Month: June 2017

I really hate web ads

I do.  I really, really hate web ads – the kind of ads you see on web pages.  I’ve been using the Web regularly since 1996, so I’ve seen all kinds of ads.  First there were banner ads, and then pop up ads, and then noisy Flash ads, and then double-underlined text links within a…

By Elaine Arias June 24, 2017 Off

Excellent example of media bias

So some insane Bernie Sanders supporter shot a bunch of Republican Congressmen.  Did the media and Hollywood shit bricks like they did when St. Gabrielle Giffords was shot? Spoiler alert:  NO. I had to work (and God Almighty, I hate my job with the fire and fury of a billion hot blue stars) so I…

By Elaine Arias June 14, 2017 Off

People these days are self-absorbed

I read this article today, entitled “I bake new neighbors bread to welcome them, and they never say hello to me again” and found it incredibly interesting. The author is about 70 years old.  I am 35.  If someone had welcomed me to a neighborhood in this fashion, I’d be grateful and flattered but would…

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