Okay, Groomer

Okay, Groomer

October 2, 2023 0 By Elaine Arias

So Banned Books Week is this week, October 1-7, which seems to be a departure from it being held in mid to late September, but no matter. The left is up to its usual antics, and I’ve noticed that they’ve been promoting the whole “banned books” thing all year.

I go to Barnes and Noble regularly, pretty much, and in the area where I live there are three of them I go to, and one of them has had an end cap for “banned books” all year, and another has had a small table for “banned books” all year, so I suspect that in the future this won’t be confined to a week.

I also wonder why they changed when this stupid week takes place. I suspect it’s been change to early October to ensure it falls during the school year, taking the schedules for different districts into account. Gotta keep propagandizing to the kids.

Another thing I’ve noticed in the past year is added hysteria over parents complaining about some sexually graphic gay and trans-related books being made available to kids in school libraries.

I’ve written about this before, and you can click here to read my first post on this. In short, the books being promoted by the ALA, bookstores and publishers are not banned. They are not illegal to possess and they are not prohibited from being distributed or sold. These creeps just want kids to be indoctrinated into leftism and be exposed to graphic pornography.

This is just more grooming by creepy pedophiles. There’s been lots of instances of parents and even politicians reading excerpts from books like Gender Queer and there’s outrage over that because the content of these books is just not fit to be read on the Senate floor or at a school board meeting, but it’s okay for eleven year old kids to read it? Seriously?

The Federalist has been on top of this issue for the past few years, and this year they’ve published two very good articles on “book banning”:

Porn In School Libraries Is The Real Problem, Not ‘Banned Books’

The ALA illogically complains about the injustice of banning explicit materials, while simultaneously advocating for censoring conservatives.

The above was published today, and here’s one from March 2023:

There Are No Banned Books

Books are ‘banned’ in Tennessee in much the same way a person can’t say the word ‘gay’ in Florida. It’s a myth.

I am going to keep posting about this every year because the whole concept of “banned books week” is deceptive propaganda. It’s also emotional manipulation, and we can’t allow it to stand.

Photo by Mikołaj on Unsplash