Off The Rails

Off The Rails

March 3, 2023 0 By Elaine Arias

So there’s another concerning story out there, and that’s the train derailments, especially the one that happened in East Palestine, Ohio. This happened on February 3, which was nearly a month ago.

Data: More Toxic Chemicals on Derailed Ohio Train than First Reported

2,503 The fiery derailment of a train carrying toxic chemicals along the Ohio-Pennsylvania line last week spewed more harmful pollutants into the air, surface soils and water table than originally reported, fresh data made available Monday suggests. About 50 cars on a Norfolk Southern Railroad train derailed on Feb.

Toxic chemicals have spilled into the Ohio River:

East Palestine Railway Toxins Did Reach the Ohio River – Contamination Plume Traveling Approximately 1 MPH – Various Municipal Water Intakes May Close – The Last Refuge

I took notes during the Ohio government update on the East Palestine train derailment and toxic chemical spill response. The full press briefing is below. The media present was a mix of uncurious stenographers and some inquisitive journalists. After about 20 minutes of generally obtuse outlines intended to downplay the seriousness of the crisis, which […]

The state government claims that everything is under control, that everything is fine, etc.

And the derailments keep coming. I have at least two other derailments I can put here, so I will put them here later.

I truly and honestly believe all these derailments are on purpose. Sure, the idiots in Creepy Joe’s cabinet claim that train derailments happen all the time, and that it’s no big deal. Currently, the only train derailment still making news is the one in East Palestine, Ohio. And of course, Biden hasn’t gone there yet, but Trump has, and he even handed out Trump branded water and McDonald’s. Some people (leftists) had a problem with that, but at least he actually bothered to go. Biden still hasn’t.

So if train derailments happen all the time, why are they making the news now? Or rather, why so much focus on the East Palestine derailment? Perhaps it’s because the trains that derailed there contained toxic chemicals that are now harming the people that live there? Obviously. I mean, I don’t think trains carrying toxic chemicals derail on a regular basis.

And now, this keeps happening. Trains carrying toxic cargo are derailing. We’re supposed to just shrug our shoulders and continue to consume the slop the mainstream media feeds us. We’re not supposed to notice that the fraudulent Biden administration has totally bungled the response to the East Palestine derailment. Instead, we’re supposed to cheer the Pedo-in-Chief as he gives even more money to fucking Ukraine. Oh, and Demented Joe had time to go to Kiev, but not to East Palestine. I thought Kiev was a war zone or something? Need to check on that later.

Yes, Biden really did go to Kiev instead of East Palestine, and Trump even called him out on it:

Trump Slams Biden for Visiting Ukraine Before East Palestine

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio – Former President Donald Trump told Breitbart News that President Joe Biden should have been in East Palestine, but “chose to go a different route,” referring to Biden’s recent trip to Kyiv, Ukraine. “Get over here,” President Trump said to Biden. “I think he should’ve come here.

Meanwhile, Trump not only paid East Palestine a visit, he also provided free water:

Exclusive: Trump Delivers Truckloads of Water to East Palestine

EAST PALESTINE, Ohio – Former President Donald Trump visited East Palestine on Wednesday, where he delivered truckloads of bottled water following a train derailment earlier this month that left the small town in disarray. “President Trump is meeting with the citizens of East Palestine, and he will never forget them and what they are going through.

The leftist media, including shitty shows like Saturday Night Live have a huge problem with Trump bringing water to East Palestine. It’s probably because their guy has yet to even go there, but the man they derided as simultaneously stupid and evil (heh, like they did to Bush) did. I am already tired of people on the right trashing Trump. I don’t expect Ron DeSantis to show up, as he’s still governor of Florida and now has a train derailment of his own to contend with. And of course, the other randoms currently running for the Republican nomination haven’t gone yet, but that’s okay. They’d probably just get in the way – meanwhile, Trump is able to offer some assistance and relief to the people affected.

Now, I don’t have a theory as to who is doing this or why, other than something really basic – someone does not like the US and wants to inflict pain on us. Or, it could be an unfortunate coincidence. It just all seems so fishy to me, and that one after another keeps happening, and a lot of these derailed trains are carrying toxic materials. Very suspicious.

I mean, look at this one – a train carrying propane derailed near the Florida Airport:

ANOTHER TRAIN DERAILMENT: Train Carrying 30,000 Gallons of Propane Derails Near Florida Airport (VIDEO)

The Florida Department of Transportation is investigating after at least five railcars and two propane tankers derailed near the Sarasota County-Manatee County line in Florida on Tuesday. Multiple authorities including Hazmat Crews responded to the train derailment which carried sheet rock and propane. One of the tankers is carrying over 30,000 gallons of propane fuel.

This train in Nebraska was also carrying hazardous materials, and it also derailed recently:

Another Train Derails, This Time in Nebraska

Yet another train rolled off the tracks; this one is on the east end of Gothenburg, Neb. The train contained cars carrying hazardous materials. It’s the latest in more than a dozen train derailments this year. Hazmat crews rushed to the scene. This isn’t the first derailment near Gothenburg.

And a train derailed near Detroit, which resulted in halting traffic on a nearby interstate – and at least one car on this train was carrying hazardous materials:

Train Derails Near Detroit, Highway Shut Down for Hours

A train – including one tanker carrying hazardous material – has derailed west of Detroit in Van Buren Township, Mich. Police claim there are no injuries and no threats to the public, though traffic has been stopped on a nearby interstate for several hours. TRACK-O-RAMA!

Not all of these derailments resulted in the leakage of toxic materials but I mean, all of the trains had a least one car full of toxic materials. This is so, so, so fishy.

I am also afraid things will get worse. I am trying not to be a paranoid doomer, but it’s really hard not to.

Photo by Ankush Minda on Unsplash