Cry Me A River

Cry Me A River

February 5, 2023 0 By Elaine Arias

I’m sure you’ve wondered why certain film franchises have gone woke recently. Or why so many houses are being bought by one company, only to be rented out. And many other things.

Well, one of the culprits regarding the wretched state of the world right now is investment firm BlackRock, who have brought us ESG.

Well, the founder and CEO of BlackRock, Larry Fink, is massively butthurt over the “narrative” surrounding BlackRock and how they’re focused on forcing all of us to be leftists as opposed to making money for their shareholders.

The first I heard of BlackRock is when people started publishing articles about how they bought people’s houses dirt cheap in order to rent them out, and that they wanted to turn Americans from homeowners to renters. Turns out that was just the tip of the iceberg.

ESG stands for environmental, social and governance and they basically won’t deal with anyone that doesn’t meet their stupid ESG standards. It has, predictably, gotten quite the backlash from my fellow right-wingers, including Republicans serving in government.

“This comes as there has been significant pushback from Republicans across the United States, with some state treasurers divesting state funds and calling for Fink to “resign or be removed” from the firm’s leadership team “immediately” over his obsession with pursuing a leftist “political agenda.””


Now their CEO, Larry Fink, is supremely butthurt over this backlash.

“Larry Fink said that criticism of ESG investing has become personal and accused critics of trying to “demonize” an investment strategy he has championed for the past several years.”


Oh, so it’s ugly and personal? Gee, I wonder why. Perhaps this article over at Medium can shed some light on why his shitty little investment strategy is getting so much criticism:

View at

The above post is from 2021, written by a former USA Today journalist, but it sheds a lot of light on how powerful BlackRock really is.

Why are so many companies and brands all of a sudden, for the past decade or so, painting their logos rainbow every June, and green every April? Why to random brands like Oreo take a stance on culture war issues like sexual orientation?

“For starters, such investing methods are highly political and veer far to the left. Companies often get good grades for supporting lefty causes such as Black Lives Matter. Oil companies like Exxon will get higher marks for building wind farms that produce energy inefficiently.”


And there you have it – one reason why so many companies and brands actually took sides in the whole George Floyd mess from 2020. It’s one thing to go green, since these people – well, some of them – ardently believe that the planet is in dire danger due to human activity and its influence on the environment. The “environmental” part I at least get. The “social” part and the “governance” part I do not. Those two parts of this investment strategy are clearly leading to tyranny. These companies have no business preaching anything to any of us. Freaking Oreo cookies have no business preaching anything to us for any reason. It’s a freaking cookie.

This blogger has a pretty good breakdown of why companies go “woke”, and BlackRock is like, a third of why they go woke:

Woke Capitalism – Why Companies Like Disney Go Woke | Andy Art TV

Ever since 2016, when Donald Trump got elected people have been asking, why do entertainment companies go woke. Everything they do seems to go against their purpose as a company. The purpose of a company is to make money but it seems that modern day entertainment companies are willing to sacrifice profit for activism and make sure that the “message” gets across.

These companies all supported the riots of 2020, and they all supported the pandemic lockdowns. It’s not just about wanting a cleaner environment – it’s about going outside the government to turn this world into something it’s clearly not.

These companies and the three big investment firms clearly believe that the money is indeed with progressive causes – they do not believe in “get woke, go broke” and you’ve even got leftist journalists claiming that it’s a myth that going woke will end up in going broke. I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Yes, overtly woke stuff flops and overly woke ad campaigns usually fail, but mainstream, apolitical stuff subsidizes the woke crap. Plus, investment firms are more than happy to keep throwing money towards leftists that keep putting out leftist garbage.

Larry Fink has now joined the ranks of Klaus Schwab and George Soros as a boogey-man of the right, and he clearly doesn’t like it. Not that I’m making light of those other two assholes – I hate them both and I’ll be the first to point out that they’ve both done a lot of harm to the world with their bullshit (especially George Soros, who, despite being Jewish, is literally – LITERALLY – a Nazi collaborator). But Larry Fink believes he’s a good guy, you see, not a megalomaniacal asshole like those other guys. Too bad he is a megalomaniacal asshole like those other guys. So yeah, the criticism of his ESG investment strategy is personal and ugly because that investment strategy has hurt a lot of people. It will stay that way as long as he continues to pursue it, and of course he is, because as Vox Day says, SJWs always double down.

BlackRock Will Continue Leftist ESG Push in New Year Despite Backlash

BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, will continue to push for leftist environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policies when it engages with companies and exercises its voting rights – despite backlash from Republicans. The asset manager says it will make no significant changes to the way it plans on engaging with companies and voting on environmental and social issues next year.

Maybe I am being highly optimistic and deluded, but this whole notion that leftism/progressivism/communism is so overwhelmingly popular is an illusion propped up by BlackRock and the mainstream media. It’s gaslighting and it’s also a tactic to make us all feel isolated and helpless to do anything. Not that there aren’t a lot of idiot leftists out there – there are, and I now live among them.

I don’t mind people being leftists as much, as long as they aren’t jerks about it. Unfortunately, they are and stupid crap like ESG is only making them more bold in being such horrible people.

Photo by kazuend on Unsplash