hippie songs.

Excuse me while I barf.

I‚Äôve seen this shit before. A few years ago, Bioshock: Infinite was released, a game that depicted patriotic Americans as evil racist assholes. Conservative outlets like The Blaze defended the game because the story had a secondary villain ‚ÄĒ the Occupy Wall Street type organization called Vox Populi.

I actually own two copies of Bioshock: Infinite. I bought it for my Mac through Steam, but it took up too much disk space (and caused my laptop to overheat) so I bought a two-pack that also included The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Needless to say, I enjoyed Skyrim a hell of a lot more than Bioshock: Infinite. I’ve created three characters on my Xbox 360 version and one character on the HD remaster for the Playstation 4. I have yet to finish Bioshock: Infinite and to be honest, it’s not because of the politics as much as it’s due to the fact that I suck ass at first person shooters on consoles. Since Fallout 4 and Destiny have made me better at first person shooters, I might give it another shot, especially if the HD remaster for the PS4 goes down in price.

But this politicization of games really irritates me. Yes, I know all about GamerGate, and I am a supporter. I don’t really pay much attention to game-related journalism because it’s all hopelessly biased to the left. Screw that.

This kind of stuff has been in games for quite a while, now. I can give you several examples. First one would be two games I greatly enjoyed, and both were released about a decade ago. Ubisoft’s Beyond Good and Evil is an underrated gem that is essentially all about how horrible the Iraq War was, and how noble and wonderful journalists were. The message isn’t really that heavy handed, though, and the game is seriously enjoyable despite the politics. I originally played that one on Playstation 2 and now I have an HD remaster for the Xbox 360.

Then there‚Äôs Dreamfall: The Longest Journey, another game that I absolutely loved. It‚Äôs actually the second in a series (the first one being The Longest Journey, released in 1999). It‚Äôs basically the same thing ‚ÄĒ Iraq War is bad, imperialism is bad, excessive escapism is bad. It‚Äôs still pretty good, though.

The long-awaited sequel to Dreamfall called Dreamfall: Chapters was released in 2014 (and only recently landed on consoles). More politics this time around, and it’s more heavy-handed. Main character Zoe returns to Earth (or Stark, as it’s called in the game) and lands smack-dab in the middle of a political campaign. Her candidate of choice is a moderate woman, and there’s a communist candidate (who is portrayed as extremist but well-meaning) and the racist Golden Dawn Aryan-nation white dude running as a Nazi in all but name. I haven’t gotten very far on this one because nowadays I’m not that into plain, linear adventure games anymore. I like open world RPGs with characters I can customize.

Some of my other favorite games, like Dragon’s Age: Inquisition also had some political stuff in it, but it’s mostly cultural. This game, like the Elder Scrolls series, includes a crapload of in-game literature you can read, and one of them essentially promoted recreational sex. That bothered me a little, but not so much that I didn’t buy some DLC. You can also have your character, the Inquisitor, enter in some gay relationships, but I didn’t have a problem with that. It’s something you choose anyway.

Elder Scrolls Online also pays lip service to the gay marriage thing by including some non-playable characters that happen to be in same-sex marriages or relationships. You only encounter them when doing certain quests. It‚Äôs not that big a deal, but it‚Äôs there, and I have to praise the developers of both games for the way they included this. It‚Äôs not the whiny, heavy-handed ‚Äúgays, good; Christians bad‚ÄĚ sort of thing you find in movies and books.

I also have to mention that a few years ago, some random douchebag created a game in which you kill zombified Tea Partiers.

Oh, and I almost forgot about Assassin’s Creed. I used to have a copy of the first game for the Xbox 360. I left it at my parents’ house. It’s a stealth game, and you play as a Muslim assassin. Your targets are the Knights Templar. Yeah, I can’t believe I played that game. Some of the gameplay mechanics really wowed people upon its release (providing inspiration for Tomb Raider: Underworld, a game I enjoyed far more). I got pretty far, and then my save game data inexplicably disappeared. I pretty much suck at stealth games, so I just gave up on it. I played through the tutorial of the second game, Assassin’s Creed 2 but since it was my brother’s copy, I just decided to leave the whole series alone.

The idea of killing Christians really bothered me. Call me biased, I don’t care. I think, over the course of the game series, your targets for assassination were the kind of people liberals hated, up to and including the American revolutionaries. I’m glad the stupid movie flopped.

Liberals are already excited for Far Cry 5 because they can pretend to kill conservatives in a video game. Make a game with Muslim terrorists as the antagonists and everyone will jump down your throat, call for boycotts and send you death threats. But simulate the killing of white Christian Americans? Oh yeah, fun and games for everyone!

The left is just so utterly hypocritical about EVERYTHING. As I said, I won’t play this game or anything else in the series, and I’m personally boycotting Ubisoft as well. Screw them. They don’t need my money.

A post about social anxiety disorder

A post about social anxiety disorder

I posted something on Medium called “You can’t just turn it off.” ¬†It’s about my, uh,¬†struggle with social anxiety disorder (so there’s one reason you can’t post comments on my blog). ¬†It’s short. ¬†I mentioned things I didn’t really want to mention, but helping erase the stigma surrounding mental illness in general is really important to me, more important than my ego.

I hope it helps someone.

Gab is open

Gab is open

Gab is no longer in closed beta.  Anyone can sign up for an account.

If you don’t know what Gab is (http://www.gab.ai), it is a social network in the mold of Twitter, with the upvote/downvote feature of Reddit.  Instead of a 150 character limit, you get a 300 character limit.  There’s hashtags and the ability to post pictures, follow other people, etc.  There is a paid tier with more features, and you can also simply donate money for the service’s upkeep.

I’ve been using it for a few months now, and I don’t have conversations with people – yet – but that’s also something you can do.

Gab is an alternative to Twitter, because the people at Twitter are biased.  Twitter lets terrorists post, but if some special snowflake is offended by anything a right-winger says, that right-winger gets suspended or permanently banned.  BLM douchebags can express racist hatred of white people all day long, but if a right-winger offers even the mildest criticism of the black community, they get suspended or banned.  Twitter does not apply their rules fairly.  That’s their right, and it’s your right to simply walk away and try something that treats people fairly.  That something is Gab.

There’s an Android app, but it’s a closed beta, I think it’s actually live and on Google Play.  I am not at home right now, so I used my iPhone to install it on my ghetto Verizon Android tablet.  They’ve been trying to get their iOS app off of the ground, but Apple are being jerks about it, since lots of right-wingers and alt-right people post on Gab, so to Apple that’s hate speech (but they let a lot of vile anti-Christian and anti-Republican stuff in the App Store).

I am on there as elainearias.  The link should be in the sidebar.  I am pretty happy about it, because it hasn’t attracted hordes of leftists yet, so if you say something salty, you won’t get a torrent of death threats from unhinged liberals.

Mention God or the Bible Anywhere, Get Lots of Hatred

Mention God or the Bible Anywhere, Get Lots of Hatred

I was just at a UFO site and someone mentioned God.  The Christian God, that is, and some atheist chimed in, stating that God was the biggest false God ever.

I swear, if you go to any mainstream or non-right wing/non-Christian website and mention God or any aspect of Christianity, some asshole atheist will chime in and denigrate you, God and religion in general. ¬†I am absolutely sick of it. ¬†I should probably talk to my therapist about it because it enrages me like nothing else, but I don’t want to talk politics or religion with, well, anyone that isn’t a close family member (and even among my family members there are some that I just don’t want to discuss politics with. ¬†This is primarily because I am insecure).

I am sure most right-wingers and Christians have noticed this. ¬†Can’t mention any aspect of our religion, no matter how mild, without being hounded and harassed by some disgruntled, hateful atheist.

Why do they keep doing this? ¬†Why do they care if someone on this planet mentioned God? ¬†So? ¬†It’s like these assholes get a rise out of pissing us off. ¬†I, for one, am not interested in “turning the other cheek” – I want to throw their bullshit right back in their face. ¬†I just hate flame wars, which is why I usually avoid¬†saying or¬†writing anything.

And another thing. ¬†I was laughed at on some Trump meme Facebook group for expressing concern that this psychotic, disturbing hatred for Christians will lead to active persecution of Christians in the west, but there are plenty of so-called “elites” who think there’s nothing wrong with persecuting Christians.

I don’t care if you’re an atheist. ¬†I had a crisis of faith a couple of years ago. ¬†I know it’s hard to believe in God sometimes and as I said, I don’t have a problem with most atheists, or anyone else of any other religion.

What I do have a problem with are assholes.  I have a problem with people who go out of their way to offend or hurt religious people.  This is becoming increasingly frequent in the West, and YES, it is scary to me.  YES, I believe that at some point, maybe in fifteen or twenty years, people like me will be physically attacked or worse, rounded up and taken to camps because so many people actively HATE Christians and Christianity.

These atheists never hesitate to insult and demean Christians. ¬†It could be a blog post on some celebrity gossip blog, a comment on Reddit, something on YouTube or even a Christian movie’s iMDB page – there’s always an atheist there to declare that God doesn’t exist, and that Christianity is the cause of all the ills of the world.

What do you think is the next step after that?  The Final Solution.  If Christianity is responsible for all of the ills of the world, what does one do about That Which Causes All The Bad Things?

You get rid of it.

And how do you get rid of it?

Read a fucking history book and get back to me.  I suspect many of you already know the answer.

A brief update on things

A brief update on things

Okay, so I know I haven’t posted in quite a while. ¬†I’ve been working on¬†Nemesis and I’ve finished what’s essentially a fourth draft, but I am still not entirely happy with it. ¬†Now it’s too long. ¬†It feels like a quick read to me, but then I’ve always been a pretty fast reader. ¬†I’m terrified to let other people read it, but I might enlist some of my family members as beta readers at this time. ¬†Maybe.

I am also working on¬†Blood Roses, partly because¬†The Handmaid’s Tale is absolutely EVERYWHERE, with idiot feminazis and other assorted liberals acting as if Trump were God-Emporer Pope or some shit, ready to make birth control pills and abortions illegal TOMORROW. ¬†Blood Roses depicts a world controlled by Sharia Law, which is scarier than anything coming from the so-called Religious Right. ¬†Not that the Religious Right were ever comparable to fundamentalist Muslims and such, but the left would have you believe that they are.

As for¬†The Black Witch¬†by Laurie Forest…I am about half-way through that book. ¬†I got sidetracked by¬†The Road to Jonestown by Jeff Guinn (easily the best book of the¬†year so far, at least in my eyes. ¬†I am going to post a review soon-ish). ¬†That was a far more riveting read than¬†The Black Witch, but at least Laurie Forest’s novel got released. ¬†I had preordered it a while ago and it was delivered to my Kindle. ¬†Reading a digital version will be so much easier, because one of hte other reasons I didn’t want to read it as much was my tendency to rush to my computer to take copious notes every other page. ¬†Reading it was a chore.

The leftist hysteria over the novel is unfounded, from what I’ve read so far. ¬†I also found an interview by the author that essentially states that the novel was inspired by the gay marriage fight in her homestate. ¬†As in, those awful Christians are such liars and monsters. ¬†Despite her extremely low opinion of Christians, I don’t regret defending her from her own kind. ¬†I could have very easily just left them to it – for the most part, it’s fun watching the left eat its own, but in this case, I could not stand by and let a falsehood go unchallenged. ¬†I will finish the book and I will post a review. ¬†It might not be this week or next week or even this month, but I will get to it eventually. ¬†The book is just not that fun to read, to be honest.

So that’s where I am right now. ¬†I have some posts lined up and if anyone is still reading this blog, there’ll be more to read soon.