The left has officially lost their minds

December 7, 2017 Off By Elaine Arias

the offending tweet

A porn star named August Ames – who was only 23 years old – has committed suicide after getting a shitload of harassment and hatred on Twitter for being, according to the left, too choosy and discriminatory about her sex partners.  In other words, she claimed she didn’t want to perform with a certain porn star because he had done gay porn, and according to what I’ve read online, gay porn does not have the same kind of testing standards regarding STDs that the straight porn industry has. You can read about it here.  The above is the offending tweet.

(Warning:  bad language and thoughts that will be highly offensive to hypocritical and overly-sensitive liberals)

Stating such facts is not homophobic.  Stating that gay or even bisexual men have a higher probability of having STDs, including HIV and AIDS, is not homophobic.  It’s a fact.

Regardless of what you or I or anyone else might think of pornography, she has the right to choose whom to perform with, and she certainly has the right to choose who to have sex with!  I don’t care about any contract or industry standards – it’s HER body!  Whatever happened to “my body, my choice?”  Oh, I guess that’s bullshit whenever some gay person’s fucking feelings are involved!

I think August Ames probably had way more problems in her life than a buch of psychotic gaystapo agents bitching her out on Twitter for actually giving a shit about her own health, and that this latest fiasco was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak.

So, if you just want to avoid getting a disease and decide to minimize the risk by avoiding sex with people who are most likely to pose such a risk, you are a raging homophobe and you should, as one asshole put it, swallow a cyanide pill.

piece of shit link of the above tweet. I screencapped it, and it looks wonky on my computer.  Sorry.

Someone actually said that.  Now you’re obligated to have sex with gay men in order to be a good little gay ally.  You’re obligated to have sex with gay men in order to be considered an actual human being.  This is the level we’re at right now.

The cunts that viciously harassed her over this are completely unapologetic, AND they pull the “muh uhpresshun” card.  Fuck you, asshole.  You are no different than the people that were allegedly so vicious to you and your bitchy little tribe.

oh look a hypocrite

So, I don’t have to care about gay kids killing themselves over being called faggots, then right?  Since they CHOSE to end their own lives and all.  It’s cute how you just completely avoid all responsibility.  Just like the shitty liberal you are.  Goddamn scumbags.  I read this kind of shit and I go, no wonder people are so “vitriolic” to you.  You’ve fucking earned it, bitch.

The asshole that told her to go swallow a cyanide pill is named Jaxton Wheeler, and he has protected his Twitter account like the limp-wristed little bitch he is.  What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, so let me state that I dearly hope Jaxton Wheeler gets AIDS, ends up too broke to pay for his treatment and dies in a dirty, filthy hovel, alone with only his anti-Christian propaganda to keep him company.

Oh, and take a look at how the leftist media is spinning this:

libtard spin

Yeah, it is their fucking fault.  Or rather, teh fault of the people who lose their minds and go out of their way to destroy anyone they deem “homophobic.” Honestly, child molesters and murderers are treated better than so-called “homophobes.”  If you want to read this utter stupidity, click here.  It’s an link, because these cunts do not deserve any hits.

My favorite tweet regarding this issue:

gays constantly complain about bullying

Oh, and this commenter below has absolutely no self-awareness.  Looks like the gay community are the ones that are so fragile that they let words – like ‘fag’ and ‘faggot’ – destroy them:

Oh, and those are only two examples, dipshit.  Furthermore, where is the proof that these men got it from straight sex?  The statistics aren’t on your side, asshole.  And, as I said, it’s her fucking body, her choice.  To be so weak that words can hurt you – perfect description of the gay community.  People everywhere having their rights limited because gays are so weak that words hurt them that much.  Fucking hypocrites.

As I said, they’ve lost their fucking minds.

I just want to know, why kill yourself over tweets?  I get that their bullying was vicious…but, I know that there’s life after being publicly shamed on the Internet.  So many conservatives have been through this same sort of hellfire, and are still alive and kicking.  That’s why I say there must be much, much more to it.

Telling someone to kill themselves is wrong.  If they want to whine and cry about her legitimate concerns being “homophobic” that’s one thing.  They have the right to whine and cry.  I think if her generation hadn’t been raised to be such special snowflakes unable to handle a difference of opinion, she’d still be here.  But that’s unfair.  I don’t know if there was more going on, and I suspect that there was.  There’s no excuse for being so nasty to her.  Why can’t the left express their opinions in a sane and rational way?  They cannot simply disagree – they have to call her a cunt, say that she’s an evil bigot, tell her to swallow a cyanide pill, etc.  Not that I’m much better, but my (only) defense is that I’m a reactionary.  I’m just reacting to their insane bullshit.

What’s also sad about this is that she’d have been better off killing someone in cold blood and then going to prison for life (she’s Canadian).  As I said earlier, murderers get more respect than homophobes.  It’s completely insane.

I hate that I’ve used such bad language in this entry, but this really, really makes me angry.  The idea that these pro-abortion people would dictate who this girl has sex with is just utterly astounding.  They are such raging hypocrites of the highest order.

And yeah, yeah, I can hear you saying “like, omigod ur a hypocrite too!!!”  I don’t fucking care.  You aren’t getting my sympathy.  I don’t care how “oppressed” your tribe is.  I can guarantee that my ancestors suffered far worse than being called a faggot or being shunned by a bunch of Bible-thumpers.  I don’t use past oppression as an excuse to treat people like shit.  I don’t use past oppression to justify my nastiness, and I don’t use it as a rhetorical weapon against anyone.  It may have happened to my ancestors, but it didn’t happen to me.

And even if it did happen to you?  I still don’t care.  You declared war on people like me.  Therefore, we are enemy combatants.  I no longer care about your feelings.  If you don’t like it, too bad – should have thought about that before opening your fucking mouth.

Now, I have one last point to make before I finally end this.

voltaire-quote-rules-over-you.jpg w=600

I’m sorry, but I find it extremely difficult to buy into the “gays are oppressed and need protection from straights” narrative that’s been shoved down my throat for the past twenty years.  As this situation, and so many others prove, the gay community absolutley rules over us.  If someone can be bullied into suicide over a tweet that wasn’t actually homophobic…if someone can be bullied into suicide or hounded out of their job or home over being critical to you…then you are NOT oppressed.  You’re the oppressor.  You’re the one ruling over the rest of us, because you cannot handle being criticized.

And no, our criticism isn’t hatred or bigotry.  Nobody should risk getting an incurable disease just to spare your fucking feelings.

So, behold our new overlords.  Our generous and benevolent rulers.  *spit*

A pox on all you wretched bitches.  Fuck y’all.