99 Red Balloons Go By

99 Red Balloons Go By

February 5, 2023 0 By Elaine Arias

I love that song – both the English version and the original German version. It’s by Nena, who are still big in Germany, but only had the one hit here in the US.

I am sure you know what this post is going to be about – the Chinese spy balloon that’s been sighted over the US…that has traveled the length of the continental US before finally being shot down by the military. It even flew over Fort Bragg in North Carolina, an area I used to live in.

Of course, the balloon in question wasn’t red, but the color red is often associated with communism and communists, so I couldn’t help myself.

Take a look at this from The Gateway Pundit:

Here is a List of the US Military Bases in the Path of the China Spy Balloon As it Traversed Across the Continental United States

The China spy balloon tracking model over the continental US. On Saturday the Biden regime admitted the China spy balloon crossing the continental US was first spotted a week earlier in Alaska back on January 28th. The balloon flew from Alaska into Canada and down into the continental US.

The post says that this is an unprecedented event in US history, and it is. It’s been long suspected that the Bidens have shady associations with the communist regime currently ruling China, and seeing the map of the spy ballon’s traversal across the US isn’t exactly dissuading anybody of those suspicious. Certainly not me.

Stealing elections has consequences. At this point, anyone denying that the 2020 Presidential election was stolen is, frankly, a treacherous asshole. If you’re one of them, I am not going to apologize for that. The Biden administration let this happen, let this balloon travel across the continental US, taking as many pictures as they possibly can, before doing something about it. And some Biden cronies have claimed that the Chinese flew spy balloons over the US when Trump was in office (which is a flat out lie), of which was refuted by both Trump and John Bolton (who are definitely not friends, by the way).

I don’t believe, for a single second, that this was ineptitude by the fraudulent Biden administration. No, they did this on purpose. They conveniently allowed the balloon to traverse the entire continental US, after it had first entered US territory over Alaska (so it got some good shit from there, too – only Hawaii-based secrets were spared, I guess) and didn’t shoot it down until it had left US territory, and by US territory I mean North Carolina. If I were still living there and had been near Fort Bragg while it flew over I might have gotten to see it.

Flopping Aces has a good take on the situation, and yes, Xinnie the Pooh has essentially made creepy Joe his bitch:

Xi establishes dominance over Biden. All it took was a balloon

Xi Jinping has established dominance over Joe Biden and all it took was a balloon. China sent a highly sophisticated maneuverable surveillance balloon sailing over the United States. It crossed into US airspace over Alaska on January 28th, crossed into Canada and then back over the US, pausing over

I am sure the rest of the world is overjoyed at America’s utter humiliation. That’s why so many Eurotrash, for example, love it when a Democrat is in office, because it’s guaranteed that the Democrat president will allow the US to be bullied and humiliated. Hell, Obama literally went on an apology tour for them.

This makes me so angry, though, because defending our country, including our airspace, is one of the fundamental duties of the Executive branch, and Creepy Joe absolutely failed at that (on purpose, in my opinion). That’s only assuming he didn’t just let it sail over our country on purpose. Oh, and reading through the above post will absolutely piss you off, considering all the other shit China has been doing in the US over the decades.

Oh, and the mainstream media also conveniently covered for Biden by bringing up some whataboutism – the aforementioned fairy tale that China sent balloons sailing over the US when Trump was in office:

Fake News Plays Cleanup: Says China Spy Balloons Flew Over US During Trump Years – Trump Officials Deny Reports (VIDEO)

The China spy balloon tracking model over the continental US. On Saturday the Biden regime admitted the China spy balloon was first spotted in Alaska back on January 28, flew from there into Canada and down into the continental US. On Tuesday the balloon entered Idaho and crossed the US for the next four days….

Even if that were true, that does not absolve Biden of anything. He was supposed to be better than Trump. He was supposed to be the scandal-free grown up who was supposed to save America from the excesses of the Trump administration. If Trump couldn’t catch these balloons, why the fuck it is it okay that Biden took a whole freaking week to shoot it down, and conveniently over international waters so that China has a chance to go grab their booty?

Oh, and take a gander at this, which is from the article above:

“On Sunday morning a FOX News reporter pushed back on these claims. She spoke with Michael Bolton, Ric Grenell, Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper, and others who said they had never heard of this happening. And if it did, they were not notified – which is just as bad.

Emphasis mine. I wouldn’t be surprised if this happened. There’s a lot of treacherous leftists at all levels of our government, and even Trump’s appointees regularly sabotaged his efforts, so for all we know, three balloons did float over the US when Trump was in office, but he and his defense team and anyone else that needed to know were never notified of it, likely because they’d have insisted on shooting it down.

We can’t afford another four years of Biden, or any Democrat, and certainly not four years of some milquetoast RINO that spends way too much crapping on Trump. This is yet another reason why I am for Trump all the way in 2024.