I’m Not Dead

September 19, 2017 Off By Elaine Arias

The past couple of weeks have been busy and stressful.  I wrote about this on Gab, I think, but a couple of weeks ago I went to California to visit family, and recruited some family members as beta readers for Nemesis.  So far they like it.  I am going to have to call them this week to see how far they are (it’s still nearly 900 pages…sigh) and if there’s anything they don’t like.

I started to write a post about militant atheism, but I just don’t feel like finishing it right now.  Maybe later.  Then there was a post I wanted to write about regarding Gab’s recent troubles, and it’s just way too depressing to address right now.  I will say this, though — this bullshit infighting has to stop.  People need to deflate their egos and focus on the real issue.  I will probably start writing something about that situation soon.

I also finished binge-watching Jessica Jones, which I liked very much, despite the fact that they just had to shoe-horn in a bit about abortion and how only “selfish assholes” are against it.  Don’t let that little bit dissuade you from watching it, though.  It’s still pretty good for a superhero show.  That’s the other reason why I’ve been so silent lately.

Oh, and I have a very exciting announcement to make.  I will make it soon.