the_donald Gets Quarantined

I was arguing with a couple of asshole leftists on a subreddit about Walmart when the_donald, a pro President Trump subreddit, got ‘quarantined.’ So what does that mean? Well, it means that the admins of the site basically isolate the subreddit (you can’t see it on your main page, and it doesn’t show up in […]

Please Do Not Use Facebook

I still have a Facebook account, although I rarely use it.  But I just finished watching this video by the peerless Tim Pool, about Facebook’s upcoming crypto-currency Facebook. I got really angry at Milo and Laura Loomer on Parler earlier today, (crazily) ranting about how they just need to get over being banned by FAcebook, […]

It’s Just A Word

I am absolutely sick of and utterly fed up with society’s fear of and obsession with the word NIGGER. See, I wrote it out! I typed it out, and I didn’t shrivel up and die. If you’re reading this sentence, then you didn’t shrivel up and die. That word is now out there into the […]

The Straight Pride Parade

So, a group with a hilarious name has decided to troll the alphabet people by holding a straight pride parade in Boston. Predictably, leftists are in a rage about it, particularly Captain Dipshit: Boston ‘Straight Pride Parade’ Prompts Very Different Responses From Tomi Lahren, ‘Captain America’ A proposal for a “Straight Pride Parade” in Boston […]

Gab vs Parler

Oh my god, I am already annoyed. People on both platforms are slating the other – people on Gab saying it’s a honeypot set up by the left, and people on Parler saying Gab’s a cesspool of anti-semitism and nazism. I am proudly on both platforms and I’m already sick of this stupid shit. This […]

This is Really Pissing Me Off

I know Twitter is deeply biased. You know Twitter is deeply biased. Facebook is deeply biased too, but while I (stupidly) still have an account, I hardly ever use it for anything. I certainly don’t bother posting anything political, as there’s a lot of liberals in my family and I am too much of a […]

Dear Taylor Swift Fans

I see you worship this stupid slut as if she were your goddess, or something.  Well, I have an opinion and I shall express it: FUCK YOUR GOD   And fuck Twitter for making me wait SIX FUCKING DAYS to respond to those cunts.  Anyway, yeah, I’m mad.  I’m mad at how someone can say […]

Periods – The New Feminazi Crusade

So feminazis are always bitching about something. One of the few things they’re good at is finding something to bitch about. I’ve noticed something in the past few years, and that’s feminazis wailing about how oppressed they are because nobody celebrates the menstruation cycle. Seriously. CBS even made a freaking documentary about it: CBS News […]