“Arrival” was surprisingly pro-life

November 20, 2016 Off By Elaine Arias

I saw the movie Arrival last night, and overall I liked it.  A couple of things kind of bugged me (this sequence where a couple of soldiers are listening to some Alex Jones type of “anti-government” show – it inspires them to do something bad.  I won’t spoil it, though), but the end was amazing.

I don’t want to spoil it for you.  It was just awesome, and it made me think about my own novel, of which will be pretty pro-life, in addition to having some other themes.

I actually did do some work on the novel yesterday, and I plan on doing some more work today.  In all honesty, it is pretty much finished.  I am adding stuff to it, and that might not be a good idea, but I think the additions make it stronger.  Plus, my writing needs a lot of work.