Month: November 2021

Twitter Has A New CEO, LOL

I am laughing because only someone truly naive would think that a new CEO at Twitter would make anything better.  It clearly hasn’t.  The new CEO is some totalitarian monster from India who has absolutely no respect or regard for the First Amendment.  One would think that rather important, given that Twitter is an American company…

By Elaine Arias November 30, 2021 0

…And The Salt Shall Flow

I woke up this morning, got informed of the lovely speeding ticket I’ve incurred (damn lead foot), had breakfast and then swept the kitchen.  Once all of that was done, I sat down with my iPad and checked YouTube (I am hopelessly addicted to it).  My man Salty Cracker had uploaded a video seventeen minutes prior,…

By Elaine Arias November 19, 2021 0