• Politics

    Enemy of the People

    The President has said that the media is the enemy of the people, and I agree with that sentiment 100%. I would also like to add that social media is also the enemy of the people – namely, Facebook and…

  • Pop Culture Crap

    Shut Up and Sing? (Part Two)

    I used to completely agree with that sentiment, back when I was younger. Now I’m nearly forty and my feelings on that sentiment have changed somewhat. I realized that I don’t mind it when a famous person actually says something sensible and thought-provoking,…

  • Politics

    Have We Forgotten?

    Iit feels as if a lot of people have forgotten the savage attacks of September 11, 2001. Not everyone, obviously, but a lot of people. Too many people. I haven’t forgotten. How can I? Funny…the latest scandal is that gross,…

  • Politics

    Rock the Vote

    If you’re my age or older, you have probably heard of MTV’s “Rock the Vote” campaign, of which started back in 1990. According to Wikipedia, it’s a non-profit progressive organization that partnered with MTV. I was ten years old in…

  • Politics

    Like, I Feel Unsafe

    The left absolutely loves claiming they feel unsafe anytime they see something they don’t like. So, in case you haven’t been following political crap (god I need a new hobby), author Joanne K Rowling recently came out against the transgender…

  • Pop Culture Crap


    So my post on the cancellation of Ember Days by Alexandra Duncan has made some waves. It was posted on Free Republic and, of course, Bethany C Morrow herself has taken notice of it. She is, predictably, angry over it.…

  • Random

    Guest Comments Allowed

    I’ve allowed guest comments, so you shouldn’t have to sign up for Disqus or use the Contact Me form to make comments. So, be good! 😉

  • Politics

    White Jesus

    A lot of people have taken offense to the Western depiction of Jesus Christ as some blue-eyed, blond-haired white guy. Over the years, however, I’ve realized that various cultures around the world have depicted Jesus Christ in their own ways,…

  • Tech

    Another Franchise Destroyed

    So the biggest buzz in the gaming world is the release of The Last of Us Part 2 and how horrible it is. Before I continue, I just want to note that I have not played The Last of Us…