Never give up – never let them get you down

February 26, 2017 Off By Elaine Arias

I’m a little late to the Milo party/pile-on, but I have to say just one last thing.  I follow him on Facebook and he’s gone back to posting news stories as usual.

I am very glad for this.  I am glad he’s not hiding away in a corner (although, to be honest, he probably has hired some people to post on his website and Facebook page, but that’s okay – loads of people do it).  He’s going to be back after this, better than ever.

I also caught a glimpse of his partner.  I hope the left never finds this guy – they will destroy him, especially because he is black.  I am also glad Milo has someone to help him through these times.

We cannot just jettison our loyal soldiers the way the #NeverTrumpers and RINOs do.  That’s one of the right’s biggest failings – some of us have absolutely no loyalty and practice no forgiveness.  You screw up, you’re done.  No second chances, no forgiveness, no attempt at trying to understand.  Not that I’m saying we should accept actual wrongdoing either…but in this case, Milo didn’t do anything wrong.  He got hit by some idiotic group calling themselves the Reagan Battalion and the left latched on to it.

As I said, I’m glad he’s still doing what he does best.