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    Guest Comments Allowed

    I’ve allowed guest comments, so you shouldn’t have to sign up for Disqus or use the Contact Me form to make comments. So, be good! 😉

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    A Warning

    I’m only going to give you one warning. I know you’re here because I said “all lives matter” on Instagram and now you want to kill me because I’m some self-loathing house nigger. However, I’d like to let you know…

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    He Was Right

    Oh, the media bashed Trump when he mentioned that hydroxychloroquine was showing promising results in treating the coronavirus. Then a pair of imbeciles decided to drink freaking FISH TANK CLEANER simply because the Bad Orange Man said “chloroquine” and the…

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    Yep. It’s the only thing the media wants to report on, and it’s the only thing anyone ever wants to talk about, I guess. It’s the elephant in the room, I guess. Let me get something out of the way,…

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    2019 In Review

    Happy New Year! 2019 is officially history. Once summer hit, I didn’t post as much, and that’s partly due to a wedding I attended, and I also got a full time job in October. So to make up for all…

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    Big Site Update

    So, after a very long time of wondering why the comments weren’t showing up, I cracked and installed Disqus. I didn’t want to do that, but it works, lots of sites already use it, so there you go. I wanted…

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    This is Really Pissing Me Off

    I know Twitter is deeply biased. You know Twitter is deeply biased. Facebook is deeply biased too, but while I (stupidly) still have an account, I hardly ever use it for anything. I certainly don’t bother posting anything political, as…

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    Periods – The New Feminazi Crusade

    So feminazis are always bitching about something. One of the few things they’re good at is finding something to bitch about. I’ve noticed something in the past few years, and that’s feminazis wailing about how oppressed they are because nobody…

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    Dissenter – A Game Changer

    Okay, right now I will apologize for the cringey title.  I am not terribly good at naming things. I am also writing this on my new Windows desktop, of which I got off of eBay, and currently have connected to…

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    New Theme

    I was going to choose a new theme back in January, but never got around to doing it. Now it’s almost March, and I’ve finally chose one. This is simpler, has less graphics, and the full post no longer appears…