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    Like, I Feel Unsafe

    The left absolutely loves claiming they feel unsafe anytime they see something they don’t like. So, in case you haven’t been following political crap (god I need a new hobby), author Joanne K Rowling recently came out against the transgender cult, basically claiming that being a woman is far more than just one’s genitals and that no, transwomen are not women (transmen are not men either). The left absolutely lost their damn minds over that. One Harry Potter fansite even scrubbed her name and all references to her from their site, because some tranny freak might feel unsafe. A few…

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    So my post on the cancellation of Ember Days by Alexandra Duncan has made some waves. It was posted on Free Republic and, of course, Bethany C Morrow herself has taken notice of it. She is, predictably, angry over it.…

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    Guest Comments Allowed

    I’ve allowed guest comments, so you shouldn’t have to sign up for Disqus or use the Contact Me form to make comments. So, be good! 😉

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    White Jesus

    A lot of people have taken offense to the Western depiction of Jesus Christ as some blue-eyed, blond-haired white guy. Over the years, however, I’ve realized that various cultures around the world have depicted Jesus Christ in their own ways,…

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    Another Franchise Destroyed

    So the biggest buzz in the gaming world is the release of The Last of Us Part 2 and how horrible it is. Before I continue, I just want to note that I have not played The Last of Us…

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    Dispatches from Clown World (Issue 1)

    Another day in freaking Clown World. I just wanted to comment on some of the happenings of recent times.  I might make this a regular feature, I dunno. Oh, and before I say anything else… HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! I appreciate…

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    You Made Your Bed

    …And now you must lie in it. So, for those of you who have been reading my blog (all five of you), it’s been established that the left is flat out evil. A while ago…not even sure how long ago…

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    A Warning

    I’m only going to give you one warning. I know you’re here because I said “all lives matter” on Instagram and now you want to kill me because I’m some self-loathing house nigger. However, I’d like to let you know…

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    Amy Lee is an imbecile

    I was a fan. I mean, I still am, I guess. I don’t know. But…I can’t: stupid Facebook post Here is a screenshot of the post and my scathing responses: Now I want you to take a look at this…

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    The History Channel Is Racist

    …According to the douchebag you see in the image above. So I was relaxing and messing around on YouTube when I saw the video below in my list of recommendations: The premise of the video, entitled “The Decline of the…