I Am On Twitter

So I have a Twitter account and have had it for like, a couple of weeks. It is @RealElaineArias and you can follow me there. I am still active on Brighteon Social, however, and you can still find me on Gettr, Truth Social, Gab, and Minds as simply ElaineArias.

By Elaine Arias July 21, 2023 0

The Insurrection That Didn’t Happen

Today is my sister’s birthday. Before January 6, 2021, that’s what it’s always been and to be honest that is what it is to me. Now it’s the anniversary of a protest that the Democrats have deemed an insurrection. Of course, an insurrection or even an attempt at one did not happen that day, but…

By Elaine Arias January 6, 2024 0

Pray For Me

So today one of my favorite bands, Within Temptation, has released an album. It’s called Bleed Out and the media is calling it their most political album ever, and one of the songs is entitled Don’t Pray For Me which was written in reponse to some abortion restrictions passed in Poland. The lead singer, Sharon…

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Okay, Groomer

So Banned Books Week is this week, October 1-7, which seems to be a departure from it being held in mid to late September, but no matter. The left is up to its usual antics, and I’ve noticed that they’ve been promoting the whole “banned books” thing all year. I go to Barnes and Noble…

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Unraveling the Thread

Meta’s Twitter clone Threads officially launched today, although I, and a few hundred other people got access to the Threads app yesterday afternoon. I have been using it for as much time as I could today, given that I work full time. These are just my initial impressions. So the app was delivered to my…

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Definitely Not Tired of Winning

So last week we had three important victories from the Supreme Court, underlining how important it is to not only hold the White House, but both the House and Senate, to ensure that we can get good constitutionalists on the Supreme Court. Whatever you think of Trump’s three Supreme Court appointees, they’ve delivered. I also…

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So It’s (Finally) Official

This past Wednesday, snake-in-the-grass Governor Ron DeSantis finally made his presidential campaign official. Before I continue, I am sorry for the lack of updates. I don’t know how many people even view my blog anymore – probably not much – but I figure I’d make one anyway. A lot of things – work, a cat…

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So yeah, even I kinda cringed when Trump debuted this nickname on Truth Social, but then this happened: DeSantis Finally Breaks Silence On Possible Trump Indictment, Takes Jab At Trump While Doing So As T he Gateway Pundit previously reported, Governor Ron DeSantis has refrained from speaking about Trump being possibly arrested on Tuesday. DeSantis’s…

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We Are Officially A Banana Republic

Edit 3: Happy April Fool’s Day! We’re still stuck in Clown World and it looks like things aren’t going to get any less absurd anytime soon, so here we go. Two years ago, in October of 2020, the late and great Rush Limbaugh predicted that the Democrats were done with elections. Given the results of…

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