20 Years

20 Years

September 11, 2021 0 By Elaine Arias

So today marks the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long, and yet at the same time it does feel like it was a long time ago.

I had graduated from high school that summer, and in August my baby brother was born. He is now twenty years old. What a world he’s inherited. Yes, I call him my baby brother even though he’s all grown up and is taller than me (well, everyone in my family is taller than me).

I was living in California, and now I have moved back to the Portland, OR area. In fact, I actually live in Portland now.

The developments over the past two decades has been worrying to say the least. Thousands of Americans have died in wars that well, I guess made terrorism a little less threatening to us, but who knows. The whole point of the War on Terror was to fight them over there, and not here. Terrorism never went away. Musloids are still killing people left and right, and with this recent Afghanistan withdrawal, they’ve got their terrorist training ground back.

Not to mention the Muslims from Somalia and other countries that have been relocated here – in some areas, there’s so many of them that they were able to elect two Muslim women to Congress, both of whom have ties to terrorist organizations. But we can’t point that out, because that would be raaaaacist even though Islam is NOT A FREAKING RACE.

This is all very depressing. I always dread September 11 because that day was so horrific and the way things are going right now, it seems that another major terrorist attack is just around the corner. I also think they deliberately wait for a long time, just so we’re lulled into a sense of false security before they strike.

The average grunt terrorist is probably unbelievably stupid, but their leadership is not. It would be very unwise to underestimate these terrorist organizations. They’re all being led and run by intelligent people.

We need a leader and representatives that aren’t afraid to be tough on these people and their sympathizers. And, of course, those terrorist bitches in Congress need to be voted out. It’s been twenty years since this attack, and I am certain there will be more, and we must prevent that.

The most frightening thing about the attacks that day is that it wasn’t committed by a nation. We were attacked by private individuals, on behalf of a private organization (a terrorist organization). If a nation had done that to us, that would have been an act of war and it would have been World War 3. But it wasn’t. And nobody really knew what to do about it. What they did was start mostly-unrelated wars in the Middle East and did not stop terrorism at all, and now have set us up for another large scale terrorist attack.

As I said, we need better leadership and representatives. We also need to stop coddling Muslims. If Christians have to answer for the sins of child molesting priests and whatnot, then Muslims have to answer for the terrorism constantly being committed in the name of their religion. And they need to disavow all acts of terrorism. Until then, they’re part of the problem.

Photo by Thomas Svensson from Pexels