Shut Up and Sing? (Part Two)

Shut Up and Sing? (Part Two)

September 26, 2020 0 By Elaine Arias

I used to completely agree with that sentiment, back when I was younger. Now I’m nearly forty and my feelings on that sentiment have changed somewhat.

I realized that I don’t mind it when a famous person actually says something sensible and thought-provoking, even if I disagreed with it. What I didn’t like was when a famous person spouted off an opinion about politics without knowing what they were talking about, and/or basically insulted anyone that dared disagree with them.

It’s gotten to the point that most celebrity opinions are of the latter – just hateful rhetoric with no real meaning or insight. This has increased dramatically ever since President Trump was elected, and appears to be at its absolute peak now that he’s up for re-election.

People who don’t normally speak out about politics are now doing so, probably because the Democrats think that their chosen candidate, Joe Biden, doesn’t have a chance at actually winning the election. They’re desperate. The idiotic ramblings I’m about to show you absolutely reeks of desperation (and lies).

So the lead singer of the band Halestorm, Lzzy Hale (yes, that’s how she spells it) has decided to rant about how evil all Trump supporters are. She posted this on her official Instagram feed:

You’ll probably want to actually go to the post if the entire caption doesn’t show up. Instagram is a social network for photos, but idiots like Lazy Hale treat it like a blog. Whatever.

This was brought to my attention by the band Trapt, who posted this on their Facebook page:

Trapt have become infamous for some of their members’ support of President Trump. This is pretty brave of them, because the entertainment industry, including the music industry, is owned and operated by Democrats who have no problem blacklisting even the mildest of Republicans. On the other hand, Lzzy Hale will probably get lots of love from the music media, the same amount that Amy Lee got a month ago and is still likely getting, since she too is all in for Biden.

I want to do a fisking of Lzzy Hale’s idiotic post. In it, I will show you that a great deal of these celebrities have nothing truly intelligent or insightful to say about anything, much less politics. Have you noticed that? Every single time some celebrity rails against Trump, it’s about “he’s racist” or “he’s sexist” or “he hates Mexicans” – it’s never about any specific policy save for immigration, and even then it’s just a bunch of dumb insults.

Her stupidity is in italic.

I’m not voting for blue over red

Yes you are. You’re voting for Biden but you aren’t enthusiastic about it because he’s not Hillary and he’s just not that exciting a candidate. Plus, the man is obviously suffering from some sort of illness…dementia, likely. You’re too cowardly to be blatantly partisan, however, for what reason, I’m not sure. I don’t know why you can’t just state that you’re voting for Biden. I don’t know why you can’t just state that you’re a card-carrying Democrat.

I’m not voting for MY team over YOUR team

Yes you are, by virtue of how viciously you demonize the “other” – in this case, Trump supporters, of who conveniently go un-mentioned. However, I’m not stupid and I’m clearly able to read between the lines.

This is not a Republican vs Democrat election

In your mind, it clearly is. Not only is this entire screed deeply insulting, this part is especially insulting. You think all Republicans are evil. You wouldn’t have a music career if you thought otherwise. The Democrats are panicking so they’ve got even Z-list no-name musicians like you on deck to help push Demented Sleepy Joe over the finish line.

THIS is a GOOD VS EVIL election

Oh, so you’re implying that Republicans are evil. Who is the evil in this election? Democrats? Oh no. They own your ass. They own the companies that own and distribute your music. They own the recording studios you record your music in. They own the venues you perform your music in. If they ever suspected that you were anything but a Democrat, your ass would be working nine to five like the rest of us.

I’m not voting FOR …. I’m voting AGAINST.


I’m voting against hatred.

No you aren’t. Your fellow Democrats have been plenty hateful, from burning down businesses, including those owned by black people, over some criminal dying of a fentanyl overdose. That’s pretty fucking hateful. Doxxing people is also hateful, and a lot of Republicans have been doxxed simply for existing.

I’m voting against name calling.

Yet you don’t criticize anyone for calling Trump names, and you also imply that Trump and his supporters are evil and racist and fear-mongering and sexist and idiots. Your stupid little screed is nothing but name-calling.

I’m voting against fear mongering.

The hysteria around COVID-19 was a whole lot of fear-mongering but I don’t see you criticizing the lockdowns or any of the other draconian measures to help prevent a virus that is essentially the glorified flu. This hysterical post of yours is also total fear-mongering, stating that this election is about GOOD vs EVIL. So you aren’t against fear-mongering at all, as you’ve been doing that fairly regularly on your Instagram feed.

I’m voting against racism.

So here you’re implying that Trump is racist. How is he racist? You stupid cunts never say anything other than “he said all Mexicans were rapists” which he DIDN’T. Other than that one thing that he didn’t actually say, you never, EVER actually outline how he’s racist. Oh, and the children in cages thing, which was started under the Obama administration and was to protect the children from traffickers, and they weren’t even cages at all, but do continue to be a deluded idiot.

I’m voting against inequality.

Oh, more fear-mongering. No, there is no “inequality” in this country you stupid fucking idiot. This is just more commie agitprop anyway. Someone on this Earth has more than someone else, and commies like Lizzy start shrieking “inequality.” Then, when you ask them “how?” they go, “like, women can’t get abortions and men get paid more than women” and then I have to go, “first of all, abortion is still, tragically, legally in the US. Second, the whole ‘men make more than women’ is a myth that even Time and Newsweek debunked. There’s always going to be someone with more money or resources than someone else, because we have FREE WILL, and there are consequences to the decisions you make…that doesn’t mean we have to upend our entire civilization simply because someone on this planet has more money than you.” Communism is a philosophy of envy, and envy is POISONOUS.

I’m voting against sexism.

Feminazi agitprop. Biden is a creepy kid sniffer and has been credibly (since I know you leftists love that word) accused of sexual assault by Tara Reade (who was, and is, a Democrat). Oh, but Trump makes fun of stupid women and has been married three times, so that makes him a sexist. Please. Your party still has a bona-fide rapist in its ranks (Bill Clinton, in case you didn’t know) and a woman who covered his evil deeds (his wretched wife Hillary). The Republicans do not have a monopoly on sexism. President Trump has been very pro-female and has quite a lot of women in his cabinet. Furthermore, his favorite child is obviously Ivanka, and she is an adviser to him (along with her husband, Jared Kushner…no, I’m not too crazy about either of them being his advisers given that they’re both pretty leftist but I don’t harbor any hatred for them). So he talked shit about Rosie O’Donnell and Megyn Kelly and some other stupid women. We don’t care. That isn’t sexism.

I’m voting against injustice.

Oh, are you mad that the police that killed all those criminals in self-defense weren’t executed on live television? Boo hoo. You’re white, first of all. No black person gives a shit if you’re outraged about “injustice” because you’re still white, and therefore, according to the idiotic race-baiting blacks, are still part of the problem. If you think they’re going to spare you, you’re fucking deluded. You’re what Vladimir Lenin called a “useful idiot.”

I’m voting against idiocracy.

Oh, but I thought you were against name-calling? It’s so cute how she just blatantly assumes that anyone that disagrees with her must be an idiot, and that all Trump supporters are idiots. She must also think that the man that turned a paltry $1 million inheritance into a few billion dollars is an idiot. She probably knows absolutely nothing about the President’s stellar governing record, but because he’s a Republican, he must be stupid. This is a common Democrat talking point, one that’s been around far longer than I’ve been alive. It’s no surprise that it rears its ugly head in this truly stupid, hysterical and paranoid rant.

I’m voting against dissonance.

Hmmm…dummy Lizzy must have accidentally ingested a red pill or two. That dissonance you feel is coming from the mainstream media, who seem to have difficulty in getting their stupid lies straight these days. Maybe you should just, I don’t know, turn it off or develop a healthy skepticism of the shit you see on CNN.

I’m voting against childish leadership.

Oh, there’s more name-calling! She’s a hypocrite and she’s full of shit. The President has a great sense of humor, and tries to maintain it even through all the ridiculous shit thrown his way. He’s also quite adept at defending himself, and this is, according to Lizzy, “childish” leadership. No, why couldn’t he be a cowardly duck like Bush and let us insult him! Waaaaaa! President Trump’s leadership is no less childish than Obama’s leadership, but leftist always have double-standards, so yeah.

I cannot predict the future I cannot change the past But I know what we can change right Now

So because Orange Man Bad, you’ll keep voting Democrat like you’ve been doing your whole adult life. You won’t be changing anything. You certainly won’t actually look at those who disagree with you as HUMAN BEINGS and not monsters from your childhood nightmares.

I’m voting against the evil happening NOW I’m voting against another 4 years of THIS.

And here’s where she admits that this is all about hating Trump. Trump is evil, and her proof is nothing more than a list of insults based on total lies.

Now is not the time to make OUR decision over petty differences or one issue stances

Yet you’re castigating the President of the United States, and his supporters, as evil racists and sexists. But this is likely directed at the independents, moderates and Democrats who are waffling on voting for Biden. This nonsense about “one issue stances” is hilarious considering that people like Lizzy are absolutely single-issue voters. A Democrat could be solid on every other issue but abortion, and she would likely refuse to vote for that person.

Now is the time to abolish the wrong that we KNOW exists right NOW. THEN we will take the next step toward healing and CHANGE.

In other words, vote for the feeble-minded, demented Joe Biden and kill Trump and all his supporters because they’re EVIL and WRONG. “Abolish” is a strong word. She clearly does not want to stop at simply voting Trump out of office. Oh no, in order to have her stupid utopia, in order to have “healing” and “CHANGE” we, those who disagree with her, must be ABOLISHED. Gee, how are you going to do that, Lizzy?

Are you registered to vote?

I’m a registered Republican and plan to vote in person in the state of North Carolina as soon as early voting starts, which is October 15, I believe. I will be voting for Donald Trump, of course.

Make sure that you are and then make sure at least three of your friends and family are as well. NOW more than ever we must stand UNITED. All hands on deck! VOTE AGAINST!

Yes, my friends and family are all registered and are all planning on voting, but unlike you, I would never dream of telling someone who to vote for. I’m not an asshole.

So there you have it. A lot of these “ZOMG PLEEEZ VOTE U GUISE” screeds don’t actually mention anyone by name, but you know who they’re talking about. You know they’re begging you to vote Democrat so they can keep raping children. Yeah, I went there.

This kind of rhetoric is violent and unhinged. This kind of insane rhetoric is already getting people killed:

Identity Revealed of Trump Supporter Killed in Portland

Source: AP Photo/Noah Berger On Saturday night, a day after Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler again refused President Trump’s offer to help end the violence and mayhem in the city, a pro-Trump and Blue Lives Matter supporter was gunned down in cold blood.

Yes, the person that killed Aaron Danielson (alias Jay Bishop) likely read the kind of stuff Lizzy Hale posted on her Instagram feed. Her hateful and divisive post is exactly the kind of thing she’s supposedly railing against. This is also the “us vs them” rhetoric that the Democrats whined about back when Bush was in office. Especially the “good vs evil” part (oh, and leftists love jacking it to the concept of moral relativity, which does not allow for “good vs evil” but that kind of rhetoric is good enough for the Dems when they’re about to lose, I suppose).

I have come to terms with the fact that a lot of entertainers and artists are Democrat. I don’t have a problem with that. After all, most of my family are Democrats. I don’t want to disown them simply because they vote differently. I didn’t want to swear off a musician or actor simply because they support the Democrat in any given election.

However, I draw the line at hateful bullshit like this. I draw then line at demonizing an entire group of people, and I know you think I’m a hypocrite because I “demonize” the left, but when I talk about them as a collective, I’m talking about the kind of people that HATE us and want us dead. If you’re a leftist, Democrat, Labour voter or whatever that’s cool with being friends with a Trump supporter, then cool…I don’t hate you. If you want to talk about the issues like an adult, I’m all for that. I am not at all for doing what Lizzy Hale has done here.

And yes, I added the italicized letter i because the spelling of her name is fucking stupid.

Anyway, notice how this screed doesn’t actually mention any policies enacted by Trump? Or any politician, for that matter? It’s entirely about appealing to your emotions. It’s also vicious in how it demonizes the “other”, painting them as irredeemably evil simply because she, or whoever wrote it, doesn’t like them.

This is why I have absolutely no respect for people like her. This is why people like Laura Ingraham and other right-wingers say “shut up and sing” – because this garbage does nothing to contribute to the conversation. It does nothing to actually help anyone – it just further divides us and results in people like Aaron Danielson being gunned down for simply existing.

Photo by Gwendal Cottin on Unsplash