Month: May 2020

Amy Lee is an imbecile

I was a fan. I mean, I still am, I guess. I don’t know. But…I can’t: stupid Facebook post Here is a screenshot of the post and my scathing responses: Now I want you to take a look at this article: I will take a screenshot of that article to show you the date it…

By Elaine Arias May 31, 2020 0

The History Channel Is Racist

…According to the douchebag you see in the image above. So I was relaxing and messing around on YouTube when I saw the video below in my list of recommendations: The premise of the video, entitled “The Decline of the History Channel” is about how the channel’s programming was originally legitimate documentaries and series, and…

By Elaine Arias May 14, 2020 0

The #MeToo “Movement” is Total Bullshit

It has become more obvious than ever that the various anti-sexual harassment movements, the MeToo and TimesUp garbage were just that – total and utter garbage. These organizations or movements or whatever you want to call them exist for one reason and one reason only: as a weapon for feminazis to use against people they…

By Elaine Arias May 3, 2020 0