So War It Is

So War It Is

January 7, 2021 0 By Elaine Arias

If you think I’m going to condemn the patriots that stormed the Capitol yesterday, leave now, because it isn’t happening. I will say that I wish they had stayed there and “occupied” the Capitol or some other area of DC and continue to demonstrate. I understand, however, that these people may have jobs and families that need to be taken care of. That’s one big reason why people on the right don’t protest like the left does – we have responsibilities. We can’t afford to camp out at some random place for weeks on end, whining and bitching about whatever.

I will condemn the ANTIFA infiltrators and the asshole that shot the 14-year Air Force veteran, who was a woman. Her name was Ashli Babbett.

I will also condemn Vice President Mike Pence for being a traitor and not doing what needs to be done, and for all the cucks on the right decrying “violence” and whatnot (yesterday’s demonstrations were nowhere near as violent as the BLM/ANTIFA riots this past summer.

The demonstrations were inevitable. We are absolutely sick and tired of what’s been happening over the past several decades.

The following are irrefutable facts:

  • The Presidential election on Nov 3 was stolen
  • The Georgia runoff election on Jan 5 was stolen
  • Both elections were stolen using the same methods
  • Joe Biden and that whore Kamala Harris are Chicom agents
  • The mainstream media essentially works on behalf of the Chicoms
  • All the big tech companies, not just the social networks, also work on behalf of the Chicoms
  • COVID-19 was deliberately released into the world
  • The lockdowns and mask mandates are overreactions designed to destroy the US economy
  • China is our enemy
  • President Trump, despite MSM reports to the contrary, has not conceded yet

It would be really nice if more people realized the truth. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world chock-full of people who drink the proverbial Kool-Aid every single day (i.e. people who watch the mainstream news and believe everything they see, hear and read).

As much as I think Tucker Carlson is a total traitor, he gave a great monologue on the subject:

Hopefully the embed will show up. It’s hosted on Rumble, a YouTube alternative partially owned by Dan Bongino (who also sits on Parler’s board).

One of the things he said is that this is what happens when people are basically backed into a corner. That’s where we are now. Our elections have been compromised for a very long time – longer than I’ve been alive. These past two elections have been the most brazenly fraudulent we’ve seen.

I’ve been following Vox Day for the past month or so, reading his blog every day, even though some of the things he says and does are alternately ridiculous (his bizarre vendetta against Jordan Peterson, who never ever presented himself as a Christian or right-winger) and completely revolting (his disdain and obvious hatred of black people). However, I find his takes refreshing, and he says that the only date that really matters is January 20. Therefore, I’ve felt that Jan 6 never really meant anything other than a really big MAGA rally, the seemingly last MAGA rally (for the time being at least). I didn’t expect anyone in Congress to magically come through for us, not that I was happy with what happened, but I wasn’t expecting much.

There is only one option left. The President needs to invoke the Insurrection Act within the next two weeks if he actually wants to fix this.

And if he fails to do so?

Then it’s Civil War 2.

Personally, I’ve been hungering for another civil war for years. I’ve watched all the shit the Democrats have pulled over the twenty years I’ve been following politics, and I’m absolutely ready to go grab my grandfather’s gun and start marching on DC. I have to actually find out where he keeps them (he’s got more than one), and hope he doesn’t lose it when he finds out I’ve run off with them.

But I’m fucking ready. It’s plain and obvious that fucking voting does nothing. Protesting does nothing. Calling and writing to various Congress members does nothing. Hell, even writing blog posts and posting on various social networks does nothing.

Nothing works anymore. As we’ve seen this past summer, the only thing that does work is violence and destruction.

The communist rot is so deeply entrenched in our institutions that voting probably wasn’t going to do anything anyway.

So Civil War it is. It’s time. It’s long past time. The Democrats are evil and are all in the pockets of the Chinese communists. Do you want to live in a communist society? Do you want to be saddled with a credit score that might mean that you can’t travel if you piss off the wrong commie elite? Do you want to be welded into your house when the next pandemic comes along? Are you cool with being dumped into an incinerator ALIVE if they think you’ve got some sort of horrible disease? Are you cool with being randomly grabbed off the streets, stuffed into an unmarked van and driven to a shady, hidden hospital where your organs are harvested for the party elites?

Because I sure as hell am not, yet THAT IS OUR FUCKING FUTURE IF WE DON’T DO SOMETHING.

And that something is marching on DC and putting every single Democrat and RINO out to pasture already.

If, after all this, you still don’t believe me, spend a couple hours at Here Is The Evidence.

Photo by Hasan Almasi on Unsplash