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We’re human beings, you know.

We’re human beings, you know.

Photo by Nonsap Visuals on Unsplash

So, I feel as if someone lit a firecracker beneath me or something, because wow.  I am irritated.  I have been, dare I say, triggered.  I am not proud of being triggered, but unlike the left, I will try to be more constructive about it.  Hence this post.

Earlier this morning I came across this very interesting article at the New York Post entitled “This pro-America book could buck the left-wing YA trend” and it’s about a new book called Camp Valor, by Scott McEwan and Hof Williams.  It sounds pretty good and I’ll have to keep an eye out for it.  The article is pretty even and unbiased.  I discovered it at a YA subreddit that had quite a few comments, but I didn’t bother to look at those since I figured it would only piss me off.  Conservatives are generally unwelcome on Reddit, except for a handful of subreddits.

So it got me thinking about a book I read several years ago (eight years ago to be exact…thanks, Goodreads) called How Not to be Popular by Jennifer Ziegler.  It’s about a girl with hippies for parents.  She’s tired of moving around, because just when she’s getting settled, she has to move.  I totally understand that, because I moved around as a kid too.  So her plan is to do whatever it takes to be unpopular so that she doesn’t make any attachments.  It does not go well, and she ends up with friends and even a boyfriend who happens to be a Republican.

And, to my utter astonishment, her boyfriend Jack is a well-rounded character who challenges her.  He’s not a silly cartoon character (at some point I think he says he’s not a Republican but he never seemed liberal either).  He’s not some stupid anti-Christian stereotype.  He’s a real person, and I appreciated that so much.

So I looked it up on GoodReads.  I read through some of the reviews, looking for the inevitable liberal whine about how the Republican character wasn’t demonized or whatever, and I did indeed find that.  I updated my review with the following:

“I read this a long time ago, and just thought of it now. I’m surprised my rating is so low, but this book stayed with me for one reason: the Young Republican character is an actual human being, and not a cartoonish villain. This is incredibly rare in literature.

Thank you, author, for treating us Republicans like human beings.

And if you want to talk about appalling hypocrisy, let’s talk about how you climate change nutjobs continue to use resources and technology that’s (supposedly) killing the planet. Do you know how many gallons of water it takes to generate the electricity you use to spew your silly nonsense? If you really cared, you’d get rid of your computer and go live in the wilderness, but you don’t, because it’s all a bunch of nonsense.

Or, we can also talk about how nonviolent you all are, yet you dump urine on people you disagree with you whack your opponents in the head with bike locks, you express your desire to see a twelve year old boy locked in a cage full of pedophiles…but you’d better not criticize how the Obama girls are dressed at an official event! That’s racist.

I could spend the next four hundred years going on about how utterly hypocritical the left is, but I won’t live that long, and this text box will only accept so many characters. But, again, I’d like to thank the author for writing an actual story and not two hundred pages of bullshit liberal talking points.”

I was so angry at this one reviewer mentioning the hoary old canard about “Republican” hypocrisy that I just had to make a post.

I was going to address the points the idiot reviewer made, but I don’t want to now.  I have already covered this whole hypocrisy thing anyway.

Whitey must always be the bad guy

Whitey must always be the bad guy

Photo by Steve Johnson from Pexels

Well, well, well.  I guess Keira Drake’s (revised) novel will finally released this month.  I’ve been trying to get the “racist” copy of the novel but to no avail.  However, the Washington Post has published a little bit of the original, and compared it with the revised version in their report on the drama involving The Continent, Keira Drake’s debut novel.

First of all, let me state that I really cannot stand the Washington Post’s page design.  The quotes are blurred or obscured and are revealed as I scroll, then are obscured again as they scroll out of view.  Stupid.  The article, “How Keira Drake rewrote The Continent is quite revealing.  I would have posted an link, but the Washington Post are staffed full of assholes.  Rest assured, I made a PDF copy of the article and I sent it to my Kindle, AND I made an ePub copy of it thanks to an extension called dotepub, so I have several copies now, in case they change something or delete it or – and this is far likelier – put it behind a paywall.  Hey, you never know.

I’ve written about this before, and I am not sure if I actually predicted that this would happen, but I know I thought to myself, “they’re gonna make the bad guys white.”  And they did.

So it was never really about racism, it was about how brown people are always victims and never the victimizers.  If the antagonists being brown skinned is racist, how is changing them to be white people any less racist?  The notion that making a group of people the antagonists is somehow racist is utterly absurd anyway.

The author not only made the bad guys white and the good tribe brown, but also made the main character mixed race so as to avoid the white savior trope or the dark-skinned aggressor trope.

Okay, so let me get this straight – we’re not allowed to stereotype “marginalized” people.  But we are allowed to stereotype white people.  From where I sit, that’s still fucking racist.  Let me repeat that in bold:  that’s still fucking racist.

The author and the publishers fail by their own standards.  They just rearranged the deck chairs on the Titanic, but the ship is still fucking sinking.  It’s still racist by their flimsy, idiotic standards.

Oh, wait, that’s incorrect.  They’re racist by any intelligent person’s standards.  They are absolved of their racism due to the idiotic notion that only people in “power” can be racist.  This notion that black people or whoever don’t have any “institutional power” is complete bullshit and they know it.

This sorry situation only makes me that much more determined to self-publish my novel.  I’m having a hell of a time editing it because as of right now, it’s well over 300,000 words.  I cringe every time I think about it.  I am also angry with myself because the antagonist alien race in my novel are tall white humanoids.  However, I’m going to leave it like that, and when you read the novel, you’ll know why.  I promise, you’ll love it, especially given the Weinstein affair.

I still have her book preordered, although I could have sworn it said it would be released next year, not this year.  It might have been a glitch on GoodReads or something, because I remember looking at it and seeing the 2019 release date and going, “damn, they pushed it forward a third time?  Why not just cancel it and be done with it?”

Let this be a lesson for everyone – the SJWs will never be satisfied.  Never.  There’s no point in pleasing them – you’re only wasting your time.

EDIT:  Unf, there’s MORE!  The Vulture has republished an article ( originally published in the New York Magazine and it also has more information.  Also, more utter bullcrap so it really deserves its own post.  I might fisk it.  Oh, and some Native Americans ( are still not happy with the revised version.  As I said, they will never, ever be satisfied.

Happy MAGA Day!

Happy MAGA Day!


Update 11/13/17:  MAGA 2020 & Beyond has been mentioned on PJ Media.  Any press will be added to this post.  I am very excited for this!

I’ve had a really rough week, but today is a momentous day for me.  Sure, I got into my first really nasty fight on Gab, and I feel deeply ashamed about how I acted (but I am not ashamed of the opinions I expressed), and it made me supremely depressed because it happened so close to today, but…that was two days ago, and despite some electoral setbacks, we’re still doing pretty well.

So, today MAGA 2020 & Beyond has been released.  It is also the one year anniversary of Trump’s Presidential victory.  I am now, officially, a published author.  Yay!  The publisher of the anthology, Superversive Press, made the above graphic to celebrate.  Each story has its own graphic, and the one above is mine.  Now that I think about it, I wish I had submitted a better-written blurb, but oh well.  I’ve never been any good at sales pitches or whatever.

I haven’t gotten around to reading all the stories yet, but I am excited to do so.  Also, Milo Yiannopolous wrote the foreward!  I am seriously excited about this.

So, this anthology got its start at another publisher, Horrified Press.  It was called Trumptopia, and was supposed to be a counterpart to another anthology called Trumpocalypse.  I actually bought Trumpocalypse for some truly stupid reason.  It should be worth a few laughs.  A great deal of conservative writers were excited to submit a story, and I went ahead and did so.

Then the publisher presented the artwork for the book cover.


Now, I am definitely no artist.  However, this cover was the exact opposite of what I, and my fellow conservative authors thought Trumptopia was going to be about.  It was supposed to be a pro-Trump anthology.  In fact, back in July, right as they revamped the project, they even said as much.

Once they got a look at that cover, they were shocked and said, “no.”  Our idea of a Trumptopia does not include severed heads in jars hidden behind a freaking curtain.  The authors complained and the project fell apart.  This happened in a very short amount of time, because I only found out about it after it had all been said and done.  I had been at work – I came home and boom – the project was cancelled.  I was very disappointed and contemplated publishing the story on my own when Superversive Press stepped in.

Horrified Press is still taking submissions for their anthology, but now it’s basically anti-Trump:

“Trumptopian Horror – Oxymoron? We think not. Think of it as the ultimate challenge in penning horror fiction (or is it? fiction that is.) America’s great again, while the rest of the world’s in chaos (nonvetted refugees), or an America that treats illegal immigrants as Iraq, North Korea, or China would. A revamped space race under Elon Musk with government backing (what might we find out there). America becomes a financial Logan’s Run? I don’t know, use your imaginations folks. This will be fun. Make horror fiction great again. We’ll build Trumptopia and the Harlequin romance novels will pay for it.Trust me…. this thing’s going to be Yuuuuuuge.”

Doesn’t sound pro-Trump to me.  You can look at their Facebook post on the subject here.  As I said, it is not pro-Trump in the least.  They think we want to treat illegal immigrants the way they do in despotic countries.  We want nothing of the sort – we just want them to go back to their home countries.  They assume that America being great means everyone else suffers.  Typical globalist bullshit.  The Facebook post is dated October 29.  Note the difference between what they said in July, and what they’re saying now.

Anyway, they’re still accepting submissions for the revamped Trumptopia while ours is already done and published.

So there you have it.  That’s how this all happened, and I truly commend the team at Superversive Press for getting this off the ground so quickly.

As for my story…I criticize Hollywood a lot.  So, naturally, I was inspired to imagine what most snotty Hollywood actors might feel if we do get a true Trumptopia – in other words, I imagine how well certain people would take a Hollywood far more tolerant of Republicans.  Let’s say that after four years (the story takes place in 2020) they don’t take it super well, but are starting to realize that perhaps, just perhaps they could afford to be a little more tolerant.  That, yes, we Republicans aren’t racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic bigoted Nazi monsters.

So, if you do buy the anthology, I hope you enjoy it.  Now I’ve got to go do some work on my other books, since I’ve been slacking off too much.

MAGA 2020 and Beyond

MAGA 2020 and Beyond


So, in an earlier post, I mentioned something about a big announcement.  Well, this is that big announcement.

I have written a story for this anthology, called MAGA:  2020 and Beyond.  Click the title to pre-order the Kindle edition.  Right now, it is $4.99.  The anthology is obviously pro-Trump, and the stories and essays within are essentially about how things can be better now that Trump is President.  The foreword is by Milo Yiannopolous.  I am ridiculously excited about that.

So, my story is called “The Man in the Bubble” and it’s told from the perspective of a spoiled rich Hollywood actor (who, by the way, is European).  It takes place in 2020, where Hollywood has become much more tolerant of Trump supporters and Republicans in general.  The actor has a tough time dealing with it.  I really like the story and I am excited for people to read it.

I’m Not Dead

I’m Not Dead

The past couple of weeks have been busy and stressful.  I wrote about this on Gab, I think, but a couple of weeks ago I went to California to visit family, and recruited some family members as beta readers for Nemesis.  So far they like it.  I am going to have to call them this week to see how far they are (it’s still nearly 900 pages…sigh) and if there’s anything they don’t like.

I started to write a post about militant atheism, but I just don’t feel like finishing it right now.  Maybe later.  Then there was a post I wanted to write about regarding Gab’s recent troubles, and it’s just way too depressing to address right now.  I will say this, though — this bullshit infighting has to stop.  People need to deflate their egos and focus on the real issue.  I will probably start writing something about that situation soon.

I also finished binge-watching Jessica Jones, which I liked very much, despite the fact that they just had to shoe-horn in a bit about abortion and how only “selfish assholes” are against it.  Don’t let that little bit dissuade you from watching it, though.  It’s still pretty good for a superhero show.  That’s the other reason why I’ve been so silent lately.

Oh, and I have a very exciting announcement to make.  I will make it soon.

Just Took an Important Step

Just Took an Important Step

I live on the East Coast, but was born and raised on the West Coast.  I just came back from a week-long vacation, where I visited my relatives.  While there I recruited my family members – three to be exact- as beta readers for the fifth draft of the tentatively titled Nemesis.

I am nervous and excited.  They like it so far.  I’m worried that there’s too much rape and violence in it, although they haven’t shied away from that sort of stuff before.  Then again, that was the work of other people – not me, the person they watched grow up into a thirty-something woman.  What would they think of me?

Anyway, despite the fact that I still want to make more tweaks to the story, I’m proud of it.  I’ve been working on it for three years now.  It’s already super long, even though I cut out a huge section of it.  It’s time for a new pair of eyes to examine it.  I am going to try to just stay away from Nemesis and work on Wormwood and Seven Stars.

Once my family members are finished with it, I will probably recruit beta readers elsewhere.  In other words, strangers or near-strangers, which is even scarier.  It’s also a little exciting at the moment because it’s like, whoa, this is real.  I just might actually publish a novel!

There’s also a lot of politics I could be talking about right now, but I just don’t want to.  Not at the moment anyway.

Maybe this is a good thing

Maybe this is a good thing

Superversive SF linked to a Vulture article about the Twitter furore over The Black Witch by Laurie Forest.  It’s called “The Toxic Drama on YA Twitter.”  I still have yet to finish the book, by the way.  I have to admit, it’s way too preachy for my taste.  Just way too much, and it’s not fun to read, despite her incredible talent at writing.  She’s a good writer, so I still recommend the book.

It seems that the person who started this whole thing has deleted her Twitter account.  The author of the Vulture article linked to one of her tweets and the tweet is not there.  Perhaps she had the wrong account?  I don’t know, but the linked tweet is gone.

Now, I actually had a Twitter account, but it was suspended because of some fights I got into.  I stupidly signed up for another one with the same browser and computer, and that one got suspended too.  I signed up for yet another account using my iPad – this time, a different email address.  I went back to the original computer to customize my profile and it was suspended too.

Given the nastiness on Twitter and the company’s bias against conservatives, alt-righters and moderate liberals, perhaps it’s for the better that I don’t have an account there.  Reading about the shitfest on Twitter regarding The Black Witch and other “problematic” books has made me realize that it just might not be worth it.  My Gab timeline is a mess, and I don’t go there that often, and nobody wants to engage with me anyway.

So back to the Twitter slugfest.  Looks like Shauna, the bitch that wrote a 9,000 treatise on how utterly RACIST and PROBLEMATIC The Black Witch is has scrubbed her Twitter feed.  Interesting.  Her Google+ profile is also pretty bare (there’s only a post featuring some witchy artwork…not worth linking).

You can read Shauna’s ridiculous review here.  It’s hosted at Blogger, and is the only post on the blog.  She still has a Tumblr, of which is active, and a YouTube channel that hasn’t seen much activity in a year.  Everything else has been scrubbed.

Why do I bother with this, you might ask?  I just found it interesting, that’s all.  It’s usually a conservative that gets hounded off of social media.  I guess she couldn’t take the heat, but was too proud of her ridiculous screed to scrub it from the Internet entirely.

It’s obvious that the whole point of The Black Witch sailed clear over her head, and she nearly destroyed someone’s literary career over it.  It pisses me off even after all this time.

The Vulture piece is pretty good – it’s obviously leftist, but pretty fair and objective.  Oh, and by the way, this part made me incredibly sad:

“She also scrapped a work in progress that featured a POC character, citing a sense shared by many publishing insiders that to write outside one’s own identity as a white author simply isn’t worth the inevitable backlash.”

This is why there’s no “diversity” in literature.  It flat out shouldn’t be this way.  At all.

Okay, so I’m half black, half Hispanic with a dash of Cherokee and a couple of other Native American tribes.  I am also a woman.  So am I to only write about part black, part Hispanic, part Native American women?  Or does this idiotic standard apply to only white people?  And how is this not blatantly racist?

The left, by the way, has redefined racist.  It originally meant this:




a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the varioushuman racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement,usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has theright to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior tothe others.

a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such adoctrine; discrimination.
hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.”
Now, according to leftists, racism can only be practiced by people “in power.”  Whatever the fuck that means.  The whole purpose of this new definition is to allow leftists to indulge in their own racism while being able to deny their hypocrisy.
This is scary.  Racism against white people is indeed real, and it’s wrong.  “Institutional power” or whatever they’re bleating about has absolutely nothing to do with it, as you can see in the dictionary definition above.
One last thing.  This quote pretty much sums it all up:
“I have never seen social interaction this fucked up,” she wrote in an email. “And I’ve been in prison.”
A post about social anxiety disorder

A post about social anxiety disorder

I posted something on Medium called “You can’t just turn it off.”  It’s about my, uh, struggle with social anxiety disorder (so there’s one reason you can’t post comments on my blog).  It’s short.  I mentioned things I didn’t really want to mention, but helping erase the stigma surrounding mental illness in general is really important to me, more important than my ego.

I hope it helps someone.

The lust for destruction can never be fulfilled

The lust for destruction can never be fulfilled


Another day, another ZOMG SHE’S RACIST U GUISE campaign.

Yes, the vicious social justice warrior feminazi hags are on the march for yet another scalp. They nearly destroyed Keira Drake’s literary career before it began, of which resulted in the year-long delay of her debut novel’s release (presumably, as I stated earlier, to make the bad guys into straight white Christian males).

They tried to wreck Veronica Roth’s career by throwing around allegations that her latest novel, Carve the Mark was racist (I’ve read the book and I can tell you that it is definitely NOT racist). That clearly didn’t work, so now they’re going after someone else.

Laurie Forest is the target du jour for the moment. Her debut YA fantasy novel, The Black Witch, is due to be released on May 2, 2017. Her publisher is Harlequin TEEN, the same publishing house that will – eventually – release Keira Drake’s The Continent. They caved in to the demands of the feminazi SJW mob earlier this year. Will they do the same?

Laurie Forest’s novel has been getting more positive buzz. She got a favorable blurb from Tamora Pierce, a well-established fantasy author. Entertainment Weekly published an excerpt of the novel. We’ve got a month and a half to go, and the publisher hasn’t made any noise about pulling the book from release. GoodReads is even running a contest, and the prize is an ARC. It’s still up for grabs at NetGalley too. I’ve requested it at NetGalley, I’ve entered the contest and I’ve even got my eye on a copy over at eBay. This time, I’m going to get my hands on a copy, and I will read it for myself.

This is just so ridiculous.  It really is, and the longer it goes on, the angrier I get.

I’m a “person of color” and God, I fucking HATE that phrase.  How the hell is it any different than “colored people”?  You dipshits would lose your damn minds if someone called a black person “colored” but calling them a “person of color” is okay simply because “someone” chose it?  The fuck?

I didn’t choose it.  I am a person.  Not colored.  Just a person.  My point is this:  I bet a great deal of these feminazi hagbitches are white.  If I am correct, I have one very important thing to say to them:

Stop this white knight bullshit.  I don’t need you as an “ally.”  I don’t need you lily white bitches to “protect” me from racism.  I can look at an old-timey person in blackface and not be traumatized by it.  I can look at a racist caricature of a black person and not be traumatized by it.  My mother, who is totally black, collects racist caricature figurines!  I am not that bothered by those old-fashioned depiction of black people.  The depictions can be sometimes sad, and alternately amusing.  I am only 35 anyway.  It might mean something different to my grandfather, who grew up in the segregated South.  He faced real racism.  What you bitches “face” today is not the same thing.  At all.

I can read a book about racist people and not be traumatized by it.  I can read a book and not become a racist, hateful person.  I don’t need you to protect me from anything.

Oh, and note:  a great deal of black people, and other Minorities are just like me.  They don’t need to be “protected” either.

I am sick and tired of this stupid, bullshit anti-racism crusade these bitches are on.

So what if a character in a given book is racist?  That does not mean the author is racist.  The villain in my book is a rapist and a pervert who says racist things (and yet insists that he is not racist because he is sexually obsessed with a black girl).  That does not mean I’m a racist rapist and that does not mean I support or endorse racists, rapists or any combination thereof.  JESUS.

Seriously, Jesus needs to come back and get my ass.  I hate this planet and I don’t want to live on it anymore.  I know I am not always good to Him and I’m usually a wretched asshole, but honestly, I don’t know how much more of this I can take.  I hate the idea that these cunts have any influence on my life whatsoever, and yet they do, BECAUSE THEY VOTE.

That makes me pretty fucking angry.  The fact that their existence has any affect on my life, however minute and small, is a great and heinous injustice.  They vote.  Somewhere, some bureaucratic fuck hired by a wretched politician they voted for is making some kind of decision that affects my life as I type this post.

Thing is, these bitches are drunk and high on their own self-righteousness.  All of our schools – public and private; I’ve attended both – bombard us with the Civil Rights era. They all want to be part of their own Civil Rights Movement, and since the real one ended about twenty years before I was born, they gotta stretch and find more random shit to be angry about. Don’t get me wrong – our schools should teach us about the Civil Rights era, because it’s an important part of our history.  Unfortunately, when they do teach it, a lot of it is simplified and turned into some demented fairy tale, complete with LIES.  Lies, such as “Nixon and the Republicans were racist!”  No.  The Civil Rights Act of 1964 would not have passed without the unanimous support of the Republican Party.  Look it up if you don’t believe me.

The Civil Rights era is dumbed down thusly:  White people, evil; black people, perpetual victims and slaves.  The black experience was  more complex than that.  Yes, terrible things were done to black people.  I recently spent an entire evening looking up the lynching of Jesse Washington.  I didn’t learn about that in high school.  It was a horrific example of a black person being not just hung in public, but burned alive and mutilated, all for the enjoyment of the residents of Waco, Texas.  This was after he allegedly “confessed” to murdering a white woman.  Oh, but it gets worse.  A photographer was there.  He took pictures and those photos were printed on postcards and sold.

Then there’s the story of Emmett Till.  Recently, a white artist painted a portrait of Emmett’s corpse.  It was a terrible painting – technically, I mean.  The racial grievance mob insisted that the woman had no right to paint Emmett Till simply because she was white.

I know racism exists.  I know that things were really bad for black people in the past, and I know that we’re all lucky to have survived.  That teenage farmhand could very easily been one of my ancestors.  It’s harrowing and scary.

They never talk about the good things, about how not all blacks were slaves, and that some even had their own businesses!  There’s so much about the black experience that none of us ever really learn about, all so that black people are presented as these eternal victims.  This then feeds into the vengeful hatred that blacks have for cops and whitey.

One YA fantasy novel, or even a zillion fantasy novels with “questionable” passages cannot possibly compare to what black people actually went through.  It’s nowhere near the same.  We will survive a racist book.  That’s even assuming the book is racist, which, in all likelihood, is probably not.  After all, SJWs always lie, as Vox Day says.

Oh, and becuase I just gotta make this even longer, I see the three rules of SJWs Always Lie in play here.

  1.  SJWs always lie
  2. SJWs always double down
  3. SJWs always project

They lied about Veronica Roth’s book.  I cannot confirm if they lied about Keira Drake’s book.  After all, I have not read it.  I have not read Laurie Forest’s book either.  That being said, these people lie about pretty much everything else.  Or, on the other hand, they take their opinion and present it as fact, which is a form of lying.  They believe that because Laurie Forest’s characters said something that could be construed as racist, that the book is racist propaganda, that the author is racist and that the author wants everyone else to be racist too.

They doubled down once they were victorious in getting Keira Drake’s book postponed.  Same with the wreckage of Milo Yiannopolis’s book deal with Simon & Schuster.  Now they’re doing the same thing to Laurie Forest.  They tried doing this to Veronica Roth, but she’s too successful and established, and their allegations of racism were easily debunked.  These two novels, The Continent and The Black Witch have not been released yet.  It’s easier to make up a bunch of lies because only a handful of people have access to ARCs.

They are, in all likelihood, secretly racist themselves and feel guilty for reading something that might remind them of their secret racist tendencies.  Or, they’re racist against white people, which is still fucking racism.  They cannot endure anything that might trigger their latent racism because then their libtard buddies won’t want to be friends with them, so they go on these ridiculous crusades against random people.

This is long enough now.  Also, I have scored a copy of The Black Witch off of eBay.  It’s an ARC, and I paid about $23 for it.  Well worth the price because if these hags succeed, my preorder will be canceled.  I will begin reading it and will post a review once I’m done.

Sex and violence

Sex and violence

So I was mucking about on r/books and I found this interview with the author of the Lemony Snicket series.  Apparently, the guy is going to publish a book about a sex-obsessed teenage boy, and it’ll be published in August of this year.

In it, there is the obligatory “how do you feel about your young readers accidentally picking up this sexy book” question and the obligatory “like, omigod why are people freaking out over sex when violence is so much worse?” answer.

Yes, violence is horrible and definitely not for kids, but sex isn’t for children either.  I am sick and tired of seeing this idiotic argument from authors (and others).

Over the duration of writing my first novel (tentatively titled Nemesis), I’ve wrestled with the amount of sex and sex abuse in the story.  Is it too graphic?  Is it too over the top?  Is it gratuitous?  Is it cringey?  I was originally going to publish it and market it as YA, but I don’t think I can anymore.  Maybe New Adult, or something.  But it’s pretty raw, and I would never, ever in a million years hand over my novel to a twelve year old kid.  No, no, no, no, NO.

It’s a shame and a tragedy that our society is becoming increasingly numb to acts of violence.  This recent incident of the schizophrenic white teenager being kidnapped and tortured by four black people is proof of that.  There’s great swaths of our society that thinks this shit is just badass and/or hilarious.

The same goes for sex.  Back when I was twelve, I wouldn’t have ever entertained the thought of having sex with anyone.  Now it’s common place for tweens to have sex.  At least, that’s the impression I get.  There’s certainly a lot of people who think there’s nothing wrong with someone that young being sexually active.

Here is the difference between violence and sex.  Violence is objectively wrong.  Hardly anybody will disagree with that, except for sociopaths.  But sex is more complex.  It is a vital part of our beings, of ourselves.  We wouldn’t be here without it.  Sex is important.  It’s not something to be taken lightly, and yet our sex-obsessed society treats it as if it’s just nothing.  As if it’s no more significant than going clubbing or playing a game of catch in your backyard.

Movies, TV shows and books often glamorize promiscuity and casual sex.  That’s done a lot of harm in our society.  STDs, single motherhood (which leads to a lot of other issues), broken families (ditto), depression, etc.

Did it ever occur to these people that some people feel differently about kids and sex?  They just seem so horrified that anyone would be concerned about their nine year old reading about some guy who can’t keep it in his pants.  And did it occur to them that one can be concerned about both sex and violence?

I think this is part and parcel of the progressive’s plan to eventually normalize pedophilia.  As I’ve noted previously, they’re already working on it.  This stupid faux outrage will continue, and people like me will be vilified for being concerned about it.